🤔 Now what?

I don’t know how to do this y’all. This… nothing. Right now that’s exactly what I should be doing, especially since its my birthday.

Though the things happening in our life right now are all out of my control, I cannot help but feel like its my fault. Its what I do by nature. Whenever an issue arises I check myself first to see what I did that could have contributed to the ruckus. What action did I take, or not take, to start this snowball effect? That leaves me in a tough spot of sorting should haves, could haves, and would haves. If only I made a left instead of a right….

Though I know there is nothing I could have done, I wonder if there was something I should have done. We make life confusing sometimes.

I assure you things could be a lot worse, like A LOT. But oftentimes its the little things that make you halt.

McRush is fine. My pregnancy is going well. The RushBunch is fine and for those of you who noticed in my last blog, no, #9KidsAndCounting was not a typo.

My niece I have been raising since infancy is going to stay with my mom. It has been a decision a long time in the making, one that I refused to succumb to. But, I know that it is something I must do.

In life we get overwhelmed by the choices we’ve made but we still try to make the best decisions for our families. I thought that keeping her with the RushBunch was best but due to circumstances beyond…. FAR beyond my control, I know this is best.

While this decision absolutely breaks my heart and I worry about the ramifications therein, I have learned that sometimes in life we have to release. Whether it’s a habit, a job, or a person, let it go.

I suppose after the baby, Eleven, is born I can reclaim the hash tag of 10KidsAndCounting although we will no longer be counting. 😉

I also considered keeping the hash tag in honor of my daughter who passed away but that leads to questions and I usually don’t like to talk about it.

What do you think?


Ch Ch Changes.

I have received emails and messages regarding my, and my family’s, well being. I get texts and phone calls wondering if everything is alright. First of all, thank you, second of all, to be blunt, honest, and direct; No. No, everything is not alright. I am falling into shambles but it’s not necessarily in a horrible way. It’s bad, yes. But I am embracing it as new beginnings.

I have contemplated telling this for weeks but I have contemplated these decisions for even longer than that. One decision I cannot reveal just yet as it is still in the works but this decision is the biggest one I have ever EVER had to make in my entire life. It is scary and its heartbreaking. The worst part is it is just the beginning. I will make a lot of enemies over this decision, or shall I say, my enemies will show their faces. That’s the scariest part but I have to do what is best for me and my family and I have to stop being a coward about it.

The decision I CAN tell you about is almost as disheartening but also has been a long time coming. For whatever reason, I tend to hold on to people and things that no longer serve any good in my life. And while I enjoyed it, it was emotionally, physically, mentally and financially draining. I kept going because it fell in with my passion which was helping my people. But it left me burned even in my niceness and determination to thrive.

If you have ever been a client of mine, more than likely you received an email that says this:

‘Hello. I wanted you to be the first to hear that I am shutting down Rush Consulting Firm as you know it, effective this weekend.

For almost 10 years I have run this company and I have loved every minute of it; it is my pride and joy. I LOVE helping my people follow their hearts and turn their passion into a paycheck, however, the business has not been beneficial to my family for a long time. The long hours, traveling, and debt that come with running any business has taken a toll on not only myself but my growing family as well. I will be able to assist you and/or refer you if needed, moving forward but this email will no longer be available. If you need to reach me, Rush.Consulting@yahoo.com’

Yup. That’s it. I am dismantling my business. Not just this one, but Slips Socks and Bows, and Heels and Hustle as well. I have already canceled our family site, http://www.iRush.life and I will be having blowout sales on remaining paraphernalia in the coming days. The decision to shut down my businesses piggybacks off of the anguish and heartache that I have in the aforementioned decision that we made. I am sure I will be unable to function in the capacity needed to be prosperous until I regain my composure.

I will continue to post for encouragement and still push for you to start your businesses but I will also be transferring my knowledge to youtube videos instead of consultations. So in a way, I guess you can say I’m giving it all away for free so keep a lookout for the page.

I will focus more on my family because, at this time, it is where I am needed most. I will try to do better at blogging and keep you guys abreast of whats happening, both good and bad. I cannot, however, guarantee that I will be keeping my facebook page.



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