For those of you who need this.

Today I go through trials, tribulations, and tested faith just like anyone else but I have learned to go through them differently. I have found that simply pushing through is not always the answer, it just will not suffice because in addition to this you must incorporate love and gratitude. Although this seems to be a hard thing to do, I assure you that by shifting your focus to giving love to someone else and showing gratitude even when there seems to be nothing to be grateful for. I stumbled across something I wrote two years ago and I would like to share it with you. So many of us feel the weight of life resting on our backs to the point where we can no longer stand up straight, but you MUST stand up straight. Let no man, woman, or life occurrence force you to hang low. It will get better. Do you want to know how I know? Because it is already better, you are just resting in it. Look up and see. Smile. Say hello to a perfect stranger. Hug your child. Feel better soon my loves. #PositiveVibesOnly

Nothing lasts forever

Good morning. You know I never really have a topic, I just start typing. Today nothing really comes to mind.

I told you already some of the struggles my family has endured. I don’t want you to think that it’s smooth sailing now because it isn’t. We still have bill collectors knocking on our door and we still have children that need things. I’m not talking about materialistic things; I am talking everyday bread and butter. Everyone struggles sometimes. Everyone falls short of where they thought they would be. You shouldn’t stay there. It’s hard. I know it’s hard. But you have to find that place within to remember that nothing lasts forever.

Trials are like a whirlwind. You can feel the winds blowing and you can feel when they get stronger, you must first know that the eye is coming and to brace yourself. When you are in the eye of the whirlwind it may beat you up and you may come out a little bruised. But you are stronger for it and when it passes you will be proud of yourself. You will be more confident of yourself. And that’s what it’s all about.

You can look back and see how far you have come and it will give you a sense of accomplishment because while you were in the storm you thought you would not make it, yet here you are; standing.

I am not going to sit here and tell you that life will be better after that whirlwind because it won’t be. Storms will come and go, but they get easier to bear every time. And what’s better is you will be able to encourage someone who will go through the same thing. You will be placed in a moment of life where you have the opportunity to uplift someone from your heart because you have been there and that reminiscent moment will make you smile when you realize just how far you have come.

So no matter where you are today. No matter what you are doing, no matter what your struggle; someone else has been there and they made it through. You will as well. Know that you are a strong person. Know that you can endure. Know that you will win.

Hang in there. Be encouraged. Be encouraging. And smile. You can do it.



*Originally posted in October 2016

Per duh

Baby doing somersaults. Ava has her legs thrown across mine. Ian spread out on the other bed. Its 1:23 a.m. in an unfamiliar city in the height of black bodies being hung from trees and death by the hands of those sworn to protect. But this is not story from the fifties or a song by Billie Holiday. This is real life.

My fear is heightened for my husband and boys. For myself even. As if there were not enough to fear as a black woman. Even lady Ava is having nightmares. Its crazy to think that today could be the day someone kills me for the color of my skin. Someone is threatened because of my blackness.

I don’t know what to do. I was raised a Christian and spent most of my life teaching the church. I have endured things that no one should ever have to. But this is the icing on a shit cake.

They said the revolution will not be televised so if this is the prequel….

What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to say.. what do I tell my children?

Somebody come looka dis!

Apparently I inadvertently went on a hiatus. I had not realized its be almost two months since I blogged. Talk about leaving money on the table. 😱

So a few things to catch up on. No one won the $500 giveaway that was over March 31 but several people got pretty close. Now I have an additional $500 to put in for the next giveaway. So that should be exciting.

As we all know this pandemic has taken over most people’s lives, including mine. Although much hasn’t changed in our daily routine since we already work from home and homeschool. The fact that I cannot take the RushBunch anywhere is driving me crazy. Don’t tell my mom though because she’s lecture me on the importance of their health over my need for a break. She oftentimes forgets what its like to be in a house full of people. She is one of 15. But seriously a park trip or something would be nice. Sheesh. And I swear they completely forget that they even have two parents. I believe they think the word “Dad” is a cuss word. 🤦🏾

Plus side is business is flourishing. In fact, everyone’s should be. All this time to read and implement new creative ways to boost sales in addition to the fact that your visibility should skyrocket since everyone is home.

Baby is doing fine. No, we do not know what we are having. I will say being 40 and pregnant is a different ball game. Whew Chile! I have an amazing doula by my side, which is great because the physicians suck! I’ll blog about that another time.

This is really just a quick check in blog.

Love y’all.


Family for sale.

Real a$$ b!tch give a fμ℃k about a family or whatever Meg Thee Stallion said.

The other day I asked McRush when does my day end? I obviously said this out of frustration and being overwhelmed. He says “When everyone goes to bed”. 🙄 I’m not normally violent in thought but I had the mind to trip him when he walked away. Clearly I know he meant no harm but, bruh, that was legit insensitive. Could be the hormones. Nonetheless, he could have said, “baby go take a break and I’ll take it from here”. Nope. This fool said what he said and walked away.

