So, I have been missing for a few days so I know you missed us. Just kidding!

Hello, my loves. I pray all is well with everyone reading this blog.

I would just like to start off by saying thank you to all of you who follow the iRush empire. Your comments really inspire me to do better and keep going. Unfortunately, I have realized that not everyone can comment on my blogs because they do not have a WordPress account… What the WHAT kind of mess is that? That is just stupid although it is an amazing marketing tactic just not on my behalf. so I have been considering moving my blogs to another host but I do love to use this platform but I want to be able to communicate with you guys without having to log into my facebook messenger to answer your questions or comments and that is just the people that follow me. Who else is there that I can speak to and uplift. eh, anyhow, that was my rate for the day.

Why is my family so weird? Short true story…

I was 29 when I finally found the humor in the simplest joke known to man. I have always been serious unless I really knew you so jokes were not a part of my everyday conversation, however, there should be shame in this story but I think it’s too funny for me to care. I am now 37 years old and this joke still makes me laugh tremendously to this day (I know this because I just told it to my boys today, whom also think it is hilarious but I believe it is mostly because I still laugh so hard at it).  I always though it was one of the stupidest jokes I had ever heard because I was looking for more depth in the answer. The answer was so simple that I suppose I over processed it so it was logical thus not funny.

Are you ready for the joke?

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.

I even chuckled when I typed it. I have no idea why I still laugh at it now, probably because it took me so long to get it. And now that I get it I run it in a hole. My friends would hate me for it but I don’t have any so I dodge that ball. lol

SN: I made it to the gym today. I have a trip in mind for the family but I will not go if I do not reach my goal of losing fifty pounds (the healthy way).

2SN: Homeschooling is going very well. I am glad that we chose to start mid-August because it has allotted me that fumble time to perfect our schedule so September first everything will be more organized. I told the RushBunch to consider the last couple weeks of school Playtime. They weren’t too happy about that statement but they are excited to start each day. They even ask to “have school” on the weekends and I always oblige because I love to see them excited about learning.

3SN: While Myrtle beach was a good time with the family whoever chose to call it a “family vacation” clearly did not have a family. The only people who vacation are the children because with the parents, nothing changes but the environment.

Okay, I am done fussing. I will blog tomorrow to fill you guys in on the other goings-ons in our life. ❤



Lost in a relationship.

No. My relationship is not in trouble, just a few thoughts I have been pondering from watching other people.

There are several things that turn a relationship sour. There is not a top of the list and no one thing that is better or worse than the other. I believe all of these issues are attributable to the demise of a relationship. I have been in relationships where some of these were a factor and I have been in a relationship that possessed all of them…stupid ex. But after all the tears and anger, I managed to come out stronger than I thought I ever would and I am able to consult and encourage those who are. Alas, as much as I dislike what I was taken through in life I owe my success to it. Pay attention because this is free advice that I normally charge $50 an hour for. I, at this point, am just tired of seeing our black men badger our black women on their big mouths and bad attitudes; their lack of subordination and respect. I am also tired of seeing our black women badger our black men on their inconsistencies and inabilities to keep them happy; Their lazy and selfish ways. Both sides are angry and both sides are hurt and I think it about time we meet at the round table to discuss our issues and the roots that plague us.

Lets start with the list. [Lack of] communication, respect, compassion, and honesty. The root; poor upbringing from our parent’s poor upbringing from their parent’s poor upbringing, etc.

How many of us can honestly say that our parent(s) taught us about being a good mate? How many have discussed it with us that it is important to not carry the aforementioned characteristics? Even the more, how many of us had examples of what a healthy two parent household relationship should look like? There is your root that is more than likely their root and so on.

We forget that we are one people. Men want to be able to come home and relax. They want a good meal and conversation. They want to be able to unload and unwind from the struggles, worries, pains, and injustices of their day. They want to be held and told that everything will be alright. They want to feel at home. But here is the kicker.. So do women. We forget that we face the same issues in our daily lives, its just painted differently. We do not know how to communicate that to each other. Your wife does not want to nag you to death, she wants you to understand that she had a rough day too. and when neither one can civilly communicate with each other they search elsewhere for someone who will let them release. We do not respect that we both go through the same trials in life just trying to get ahead. We are so angry at the world that we get angry at each other for not being there. We are not honest with one another. When something is bothering you tell her/him, don’t just say ‘nothing’ or ‘I’m fine’, that is dishonesty. Learn to pour your heart out to the person you pour your soul into during intimacy. You are one, how can you be mad at yourself and never seek to resolve the issue. LISTEN. Don’t just hear the words and wait to interject your opinion/disagreement by taking mental ‘get-back’ notes. What your mate has to say needs to be heard because they are worth it. Aren’t they?

