I’m no feminist and my titties are on the internet. 🙃🙃

Now why did you click on this. Lmao. No its not click bait and both statements are true.

Of course you guys know that I just gave birth to beautiful number 12 better known as Kera. She is absolutely phenomenal. This pregnancy, birth, and even aftercare experience is different. I have really taken the time to kick my feet up and process some things.

For starters processing some things really equates to I’m about to stir up some shit. Keep in mind that I am a wife and mom who owns a business so I have to also behave myself. 😏

I have been earth side for almost 43 years and that’s a long time to mess up and rectify, reprocess and adjust. I have been running this particular business, Rush Consulting Firm, in some type of capacity for almost 13 years. I knew it was something I needed to do but I always struggled with the exact clarity of it. I was constantly trying to be all things necessary to the audience I served because I could and I love it. However, it’s mentally draining to not be able to turn your brain off. So, recently I decided to niche in. I’m just going to tell you that I know first hand that it’s scary af. But it is necessary because while you may feel like you are leaving money on the table by closing the door to people but really you are gaining more by creating a brand that you know that you can fully and unapologetically show up to. SN, it’s funny how you can teach something for years but never once consider that it may also apply to you.

So I posted my titties to the internet. 🤣 No, really, I did. I decided to show up as the super mom that people call me. And while I hate that title because I believe that there is nothing greater about me than there is about you. But I digress and embrace. This morning I posted a very candid photo of myself at 6 am just finished feeding Kera, sun creeping in behind me, and a manual beast pump still attached to my nipple. I contexted thst life as a mom can feel like you are being robbed of some things sometimes, like sleep, but in the moment you should choose to be in it because the time fades so quickly. In choosing to be in the moment instead of hurrying it, you find a new appreciation which creates ease and calm. It was very nice. McRush made a comment about it. Nothing mean or derogatory simply “oooh, I see your boob” as playful as he can but I know my husband, it bothered him so I removed it. 🙄

Now, some may say that the was honorable of me, mostly men, but here is the problem with that, this is my life. I have no problem being transparent because there is nothing that I go through as a mom that is different from many others. I desire to be as vocal as I can be in order for others to have a voice. I have been this way for quite some time, my whole life even. My new direction is to help women remember that they are more than mom. We are beautifully made and it is not just to have some crumb snatchers running around calling us mom. We have goals and visions far before we decided to sacrifice our bodies for mankind. No. I am not a feminist I just believe that we can still accomplish what we set out to in addition to being mommy.

Now, as far as McRush. No worries. I think people over sexualize breast but he forgot there is a whole picture of me naked in the bathtub on the internet but, you know, I ‘ll compromise. 🤣.

A girl has a right to change her mind.

Hey y’all. Sit down and chat with me hear? I have a conflicted heart right now.

I’m about to have a heart to heart with you. But first, how are you feeling? I make a lot of post sharing my knowledge and experience as a mother and business owner. I don’t cater much to the life of a wife because there are too many dynamics to make a marriage work and frankly your marriage and how its run is none of my business. 🤷 That’s a topic for another day.

As you know I am a mother of 12. I home school, teach, run my business, keep my home, and make sure to devote quality time with McRush. I know people feel like I am some type of supermom but I am not. Even with all the planning and organization I still have my days every now and again. Just as if you landed your dream job, everyday will not be perfect but it is important to know how to get through it without losing your mind.

I have been doing this mom thing for over 20 years and I still would never have the audacity to say I am a pro at parenting. I can surely attest to ‘every child is different’. But I have taken every lesson I learned to make me a better parent. And let me tell you, some of those lessons are a hard pill to swallow. When people ask “how do you do it” I always say one child at a time.

Being a business owner is scary and adventurous. I love what I do and I love to see the lives it changes. I am all business when it comes to my passion of consulting and coaching. My biggest clients see the greatest ROI when working with me because they have learned, much like parenting, that they don’t know everything and are willing to learn from their “mistakes” and sometimes that looks like making the decision to follow someone else’s lead.

While these clients open the doors for my company to gross 6 figures, it is my mom entrepreneurs who inspire me the most.

When we are little girls we play house daydreaming of being someone’s mom. We never considered that for some of us that would be our only title for the rest of our lives. Not to mention being drained by that title, losing ourselves in that title, knowing nothing more than that title. But what about the other dreams and aspirations beyond and before that title.

Sadly, some never find it. They put it on the back burner hoping that one day they will turn on the stove and heat up their ambitions again. 6 weeks after baby is born, when he starts school, when she finishes kindergarten, when they start middle school.. The next thing you know, you’re talking yourself out of it because you’ve gained weight, you don’t feel seen, you’re too old, you can’t compete in the market, and a whole load of other things we say to ourselves to talk ourselves out of fulfilling the one dream that would make us proud.

