National outcry after mom arrested for whipping child

I am going to make this quick and painless for you because I rarely make it a point to blog back to back. Shoot, I can barely blog daily like I want to. However, I just read about a woman who beat her children and was arrested for it. Not only that the children are now in child services custody.

Now, I know a lot of people don’t believe in spanking, whooping, beating, or tearing that behind up….wait, let me first say that I think that is a load of crap because every parent has their moment when they know their child needs a quick hand to the back side. Okay, now that I have said that….

This woman is a great mom! There are some mothers who would have done nothing nor would they have made their children give the stolen goods back. This woman, this MOTHER chose to do what needed to be done to set them right. people can say all day that she should have talked to them or grounded them but talk to them about what, how stealing is wrong? At the age of 13 I am sure that even if this conversation had never taken place, which I highly doubt, I am so sure that the children involved already knew that stealing is not right. As a toddler you even know when you sneak things its wrong so I impose upon you to riddle me this, what should she have talked about?

I have been blessed with children that I do not oftentimes have to go to this extreme, and I use that word lightly because there is nothing extreme about lighting some fire on that tale, but I will. I tell my children all the time, I will dial the number for you and pack your bags for you honey. My children think I am the worst parent ever because I use the method my mom and dad used on me, they talked me to death about my actions. Half the time I was crying because I just wanted them to shut up not because I felt bad but that’s a secret (even though my mom reads my blogs faithfully. (HI MOM!)) But it worked. That is not going to work for everyone and that’s the truth. My best friend used to take everything she ever bought her daughter. Bed, clothes, toys, dresser, etc. All she had was the carpet to sleep on and what clothes she had on her back all weekend. That worked for her daughter. I have a friend that uses scripture to discipline her children. Whatever they did wrong, she would find scripture for it and make them write it 100 times and then write an essay about what they did and why it was wrong. That didn’t work for her kids because they are bad as hell, but you get my point. Everything doesn’t work for everyone. This woman knows her children. Let her discipline her children because the death penalty is much better right.



I gotta go find myself.

Do you know why so many of us oftentimes have this overwhelming feeling, most times later in life, going on a journey to ‘find’ ourselves? Its not just some old cliche people use as an excuse to travel the world backpacking or dodge responsibilities one day. I believe it is actually a legitimate feeling, rather knowing, that you are not the person you always thought you were.

Alas, all these years you have given yourself the illusion that you are one way when all the while you are another person entirely. No, not like Bruce Wayne as to Batman but literally. Its seems all your life you have been ‘Simone’, the outspoken, responsive, always vibrant party girl but sometimes you really want to sit down with a big book and some hot cocoa and be alone for the weekend. However, you have set yourself up to be the way you are for as long as you could remember. Heck, even your parents partied every other weekend and they seemed perfectly happy with the person they have become. Clearly it can’t be bad. And what about your friends? They are going to think you are crazy to just up and change your entire life for no reason. You’ll have no friends. You’ll be alone. But unbeknownst to you there is a reason. It’s called happiness. We are so used to locking ourselves into one type of way that we create a fear within ourselves that we cannot change. We cannot become who we want to be so we get stuck trying to maintain the person we no longer desire to be.

I know I went deep on you tonight but I want this to resonate with you. I want you to know, see, and realize that it is you who controls your happiness. If you have a day job working in an office from morning to evening and you secretly always wanted to own a hair salon for the rich and ratchet, then DO IT! We are so fixated on what other people are thinking or how other people are going to react to us or change on us that we keep trying to make other people happy while placing our own true desires in the background of life.

So what they don’t want to be your friend anymore. So what your family will disown you. At the end of the day the only thing you control in your life is your happiness. It is easier said than done, I know, trust me, I know. The worst thing that you can do with your life is live it for someone else though. If you don’t believe me, just ask me and I will tell you again.

My business is in the business of helping you not just recognize your strengths but build upon them to help you be the best you that you can be without limitations or feelings of guilt. God only made one of you so show Him that you are proud of it by being all that wants you to be and more. Happy.

Its funny that I teach this to people on a daily basis but I cannot get my son to see it. Teenagers.

“Life Can Be Beautiful.”   S.C. Madison


I Tickle My fancy.