By not respecting one another and being there for one another we are continuing the cycle of our own extinction. It is a hard journey for us all but just because you hurt on the left and I hurt on the right does not make my pain any less important than yours. It starts with a conversation and continues on by passing the gathered information.

So who’s going to meet me at the round table? There is plenty of room.




Fun times

The best part of owning your own business as well as homeschooling your own children is when you say you are not going to work, you don’t have to. Today started off very slowly, the children watch television, I cleaned up a little and at about 12 o’clock I decided, hey let’s get out of the house.

First up was to the pet store so my oldest son could get some food for his bearded dragon. Then we headed off to the dollar store to buy some after school snacks and treats. We also bought a few toys for the love much box.

The love much box was something that I created for the children. At the end of every school week those that paid attention and finish their work could get something out of the love much box. It’s called The Love much Box because it was a thrift store find shaped like a treasure box and on the outside of it it says love much. Therefore not muchthought had to go into it at all. But nevertheless the children love it and it is a great motivation for them to keep pushing through the week.

Anyhow. We decided to go to the mall so Reggie could get some new shoes. I gave him my credit card and told him not to go too crazy with my credit card. Now let me just leave a disclaimer in here. I would not recommend every parent give their child, especially their teenage child, their credit card and tell them to go freely through the mall, this is not a wise decision. However, I have learned that I am able to trust him not to spend all of my money.

He went into footlocker and bought a pair of hundred dollar Nikes. The money I did not mind it was the shoe that had me baffled. It was a black shoe with a black check….. I think I could have MADE those for him myself. But he likes it so, no battles there.

The littles and I decided to stroll around Barnes and Noble while we waited, which could ultimately be a bad idea given how much I love books. But thankfully the frugal in me knows I can get any book cheaper on amazon. So as I searched through the African American nonfiction section, which might I ad was amazingly small and the shelves were not even full. They turned a lot of the books to face the customers as to appear to have a vast selection but in all honesty could have filled maybe a shelf and a half instead of five, but I digress, what should have I expected, Diversity? I just took pictures of what I liked with the intentions to order online.

The bunch on the other hand had it set in their minds that they were going to buy out the entire kids corner of the store… NOT. All in all I still spent more money than I wanted but enjoyed spending the day with my babies much more.



Lets talk about me for a minute.

Okay for real, this time I am getting my butt to the gym on a more consistent basis. I am always tired, my body has been sore (and not from exercising), and I am not satisfied with my curves.

Weight has always been something I battled with. I was super skinny then I was super not skinny and I have been there every since. Believe it or not my best weight was in 2005 when I was pregnant with Say.
My clothes fit correctly and I felt good. I contribute it to the four jobs I was working at the time as a means of financial stability but it also worked out for fitness stabity as well. It wasn’t my healthiest but it was my cutest!  Heeeeeeeeyyyyy!

We have cameras throughout the house and today I looked over some footage… I’m looking at my booty like ew girl what are you eating? Now, I do not eat unhealthy for the most part, any meat I eat is chicken or turkey. I eat every vegetable known to man and fruits are about as broad. Fast food is not really my thing and I drink tons of water a day. You would think that with what I eat I would look better. Let me educate you for a moment. What I eat is not as much an issue as to when. I do not eat breakfast, I never have been able to. My stomach just does not agree with this famous meal despite its positive affects it is said to have. Lunch is a maybe I will maybe I won’t. But dinner? I may not eat much but there is always a starch and it is always late. If I stay up later, which is 99 percent of the time, I am sure to pick off something or even make another plate. I am addicted to iced coffee and red bulls.

I know its wrong but I cannot control myself. I usually tell myself that after the day I had I am worth the indulgence,  and I am. But if I do not get a grip on my health I will find myself in a bad situation. Whats worse is McRush and I have a gym membership that we pay for religiously we just dont go religiously. But today I vow to myself that I am worth all the hardwork and dedication that I give and put in to others. I simply do not have time to go to the gym or take out more than 5 minutes to dedicate to burning calories but if I can make time for you then I need to start making time for me.

If you have any pointers or tips let me know. Any videos or memberships are helpful too. Thanks in advance.