If we are not on schedule, and as you know, every movement in my house is scheduled. It is complete chaos. This was one of those days. Up until one getting everyone down and then doing my own daily closeout which consists of setting my next day to do list, meditating, reading, and prepping attire which puts me at 3ish. Up by 6:30 which is my sleep in when I get to bed late. It gets hectic to say the least.

My goal right now is to create a new stream of revenue, no I am not interested in an mlm, been there done that, so I can afford a part time nanny. Because Baybeeeeeeeee! The way we fall of schedule so quick have me rocking in my corner.

This trimester has been a beast on my body and mind. I have absolutely zero clarity and no desire to do anything. So I don’t. I know that making a wrong/bad move is more costly in business than not making a move at all. So for now, ebook sales and current coaching clients have been keeping a sista afloat. But as my energy comes back and my thoughts become more clear you guys are going to get tired of me and ALL of my audacity. Lol.

As far as the current Giveaway, there has been 11 entries and no one has gotten all 10 questions correct. I may up the annie 🤔.

If you are unaware of the rules and questions here they are.

Just ask Maia Trivia questions
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**only 1 winner so get your answers in quickly**

1. What is Thomas, the husband’s, nickname?
2. What did Maisha go to school for?
3. What state does the RushBunch reside in?
4. What is the family hash tag?
5. What number child is Maisha currently pregnant with.
6. Did she birth all of the children?
7. What is the name of the Rush Business?
8. What is the Rush brand?
9. Name all of the children.
10. What mlm did Maisha join?

Email questions AND answers to

Good luck!

And they’re off!

It’s a very bittersweet moment. We just dropped 3 of my boys off at the airport and only two of them will return. Just short of 5 years and my parental duties are relieved for Charles.

If you have been following my blogs you know the back story. If not, catch up. Tiff went in 2018 and my mom has custody of my other nephew as well. It seems only right to keep them together… right?

I hate making hard decisions. But I will always be his mom until we can sit and have that conversation. That’s the bitter part. The sweet part is, my boys will be surprising my mom for her birthday! That’s right. She doesn’t know they are coming, along with my sister and her family. Which is why, while I am typing this at 5:30 in the morning while on the road, I have to time this to post AFTER my family surprises my mom.

(Yes, my mother knows Charles is coming at some point. She wants sooner than later so he is a part of her birthday gift)

On a bigger note, tomorrow starts the $500 giveaway! Its an appreciation for being loyal followers. All you have to do is answer 10 questions about my family and I correctly and you win! DASSIT! Well you must be following our facebook, instagram, Twitter, and blog as well. But that’s simple.

I’m sure you can answer the questions because they are all in the blogs. I think they are pretty simple and there are no trick questions. So if you missed a few now is the time to catch up!

Questions will be posted on the 5th. The contest runs until the 31st and the winner will be announced on April 1st. So tag a friend and join in on the challenge. I hope you win!

This that bullsh*t

Who ever created children needs to be interrogated on their TRUE agenda. I still have yet to see the purpose they serve and low Key agree with my mom who said they (we) are meant to be our servants. 😂 This would all be believable if she did not instill in my children that I am their slave and I am to cater to their every begging need. 🤔 I’m starting to question her loyalty to me.

For people who still question how I manage to get it all done, and by all I mean homeschooling, running a business, maintaining [what people tell me is] a clean house, all while maintaining my sanity which is relative at this point. My answer is schedules, but that’s just the half of it. Discipline is a necessity when managing a big household and still find time to satisfy your business needs. When we have schedules in place the house runs smoothly. What type of schedules? Any and every schedule you can think of. Cleaning, school, work, activities, laundry, cooking, children quality time, personal. Creating those alone is a pain but I know that without them there is chaos. I learned long ago that although I love working under pressure its totally different from chaos. From the time we get up to the time we go to bed, its scheduled. Baths are scheduled, eating is scheduled, and even quiet time is scheduled

Being pregnant brings on other issues like “eff that schedule, I just want to sleep”. While most people cave into this luxury, my home will come apart at the seams if I did. However I will sneak in a nap once or twice a week. Expecting baby #11 made me literally laugh out loud at God mischievous plan for my life. I pray for money He gives me babies. Imma stop talking to Him. 🙄

Its a great thing that I truly enjoy what I do with my consulting firm. Its even better that I own it. I am at the point in my life that I don’t understand how anyone keeps a job. The shenanigans these jobs be pulling is beyond my tolerance. Then again, I’ve always been a feisty cookie. 😉

Its not my goal to be some kind of superman but I will humbly accept that title if it empowers you where you are and propels you to follow your heart and dreams. You can have whatever it is you desire. All you need is to turn that desire into action and watch you win! Lets get it!