Sometimes I speak and no one hears me. Oftentimes its my children, sometimes my husband but he hates it, he’s getting better so not so much anymore.

All I can remember about my tone is when my cousin and I would get together in the summer my mother would constantly yell at us about being so loud and using our inside voices. I suppose it became a habit, so much so that I usually have to repeat myself with everything. When I do try to remember to speak up I am left questioning ‘was that too loud?’.  Ugh, my mind is always racing and analyzing. I must admit that sometimes it is annoying, mostly when I tell a joke and no one laughs, I find myself walking off saying something like ‘Well, I make ME laugh’ but lately have become more accustom to ‘I tickle my fancy’, which only makes me laugh harder. Of course comments like this usually draw attention to those around me whom inquire as to what I am talking about. Oh, no. You didn’t want to hear me but now you want to laugh at my jokes. No no no.

It doesn’t bother me much anymore. I don’t think I want everyone all up in my head with my random thoughts and crazy shenanigans. I mumble and complain about how days are too short and to do list are too long. I am pretty private, as is my husband, but if we open up to you, then you’ll get to see the goofy, lame, dorky family we are.

I used to wonder what it would be like to have a show about us but when it became an actual conversation I became very leery and shunned the idea altogether. I am not open to being the subject of gossip and judgment but then I thought, I, WE, already are. Anyone can be victim to it. What if no one likes us? I suppose I could just write it off as an accomplishment. To face the fear of being center front. I know you are probably thinking, ‘you blog to us all the time’. Its not quite the same thing, shoot, I don’t even know if anyone reads these blogs. Here I am just typing away to my imaginary friends and smiling all the while because whether or not anyone is reading, I like doing it.

In my defense, I am a mother to nine children.. NINE!!! If they can have imaginary friends then hamtramock so can I!!!! In addition, I run three companies, THREE! I believe it is quite appropriate that I have a few loose marbles. Aaaaaaaand I have a husband. Yeah, that’s what I thought.


If you don’t want me to continue to talk to play-play friends, please feel free to like or leave a comment. Or even better, If you want to see the Rush Bunch mayhem and foolishness live, share this and bring awareness to this awesome family of 11 who aren’t rich yet do not qualify for government assistance…later for that Tom Foolery though. I like you guys. Make sure you laugh today, it is good for the soul you know.



Does God Think I will spend all of my money on shoes?

Hello my long lost loves. Okay, maybe it was me who was lost but who’s really pointing fingers?

I have always been taught that God will always answer prayers, sometimes His answer is just no. But instead of accepting this “no” we will continue to wait on what God has already moved on from. It’s our natural stubborn nature. But I wonder… My mother used to tell me that God knows what you are going to do before you do it and that He gives us accordingly as it is beneficial to you. That makes me wonder. No matter how hard I pray to be a multimillionaire, God has yet to bless me with this request. I mean I live right. I help people. I extend myself to those less fortunate. What’s up? Maybe what my mother has always told me does ring truth. Maybe God said no, or at least not right now because its best for me. I personally don’t get that, I mean, I am a child of the Most High. Why WOULDN’T He want me swimming in money with all of my bills paid up for five years? I keep trying to convince God that I will do right by him with my riches. I will help those in need financially. I will pay off all my debts. I will buy a new house. I will save and invest more. I will be more attentive to my financial obligations to the church. But no matter how much I keep trying to convince Him, I just have yet to open my mailbox and see that 9.9 million dollar check! Why is God punishing me? Does He know something I don’t know? I hope He will soon reveal it so I can make the changes necessary to come into my overabundance of financial increase.

Perhaps with all of my shopping habits God is under the impression that I would spend all of my money on shoes… He knows me so well.



What are you teaching?!

Recently Thomas and I took the children to this community park, we rarely do this because we have a huge back yard but every now and again we like them to get some other human interaction. Now, in case you did not read my bio we have nine children, 10 actually but I always have to explain and then hear stories so I have sadly gotten into the habit of saying nine. I have birthed seven and I was blessed with two. I lost one a few years back so I usually say ‘I have 10 children, 7 birthed, 2 blessed and 1 in spirit’. Anyhow. We were at the park and I was playing around with the children, like always, you can see the people counting. It may be rude but when I see them count I just blurt out ‘NINE, there are nine of them.’