SN: So I am watching the camera in the living room and I see Beara step on a muffin… yes, I said a muffin. I yellout “Sara stop stepping on that and put it in the trash”. She obliges and then walks in my room and promptly says, “why are you talking to me?” I just rolled my eyes. Don’t be mad at me because you were wrong and got busted! Little midget bully child.


Coming together

I made it through the day without losing my mind. Kudos to me. I suppose the structure of homeschooling while running three businesses will eventually fall in line. Today was more structured (with less effort) than yesterday. I even managed to get chip and dale involved in their learning for more than 10 minutes, it may have been eleven but trust me it is a mighty feat when dealing with those two littles.
They did amazing in our morning bible study which flowed into their lesson. You know, another thing I really like about homeschooling is I get free refresher courses on the things I have not be practicing since high school. Do you realize most of what we learn in school we never use or now in this day and age we just google what we don’t know. I dont want my RushBunch to turn out like that, thats why I have been searching for encyclopedias. They should not be so reliant upon someone else’s knowledge to increase their own, for all they know it could be wrong as well.
The bigs have to use a dictionary and thesaurus to do their work and as soon as I find encyclopedias, they will hate me even more…. for now.
I remember when I was younger I used to ask my dad how to spell something and his reply was always “look it up in the dictionary”. Of course my smart alec behind would say, “why would I look it up in the dictionary if I can’t even spell it? He probably doesn’t know how to spell it himself.” But what I didn’t know, that I now do, is he was grooming me to be an independent thinker. Do the work. I am grateful for it. My eldest used to hate it as well but now he is so far advanced in his language arts and english he likes that we do it.
I don’t know if I sId this yesterday but I have decided to educate my babies on a level up from where they should be. Today I went for it and to my surprise they not only picked it up but excelled very quickly in ascertaining the knowledge. Shoot, I may have to do two grades up.
All in all today was a superior day and Mr. McRush finished off with home made chocolate chip cookies.

Now a side note.
Someone exposed us to this family named Bush, no not them, these Bushes were black and they have nine children like us and homeschool like us. They are a little more advanced (mostly because their children are older) so now I feel compelled to step our game up. We will not be out done. iRush



Day two of Homeschooling

Today was a lot more structured and a lot more hectic. We bypassed the morning outing because the Homeschooling family we were to meet up with had to reschedule for tomorrow but now, after today, I think I may have to reschedule because I am beat.

Seeing as though we had a very laid back first day, I thought I had it all in the bag. I spend weeks planning and days organizing. I spent hundreds of dollars on necessities and maybe necessities, books, paper, boards, writing utensils, books, memberships for learning paraphernalia only to realize I was not even close to as organized as I should be. However, I managed to roll with the punches and get everyone on a set agenda for the day. By 2:00 I had an entirely new revamped layout and platform created and realized I needed to spend a couple more hundred dollars which we later did, mainly at the dollar store…THE DOLLAR STORE! Okay, I did get a twix but don’t judge me.

While I managed to get my two 4 year olds (no, not twins) on track with letter recognition and numbering, my kindergartner her dolch word list, I set my fifth grader up with States and Capitals for social studies and triple digit adding and subtracting for math and my tenth grader up with Civil War studies, Distance Formulas, and started reading Up From Slavery; Keeping my three and two year old occupied was where my challenges were really met. So, While I feel like I may have the others adjusted, my little Littles were running around without proper parental supervision. (McRush was outside fixing his car). It is nothing new with these two almost three almost four tiny people, This is an everyday adventure. I call my three and four year old chip and dale, no nasties not THAT chip and dale. The chip and dale cartoon characters from when we were young. Those two keep me on my toes. They are either arguing or conspiring  to tear the house up. They keep me laughing but they are training Chucktown and TamMan to follow in their footsteps and I think I  may run away. I just cannot with those two, I friggin love them.

All in all, today was a great day. The best part was watching my son get his ‘ah-ha’ moment with distance formulas. That has been a math area he has never been able to comprehend despite him being an honors student in all of his advanced classes. I saw the happiness in his eyes when he finally got it. I was so excited I almost cried. I was able to see my baby hit a goal and it was amazing. He wasn’t all the way on board with homeschooling but after today, he does not want to go to school. He was able to grasp, in nine minutes, what he was unable to understand his entire school year. It is like I have been saying all along, especially when it comes to Say who has an IEP plan (after 4 years of begging the district), If a child is not able to learn the way you are teaching then it is very well possible that you need to change the way you teach, at least to the ones who do not get it.

