Oops I did it again.

So I was trying to keep up this blog daily. Smh. I just dnt thin much happens in our lives to keep boring you guys with everyday nothings. 🤷🏾

I overslept. Didn’t do a bit of work at hustled around to get the girls ready to go to Sara’s gymnastics practice. Its two hours that I always say I’m going to take my tablet and notebook and get some work done but alas, there’s Ava and Maia. So really I just bring it to look at it look at me.

Good news is when I got home my Amazon packages were here. 🙄 I think I have a bad habit of online ordering but I don’t spend nearly as much as I could…. right? Lol.

I have absolutely no desire to stop… is that bad? Nah 👀 See I have been making sure to cater to myself so I make sure to put a stipend to the side to be sure I can get the things that I want because I deserve it. Psst. Sometimes I go over…. okay I USUALLY go over 🤐.

Eh. Like I said. I don’t have much to say…… YET. 😘

Try to keep up.


Happy Juneteenth eve? What does that even mean? We ask for justice, equality, Transparency, stop killing us, and we get a holiday foooooooorrrr? 👀 So its a federal holiday for everyone to celebrate and get a day off ← read “make less money, dive deeper into debt, and still we have voter suppression and no equity. Bruh. Seriously?

Eh. I didn’t get on here to vent but that’s the first thing that came to mind so I went with it. Y’all know me. 🤷🏾

Anyhow. I think its time to hire some staff. I am so nervous because I didn’t get it quite right the last time I hired. I don’t want to waste their time or mine. I’m going to try to hold off until November. I have to talk to my advisor and see what that looks like. I have an assistant that I still need to fully train and a sales rep but I need consultants so I can just do my coaching more.

Today was supposed to be cleaning day so we didn’t have to do it this weekend and just enjoy celebrating fathers day but I woke up today and was not feeling it at all. I need my sister to come over and supervise because my children are afraid of her Mommy tone but not mine. 😑 Not cool. And its my baby sister at that. She stands about a good 5 feet tall. Lol. But she is a fierce firecracker. Maybe we can get up early and knock it out but who am I kidding. Bella has Ballet at noon and its an hour away. I can’t really see myself waking up earlier than that task. Especially since it’s already 3a.m…

Let me take my ass to bed.

Love you. Mean it. 🖤

One more day.

I thought today was Friday all day. I turned my alarms off for the next day, set my calendar blocks, and moseyed around the house in a blouse and daisy dukes like I didn’t have anything to do. It wasn’t until my meeting VIA ZOOM 😮 that it indeed was not Friday. 😂

The reminder alarm went off on my watch 10 minutes prior. You should have saw me scurrying. I got it done and was cute too. 😜

After that I REALLY didn’t want to do anything else. I managed to do a steak stir fry for the family and retired to my room.

I did a little Amazon shopping and paid a few bills and that was the full extent of my day.

Sometimes its like that. How did you spend your faux Friday (better known as Thursday).

Whatchu doin’

I’m laying in the bed considering jumping on my computer to get a jump start on tomorrow, except it technically IS tomorrow which means imma be hella tired and ill prepared. I can’t sleep though. I drank too much water and now my stomach hurts. 😂😂😂 Don’t laugh at me laugh with me.

Outside of a few meetings, today was a no work day. It shouldn’t have been but I have been hammering down on the RushBunch because they are considering going to public school for 2021-2022 year. I’m not sure how I feel about that but I am not going to hinder or try to persuade their decision. On one hand it sucks because all of that anxiety I get from them going to public school will rush back but on the other hand a more diverse environment will do them good. Imma just keep a paper bag on me to breathe in because I ain’t no punk! 🤣 I lie. When it comes to my children I get so emotional but don’t tell them that. Remember that time like two years ago I told y’all I let them see me cry. Man, I didn’t live that shit down for MONTHS! Every picture they drew I was a big ass cry baby. These children have no chill. Now that I think about it, they might still be low key clowning me because everyday they come to me like 100 times “mommy are you alright”. Bruh I’m brushing my teeth. 🤔 They are brutal.

Anyway. I went to my first mixer of 2021 that consisted of more than 5 people. It feels so good being off punishment from 2020. I met some amazing people. Swapped stories and numbers. I think I’m going to stop telling people how many children I have until our 3rd interaction. It’s a mood killer sometimes because some people are still in the mindset of “oh my god, why would you have that many children”. They don’t say it but its all over their face. Its annoying to be honest. Like, am I asking for your help? I make good money and have a husband. We are SO good.

Usually I’m a rock when it comes to how people feel about me but I already told you that I’m a sucka for my babies. God has not touched that part of me yet so I be ready to fight QUICK. Lbvs.

Y’all pray my skremf.

Don’t think that

It dawned on me that I don’t dish out the juicy details of my family life. You know, the little things that make you scream.

To be honest I don’t have many but what pinches my nerve is McRush wants to go to bed and acts like he’s a Damn vampire. I can be in the middle of researching (everyone knows I do my best work at night when the house is down) and he’ll be like, “are you using that light”. 😑 Bruh!