I am at the children’s plank to go to the slide with my girls, then Gabriel calls for me to get him, I am like seven feet above ground so I called Reggie to hand him up to me. There is a little girl, a black little girl, who was walking the plank behind us. The girls and I are shaking the wooden beams pretending to try to keep our balance until we reach the slide. Once we get there, Thomas hands me Charles to slide him down as well. I release Gabriel to Thomas’ awaiting arms at the bottom and then Charles. Suddenly, Isaiah says ‘Mom, look!’. No sooner than I look over the young girl, about 11, looks at me and says, “Dang how many children do you have?!” Nine, I reply. “So you have NINE baby daddies?” The look of sincerity and confusion on her face made me want to smack her mother on her nose. Why does she seem to think that in order to have nine children, I must have nine ‘baby daddies’? Poor parenting is why. I looked at her and smiled, no baby, I said to her softly, just one. Do you know she had the nerve to roll her eyes and suck her teeth like that was impossible and I was the biggest liar in the world. Where is HER daddy? I shook my head and slid down the slide with Sara.

Later I saw the little girl walking pass Thomas and I so I asked her to come here. I introduced her to the ONE father and told her when you are in love there is only one that needs to be the father. Now I am aware that some of you are saying that he isn’t the father to all of them, and I disagree. He is there to wipe tears and behinds. He is there to make rules and make pancakes. Sick or well, good or bad, their father is there. He has more than earned the title and Thomas wears it well.

I understand that some people do not always end up with their first child’s father, or their second, and sometimes not even the third. But for her mind to be warped into thinking that the amount of children you have equals the amount of fathers there are is just sad. As a young lady, even if she is in a home with siblings whom have different fathers, it is her mother’s responsibility to teach her and it is her mother’s responsibility to set a good example so she does not have to think like this. My daughter is five and we already have had talks about life, babies, love, menstruation. You cannot wait and hope they will learn or wait too long to teach them because the streets will have already implanted the seed that will grow the tree of womanhood for her. As a woman her mother should have sat down with her and told her, even though you and your brothers have different fathers it does not have to be that way for you, mommy had to learn so I could teach you; Or something along those lines.

Listen I am not perfect but some things are just common sense. I’m just saying I should not have had to have that conversation with that baby girl.



Do you know the worst part about having a form of OCD? Is that still, with medication, you always look for something, anything in your life to be perfect. Without medication it is even crazier. With children is pretty close to impossible but I believe that somehow, someway, this too can be achieved.

In the back of my mind I believe that the disease is why I push so much for Rush Consulting Firm to be prosperous. It is, after all, the one thing I can control. My days are hectic with or without medication.  My mind is always wandering to better something or create something but there always has to be something new going on. I have to be sure all bases are covered. Did you know I have created more than 10 prosperous companies to date. I am glad to know that when things are not going as planned, I am the first one called to gain control, Kind of like being a parent, I just have a lot of grown babies. As crazy as my life seems to some, I rather enjoy being a mother. Sure, I can’t wait until they grow up and move out on some days but the smiles and laughter that fill my home are enjoyable.

My husband does not like me taking my medication because he says it makes me zone out. I probably do but I am so mellow and focused. I can imagine his fear though. When our son was diagnosed with ADHD I cried for three weeks with the decision on whether or not to give him the medication. I wrestled with it all the way down to the very fiber of my being. I did not like the side effects even though the doctors said there was a slim to none chance he would have any besides a lack of appetite. Furthermore, my conscientious mind battled with ‘who am I to change the chemical make up that God used to create him, just the way he is?’ Ultimately I gave in after the school teacher complained up the chain of command. What else could I do. I gave him his medication but it made him different, I wasn’t quite sure but I knew he was different. Here we are now, my once over achiever now falling well behind on his academic level. He has short term memory loss and cannot seem to do the most basic of things. Maybe that is my husbands fear for me. Its a very hard decision. I never stay on it long enough to establish a pattern of whether or not it works. I suppose I too have the same fear.