I hope I am able to encourage my readers in many ways, one of them being empowered to believe in yourself to homeschool your babies. I have not veered away from encouraging you to start your own business either so don’t thing I will stop blogging about that because I won’t.

I love you guys, I just want everyone to live the life they always wanted to. Life can be beautiful as soon as you believe in you the way I do.



Welp, Today I managed

Today was the first day of Rush Academics. For me it started last night as I continued to do the last minute things to assure everything was in order. After reading and studying I finally managed to climb in the bed at around 1:30 a.m. just to find out I was completely restless until about 3. my punishment for this late night partying fiesta; I overslept. I didn’t wake up until 7:30 because I kept hitting the snooze button on my alarm from 5:15. So, not only did I wake up late for school, I also missed my morning worship and empowerment call. Never-the-less I did get started with our day, just later than I had anticipated.

Since I didn’t wake up early enough to get started the way I planned, I decided to forgo the entire plan for the day and make it and easy first day. We packed up and went to the Firehouse Museum in Tanger where we learned the importance of fire safety and exit strategies. we a lot toured the museum and got to view and learn about fire trucks dating back to 1857. The children were able to make their own badges, take pictures and ride in a fire truck simulator.

When we came home we just did some refresher work. The littles worked on phonics, alphabet recognition, rhyming, and manners. I figure tomorrow we will get a little more structured, as planned and increase in difficulty there. I have to say, not shabby for our first day, I was able to learn some new things along with them which was nice. The best part is, Biz, whom absolutely LOVES going to school told me she loved homeschooling. That was nice.

The best part is that I am able to freely implement a Christian base to their academics. Todays focus is Daniel Chapter 1. Once I find our rhythm I will post our schedule for those who are wondering.

Tomorrows morning trip will be to Wannamaker Park, we have a homeschooling play date!

Now as the children wind down and I finished cooking dinner, I am working on a clients social media package. Yes, you know I stay busy!




tomorrow is the first day of school for my homeschoolers and I am so nervous yet excited. I am nervous because I want to be great and I want them to be great. I want them to understand the reasoning behind my decision to homeschool.

McRush is a little leery but I am not surprised. He supports me in every big idea or plan, plot, or twist I conjure up on any given day but he is always leery. I am an adventurer,  a go getter just because while he has to analyze and ponder upon it being sure to calculate what could happen at any given moment. Me, I just want to do it, all in, whatever ‘it’ may be.

I will say this, though, I have a new found respect for teachers. No matter how much I plan, I feel like I am missing something. And no matter how many times I perfect it, I still feel like I am going to miss something. But, no matter how I feel about missing a beat, I am super excited to get started.

It has been a busy couple of days because I have a couple new contracts and one of my other clients is getting the runaround with her website host so I have to get to the bottom of that. I have integrated more bible study into my daily regime so I have been feeling a lot more empowered. It is very important to take time out to spend time with your God of understanding. (I saw a friend on facebook say that and thought that was a perfect way to speak to the masses regardless of their belief).

I plan on incorporating my homeschooling journey into my blogs for those who follow and would like to know how it is before jumping into it because there are a lot of questions I did not know needed to be asked but people who have cared enough about me and my family were kind enough to offer advice that I am grateful to have received, so I would love to pass it on to someone else.

I have decided not to go with a public school platform but, instead, I would like to free teach my children. I intend on teaching them a level up from where they are so that the can stay a little bit ahead in the event they return, I do not have to worry about their comprehension.


Yesterday I had a six and a half minute staredown with Beara. That little girl is me all over. Although I eventually won because she was more concerned with eating her Nerds than winning, I am sure I have not seen the last of her staredowns.

(Beara is Sara for those who do not know, but only I call her that)

There is TamMan, ChuckTown, Beara, Ty, Moni, Biz, Donte, Say, Bree and of course McRush (My=M, Crush=C + Rush=McRush) and then there is me, Maia. and we are iRush #RushBunch



While continuously managing to stay busy with one project or another..or both, I have come to a thought to ponder in my life for today and that is ; It is possible that I am making up for all the bad decisions I have made in life.

I have made many ‘mistakes’ (I use that word loosely) in my life which sometimes makes me think of where I would be in life if I had not made a ‘pit stop’ to dilly dally with so-and-so. I made  many pit stops in my days so while this journey of overcompensating may seem impossible, it is very doable. But as I process this faux epiphany, I cannot help but remind myself that we all make ‘mistakes’ [and as long as we live we will keep making them], what we must do is grow from what we learned through it.