I started my Firm because I wanted to help those people who needed the support it takes to start, run, and grow a successful business. To take their dream of becoming an entrepreneur and turning it in to the reality they always hoped it could be. Too often than not, I run into moms who just do not know where to start and how to balance it all successfully, effortlessly, HAPPILY. People always say find your niche in business but my niche has found me.

I have been dabbling on focusing more on mom entrepreneurs but now I believe its time to jump in. There is nothing or no one more important than you and I believe at one point, we all knew this about ourselves but somewhere along the journey of mom, wife, worker, we lost our ability to see our worth AND value it because you matter too.

I know some days its hard. You don’t feel appreciated and the work you do is quickly undone. Sometimes you feel like you are living in a hamster wheel. Your self care has suffered and you no longer love yourself like you once did.

My goal in 2022 is to reach 500 woman and remind them that they STILL deserve all the things they want the way they want them NOW. Because your life doesn’t stop at Mom.

#12 is here!

So I forgot to blog on Sunday and I really don’t know why but here I am begging for your forgiveness as I blog on Tuesday instead of Sunday. 🤦🏾

The plus side is if I would have blogged on Sunday then I wouldn’t be able to share with you the great news that #12 was born today! Yep. Kera made her way earthside and I am so excited.

After I had Maia I SWORE I was not having anymore children. Her birth, home and natural, was the most tumultuous delivery I have had. I was in labor for 3 days and I felt every second of it. By the end I was like take ALL my lady parts NOW! But alas, Kera was the fastest and easiest labor I have had.

My water broke at 9:37 and she was born at 11:43. Its CRAZY. Not crazy enough to make me want to do it again. BRUH! Nah. 🙄

They say every birth is different and that is the stone cold truth. But I learned something today. I, we, have been conditioned to “push” during labor and that simply is not true. Again, after Maia, I was determined to learn more about my body in order to not push myself so far. Because even today, a little bit after giving birth I was cleaning up while McRush held her. I was cleaning up the padding, changing towels, and headed to take a shower before my body was like, nah bruh! SitChoAss DOWN. I giggled to myself and obliged….after the shower.

But today, since I was in labor for a minimal amount of time and my contractions, though very vigorous, were 10 minutes apart. I knew if I pushed I would injure or tear something in addition to the distress I would have put Kera in. So, listening to my body, I allowed her to do what she felt she needed to do. I felt her pressing down and it hurt like hell but I was determined not to force it. She was born in a matter of moments and I never needed to push. I was nervous because she got to a point where she had her head half out and half in and seemed not to be making any progress. I rubbed her through my belly and encouraged her. I reminder her that she could do it, and she did. At her own pace. If I were in the hospital they would have pounded in my head how important it is to remain in control and push.

That’s not how life works. What is meant to be will be in the pace that it was meant to be. You just have to stay motivated and encouraged. Do not deter from the path/goal you set.

Wow. Just wow what an epiphany. Now here I am with one of the most beautiful girls in the world. She came in peacefully and at her own pace. I pray that she continues to move to the beat of her own drum.

Welcome earthside Kera. Great job..

Out with the old?

Starting new is hard. Not necessarily for you making the decision and the transition but for those that are around you, grew up with you, or even raised you.

No matter the shift, it is bound to take a toll on you and loved ones. Haters too.

Most of you know the many aspects of my life and shifts accordingly. Because let’s face it, I’m probably the most transparent person you know. I chose to be this way so that you wouldn’t be afraid to be. Knowing that against all odds you will come out victorious but you must always choose you.

What am I talking about. Well, lets take a trip down memory lane.

But before we do, I hate that people feel the need to keep me in the dark. One thing about me is I know I’m one of Gods favorites because I know how to tap into all the gifts he has given me. I know the plan before its set in motion. Being a loner and heart driven advocate for people I have learn to read the truth BEFORE it slaps you in the face.

Now. Memory lane.

Remember when I was raising my niece? And then got custody of her brother, my nephew? That’s what took me to 10 children before I birthed 10 children. Well initially it was a big thing within the family. I had legal custody and would not give them back because so. Eventually I caved and can only pray that no harm comes to them under my custody yet under another roof. That is above me now. I did so to keep the peace. You know me, little peace maker.

Although everyone knew that what I did was the right thing, I was still the bad guy because it forced them to pick sides and since I was least prone to argue with anyone, that automatically made me the easy target. God, my heart hurts thinking about it. Like most families, we never got over it, we simply moved past it. That’s a horrible thing to do. Where there is no healing there can never be pure love.

I have overcome a lot of things and can proudly say both broke me down and built me up. I am stronger in spirit but weaker in trust. While have decided to ditch the old me of pure compassion and care and guard my heart, I am still judged by what people perceived of, heard about, or judged me by.

Be encourage you to press on. Your change will not be easy but I assure you, it will be worth it.

I am still the bad guy but to me, I will always be my hero.