I aim to be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend I can be but I oftentimes fall short and I get angry about it. My mind is always racing. I am always thinking. I am always trying to progress. I do not have the necessary dog-eat-dog mentality that is often needed for a business field like mine. I always say yes, even when I don’t want to. I always take on more than I can handle. And I always feel like I never do enough. I don’t have as much time as I do heart and compassion. Most people tell me to slow down, but my God, what the heck will happen to me then? I feel robotic at times. Its almost like, I only get tired when I do not have a million things consuming my mind. Is that normal?

I don’t know anyone like me so I have no one to talk to that can relate to my mile-a-minute ideas and conversations. My poor husband, he gives me so much of him and I appreciate it. I think he doesn’t think I do but I know for sure I would be lost without him.


I really had no basis for this blog. I suppose I was having a moment and needed to vent. I feel better now so thanks for reading. I am going back to what I was doing, which is everything, at once. ❤




hubby and me


Hi my beautiful loves. I hope everyone had a productive day today. I was excited to apply for a job but sadly I did not meet the qualifications.  Even as an entrepreneur there are still days I will get a no. People think that once you become an entrepreneur you don’t work for anyone and you can do what you want, I’m sorry suga, the lie detector test determined THAT is a lie. You will more than likely get more nos than yes. You will have days where you want to give up or you question yourself.  Its okay. Trust me, its okay. There will be days that will be so great that you won’t even remember the nos you got. Some people shy away from no and some people are more motivated by no. It may take years and multiple business ventures that will fail along the way but there will always be a lesson in it, something you can build upon so the next time you are better at it. And don’t worry about those naysayers they are going to want to be your best friend when you get to the point you really want to be at in life. Just make a list and keep it close. Do little things daily that help excel you as well. I know many of you have jobs already and are trying to fiind your stopping point so you can do your own thing. The best advice I could give you is trust yourself.

On another note today was packed with doctor appointments and errands. I really hate days like this. The children are bored and irritable from constantly getting in and out of the car and so was I. But we got it all done. Now, the story of my children in public… we get compliments all the time about how well behaved our children are but I have a crazy tactic on raising them. It usually makes people chuckle but it works and its not abuse. But when people give us a compliment its like a activation button they get all like “look at me aren’t I cute” if you don’t get somewhere and sit your behind down! Ugh. Everytime, never fails. I don’t know what it is but these jokers get right silly. Nothing crazy but I have mommy ocd and they HAVE to act properly in public just like at home or I get this little twitch and my head starts spinning. (That’s what the children tell me). As bad as people think this is for me to say but I hate being looked at as that BLACK family with bad kids and probably on welfare. Well, sorry to disappoint you but we are not welfare recipients.  Just hard working people who still value God and family.
There is so much about this bunch that would blow your mind but later for that. The purpose of this blog was to hit you with a little bit of “You can do it”. Then of course I had to add a little Rush Bunch insight.
Until we meet again.


look out Mrs. Duggar

So I am getting on here to gloat right quick. There are many things I desire to accomplish in life and they are some major milestones. However there are small feats I wish to attain as well. We always celebrate the big things but we are made to believe that the small things are not worth celebrating. I am here to tell you that simply is not true because today, TODAY my friends I have accomplished a goal i have been trying to do for many many years. As an mother and entrepreneur I often have to maintain the ability to do most things with one hand, preferably my right unless I’m feeling amazing that specific day. I mean I have a list of things I am able to manage with one hand that will shock your boots off. for instance I am able to cooking entire dinner using one arm while breastfeeding a newborn. I can get dressed and undressed using one arm.  I can type 43 words per minute with one hand.  I can wash dishes with one hand. I can clean an entire house using only my right side because I am holding a child and riding one on my foot as I walk through the house. I can do my hair with one hand while reading a book to my daughters. The list goes on and on honey. But this, this made me so proud I stopped the nurses and the doctor in the pediatricians office. They were thoroughly impressed if I must say so myself, one lady even tried to do it and was unable to which made her even more impressed. You guys are probably like get to it already! So, today, I, Maisha S. Rush, also known as Maia or JustAskMaia, I…….. I tied my baby’s shoes…. WITH. ONE. HAND!