I know you’re probably like, well the man is trying to go to sleep. Mmhmm. Except he doesn’t want me to go in another room to work. 🙄

I have been teasing him that the next house we buy we are getting seperate bedrooms. 😂

I’m a night owl and He is a daytime junkie. He will squeeze so many chores in one day and wonder why he is so beat come sundown. He hates light, unless its his flashlight. 🤔 I try to dim the light, use a lower light, but no. He needs pitch black to sleep.

The funky thing is, this is an every night debacle. Like every night. Tonight I was working on something and the children were watching a movie in our room. He comes in and goes to the closet to lay down. Seriously 😤. Why not just send the bunch to bed. Dramatic. I love him though and all of his pouty ways. 🤣

Last night he was using his massager and I was working on a contract. He was like “this feels almost as good as if someone -looks at me- was doing it with their hands. Uhm sir, you better enjoy that massager because of all the titles I carry masseuse ain’t it. He be lucky to get 5 minutes outta me before my hands cramp up. THATS why he has 4 massagers now. 😂😂😂

That’s about the brunt of our squabbles. I am so grateful for that. 12 years later and he still treats me like gold. I guess I might give him a massage…


Can you keep a secret?

Despite the fact that I share my life with you guys on here, I’m a pretty private person. I know, I share a lot but there’s a lot I don’t share. Nothing bad, you guys know all of that. Stripping, promiscuity days, jail time, dropped outta high school, trash relationships, jail again 😂. I may be something like a rebel. 👀

I even share my wins with you guys; pregnancies, new job, quit job, started my business, created a multi million dollar company, $10000 weeks, that time I hit the lottery… okay that one I’m still manifesting. 🤣

I have boundaries though. I never share my friends secrets with you or my clients struggles. I believe integrity is one of the things that makes me stand out. Even when my clients soar beyond financial goals they never even dreamed about, that’s their business and I would never use that to catapult me. I’m the shit because I know my stuff. They are successful because they did the work.

My life and my business are intertwined and for that reason my values spill over into the core values of my business which are Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, and Self Accountability. This works for my brand.. You know when it doesn’t work? When I apply it to my parenting skills. Whew Chile. These children are TRASH sometimes. (I said what I said).

Why do they treat me like this. I say something 4 times. But if I say it a fifth time they be like “mommy why are you repeating yourself. We heard you the first time” meanwhile no one moved or even acknowledge the fact that I said anything. Who chirren dese? Ugh!

Happy Friday!

I got treated.

Its been a hell of a week y’all. I can’t even tell you everything just yet but do know I am feening for Friday.

It was a crazy financial week between one payment processor holding almost $1100 hostage, wix holding $3000 hostage, to working on building my Kajabi account. This week in business was trash.

I found out that the school Bella was to go to isn’t as competitive as she would like it so I spent all week calling and questioning ballet schools to find a good fit. I finally found one that is almost an hour away 🙄….. she starts Saturday.

Maia is teething and Cameron is going through a bully stage. Ava is hitting and biting and I’m just trying to figure out where the hell my calgon is. 😂

So, because this week has been trying my nerves I gifted myself 2 rose gold givenchy bracelets with matching necklace, diamond stud earrings, and a new black dress for an event I have next week. 😎

Then I remembered that fathers day was coming up so I grabbed some things for McRush. I would tell you guys what they are but he reads my blogs. I will say that I am more excited about his gifts that I was about his truck, rc, fish tank, tools, drill, and fish he got for his birthday. So much so that I begged him to celebrate this weekend (which I thought was fathers day) instead of next weekend. He said no. 😑 I hate surprises because I’m nosey as f*ck but he loves them. Oddly enough that still drives me crazy. I don’t know why I’m like this but I cannot wait to see the smile on his face.

What are you doing for your dads on father’s day?

Good news.

Sara started her new gymnastics class. Bella starts at her new ballet school next week. Thomas is headed to karate. Isaiah to tennis. Ian to basketball. And Gabriel to soccer. 😮

I am officially one of those moms who have their children occupied with sports. And that’s only half of them. It feels good to be in a position to offer my children the things they love. Did I mention that they have instruments now so there’s music lessons going on. Sometimes I’m like “oh boy, what did I get myself in to” other times I feel accomplished because I didn’t break down… yet. Lol.

My goal this year is to retire my husband from his job. Not only am I this close 👌🏾 but his job has been cutting hours due to a chip shortage that is crippling the car manufacturers industry so I believe we are definitely headed in the right direction.

Still working on my book but the most exciting writing news I received is I found a manufacturer who will print my planners cheaper. That’s a bonus because I have been investing in more systems that will allow me to remove myself more from daily business tasks and for that I cannot me more elated.

I am about to embark on a healthy living journey. My goal is 75 pounds. Yes, I weigh enough to lose 75 pounds! That’s one of my children… 🤔 nah. Lmbo.

Well. I just wanted to do a check in with you guys. How are you doing? What are some of your family/business plans? Don’t be afraid to talk back, I respond. ❤️