Let me first start off that, I do not believe in ‘mistakes’ although contrary, I also do not believe that things happen for a reason according to the purpose of God. What I do believe is; Every choice you have made in life has gotten you to the point of where you are now. Like it or lump it, every cause has an effect and every ripple has a wave. Something as simple as picking up something off the ground could change your course in life, that millisecond of a pause could have made you miss an opportunity or could have saved your life, we may never know but what you do know is, you cannot change it, so why dwell on it and curse your own advancement by focusing negative energy on should haves, could haves, or would haves?

You determine the course of your life, not God. your course is set on your level or virtue and self-conviction, or the Holy Spirit. God gave us the freedom of choice. He will not make you do anything, it goes against His word. He will simply be with you and walk with you as you go through life trying to find you ‘purpose’.

I used to think, that contrary to the way I was raised religiously, that I was called to be a minister. No one can call me to be something and you’re are only chosen upon submission to realizing that the world and even you life is greater than you. When you have the desire to do something that is great, it when you actually do it that makes YOU great.

I told a friend today who offered help to someone and later griped about not wanting to do it that If she does not want to do it but does it anyway, there is no blessing in that because her heart was not in it, only her words and good intentions, and you know what they say about good intentions. Not only will there be no blessing in it, but she will not feel good about doing it, only burdened down with another task.

I started my Business, Rush Consulting Firm because I want people to see the greatness in themselves and the ability to live the life you thought you would when you were younger. I do it because I love what I do, if I could do it for free I would still be but I have to take care of my children. I just charge the minimal. Of course, I want to be rich but not at the expense of robbing someone else. I want to be known for my honesty, hard work, and integrity; my fairness, love, and dedication. I cannot sit around sacrificing my prosperity by overthinking my bad decisions. So while the thought that I may be overcompensating for my now due to my then is not only a worthless though but a ridiculous one as well. I have a lot I want to accomplish, I just want to hurry up and accomplish it. Just like anybody else.




Listen to yourself.

More often than not I find myself smitten in a conversation filled with truth and wisdom. I cannot turn my ears away as knowledge falls out of the mouth like gold nuggets. I wish I had a pen to write it all down. I am stuck on every word, taking it directly to heart and hoping among hopes that I remember them at the end of the conversation. These words of wisdom oftentimes are coming from me as I do a consult or a coaching session. This is not to toot my own horn our boast myself above anyone else, I am just amazed at the words that flow out as I speak from my heart.

More so then not, my tweets on twitter and my knowledge nuggets are stolen from a session where I was encouraging someone to be all that they desire to be or giving someone that nudge they needed to get started. As I speak life into people who feel dead I am also taking those same sentiments for myself. In helping someone else grow, I can truly see the growth in myself. Not only can I see it but I can feel it as well. Its a feeling I cannot explain but I love the empowering notion that it gives me and I am reminded that I am worth every dream I chase. I am worth every victory I have won. I am worth every compliment given. I enjoy giving people this same feeling.

I can truly say that I enjoy what I do, I wish I could do it more and I pray I never stop.

I always joke about how, contrary to our last name, we are so slow. My husband is so laid back, cool, calm, and collected. Meanwhile I am constantly on the go and adding tasks upon tasks to get the littlest things completed. People move too slow in the south I am always quoted, and road rage, oh my goodness don’t get me started on people not knowing how to drive. I have a lead foot and I intend on utilizing it every time I get in the car! Every thing must be a certain way and be done by a certain time. I cannot help it, it’s the city girl in me. Well today I was consulting a client who is very eager to get her business going at the pace she intends by piling more work than necessary on her already slammed agenda. I was speaking to her about not worrying so much and that it will all work itself out in due time. I went on to tell her that “You will get there when you get there and if it is for you, it will be there when you get there.” Let me tell you guys, I almost cried when I said that. Speaking from my heart has opened my eyes and allowed me to be able to see where I need to take my own advice, so do you know what I do? I take it. Sometimes I will say something so profound that it hits home in a way that all I can say is Thank You Lord. Its you. And who knows you better than you? no one, no matter how confused or lost you feel, you usually already know the way. You oftentimes just do not trust yourself or for whatever reason need validation from someone else (who usually has their own problems). So while it is true, you are your own worst critic, you are also your own wisest council. Be encouraged on today and even if you do not feel like it, encourage someone else, who knows you may surprise yourself.