There I said it. Oh, don’t act like you’re not impressed I am making big moves over here in the Rush house. So I have decided to teach classes so you too can be an ultimate multi-tasker like yours truly. The classes will be in a one-on-one setting so you can get personalized and undivided attention. I am available Mondays only and 10 minutes at a time. The cost for the aforementioned classes are $ 547,236,589,247.011. BUT if you are in desperate need of my amazing mommy skills and can not come up with that amount, you can pay in 4 easy installments of $136,809,147,311,752. Yes, I did actually do the math. But wait if you reserve your spot now, I got you for $5. #Boom because I love ya’ll!



mommy feats

Shh. Its a secret.

I want to tell you guys something but I do not feel like it is the right time yet. I will tell you this though, remain diligent and focused. Not only is God listening but someone somewhere is praying for you. Just keep on pressing on. It will not be easy and it will not always be a joyful journey but please, if none of my words ever resonated in your heart let these, IT WILL ALL WORK OUT.
I tweeted something today and I know it will speak to someone reading this; God does not share the steering wheel. Give it to him. What are you stressing yourself worried about it for? You already see that it is not making the situation better. You have made the wrong decisions long enough. You have cried long enough. You have tried to interpret what God wants you to do long enough! Let it go already. Are your solutions greater than His? Are your answers wiser than His? Then what are you doing? I’m trying to encourage you because I love you. Stop questioning your life and live it. Every step of hesitation does one of two things, tells God that you don’t trust Him or you already know you are going the wrong way. What are you doing?
People say there is no such thing as perfection they will even have you believe that God said it was impossible. That is a lie. God Himself said Job was perfect. I tell my clients all the time that perfection is absolutely obtainable.  When you have given every part of you, THAT is perfection. Perfection is 100% you cannot give more than that. Am I saying that I am perfect? No way. I have perfect days and I am a work in progress. Keep giving your all and He will reward your perfect heart.
I wish I could sit down and talk to everyone who reads my blogs individually because I want you to know that I sincerely and wholeheartedly believe in you. I want you to succeed.
I cry whenever I coach someone and they have an epiphany or hit a goal. I cry when I complete business packages because I know that they will be great because I pray for their greatness.
We will fall, the question is will you stay there? I literally tell my littles when they fall to get up quickly even before I check to see if they are alright. Get up! Quickly. And then check for bruises or scrapes. What are you staying down for? A pity party? No one who loves you is going to allow you to stay down and they are not going to shower you with pity. They will be concerned but there will be plenty of time to show concern AFTER you get up. Get up my loves. Know you are greater. Know you are greater. Know you are greater. There is a complete stranger who believes in you so imagine how many other people do as well. God is so good. He catches my tears, erases my fears, and He helps me smile again.
I have been through so much in life that I believe I can relate to just about anyone on any level and I am grateful for it. I take my adversities in stride because I know I will be stronger in the end. My blessings are so abundant because of it. Because I know God is at the steering wheel I can rest and know I will safely arive at my destination, even if I have a bandaid.
Be persistent greater is not just coming, its already at the door. Will you open it?



I am committed to blogging. I am committed to blogging. I am so very tired.

Hello my loves. I am going to make this quick because I can barely keep my eyes open at 4:14 am. I love you guys so much though! I am excited because I completed the client package I talked to you about. The reason this excites me is because I had given myself two weeks to finish it and here I am all awesome and stuff ahead of my deadline. You would think that freed up some time for me to relax, HA! I laugh in the face of relaxation! Instead, I took the time to answer the interview questions that were sent over for me for these magazines. It is very hard to think and process a rational thought when you are sleepy.

I just got off the phone with Thomas and he kept saying I needed to go to bed but he just doesn’t understand, there is so much peace in the quiet hours of the night, I mean I will zoom through some work. The down side is I am dog tired in the morning and my babies do not care.

I also prepped some mailers, 100 to be exact, to go out on Monday. I am feeling mighty accomplished today. I just wanted to stop in and encourage you that if you keep pushing it will happen. Believe in you like I believe in you and I guarantee you will be unstoppable.

Question before I sign out. So, you guys know I have been trying to blog daily right? Even though it is now 4:21 does this count for yesterday or today? I mean to me its still Saturday because I haven’t been sleep yet PLUS its still dark, I figure, if its still dark, its yesterday. 😛