If you are looking to turn your hobby into a stream, major or minor, of income. Lets talk.

This is an appreciation post for when I was supa dupa fly. Now I’m just supa fly 😜

Sickening sicklings

I know, its been a month since I blogged. I always say I am going to create a schedule but you know I be lying. 🙄

So the house is sick. Not me but everyone else. Its lonely out here for a healthy beauty such as myself. 😛 But if ever a time I want to pack my shhhhh and roll out is when the house gets sick. Uh muh GUD! I become everything. I hate being the everything. Its exhausting. I have to restrict people from coming to my house for awhile because I have no idea how my babies got sick. We have been in the house all month!

Business wise this has been a great month. We hired two new employees and although I worked MUCH less than ever I also made more money than any other January since we have been in business. I may consider doing nothing more often lol.

Outside of that I really have nothing much more to check in about although I had a ton of things I thought about blogging on as I cooked dinner. 🤦🏾 This overactive yet forgetful brain of mine, I swear! I literally have to catch myself in the moment or its gone forever.

Oh! One last thing before I go. We’re expecting #11. I’m not really sure I’m super excited but I am grateful. 🤷🏾

But for real. Tomorrow I have to make schedules, well see if blogging makes the cut. If not, ill just have to keep you guessing. 😘

Bows and breakfast.

Bad parenting

Everything I do is for my family. From the moment I wake up, through meditations, manifestations, and prayer. To the moment I lay my head on the pillow, or floor depending on where I am, my every though and action is family. More specifically my babies.

Well let me tell you about one of my ungrateful crumb snatchers!

Nevermind I dropped out of law school to pursue a full time position in homeschooling.

No matter the fact that I could be lavishly living with a $260,000 salary with an company that shall remain nameless.

Oh! And God forbid I bring up the fact that I have not seen hide nor hair of an 8 hour sleep-fest in YEARS!

I read to my children everyday, spend quality time with them both collectively and individually. I steal them away on surprise ventures. We cook and clean together. We share intimate moments together and we have phenomenal relationships.

Yesterday, and this is something I strongly urge you to do with all of your children, Ty said something mean to a younger sibling in a moment of anger. After talking to him about using his words to encourage not demean, I had him write on a piece of paper what he loved about everyone in the house, what he wished each person would do more of, and something he disliked that each person does.

Well, he gets to me and he says he loves that I am nice, he doesn’t like when I fuss, AND GET THIS! What he wished I would do more of is……..

Love him! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

These ingrates! They don’t care about us.

In the changed words of Megan The Stallion,

“Rushbunch kids give a f*ck about parents feelings”


Because I want to.

People that start their own businesses are often encouraged to find out and expand on their ‘why’. Why do you want to do this thing that you are doing? Why do you continue putting forth so much effort when sometimes it seems pointless?

Your ‘why’ is meant to be a foundation of what will keep you going on the days you are tired and want to quit. Most times people will say that their why is their children or their parents. Sometimes its for their spouses or simply because they no longer want to be where they are now in their current situation which could be anything from homelessness or brokenness.

I can make pages of a list of what keeps me going, I won’t, but I can. I have a large family whom I love so very dearly. I have a husband that inspires me to keep going or quit because he has my back regardless. But for me, my why is so simple. It wasn’t always simple as I would rack my brain over whats more important to me to place on my ‘why’ list and as I push forward my list is actually quite short. Really, beyond short because it consists of only one reason. Because I want to.

Oftentimes we struggle and get so lost in life and devote ourselves to so many causes and people that we lose ourselves. I gave up plenty of things to be an awesome wife and mother, yeah I said it, AWESOME! But in our giving, as women we have to remember that we are just as important and the important people in our lives.

This is not something you always know, this is definitely a learned mindset but now that I have learned it, I am happily passing it on. So the next time someone asks you what is your ‘why’, simply hold your head up high and with pride say, because I want to.



Who raised y’all?

Anybody else raising assholes? No? Just me? Mmkay. Y’all are clearly lying to yourselves because these children are ruthless!

1. McRush bought Sara a Barbie dream house for her birthday because her sister got one for her birthday. Fast forward to tonight..

“Y’all need to clean this room because it’s a mess. You don’t want ME to clean it because I’m coming in with a trash bag” ←In perfect black mama magic. (Sara) “You can throw that dream house away too!” I legit almost called her a name. 😂☺️

2. Reggie, the oldest, and Gabriel, #6 (who is only 5 btw) are in the den ROASTING each other and in this house NOBODY is off limits! I’m in the office minding my DAMN business…

“You smell like old nachos!” -#1 “you smell like fat people!” -6 😮


Absolutely NOBODY!

“Mommy doesn’t stink!” Tha Fuuuu?! 😶

Bruh. I swear! I just bust out laughing. I cannot stand them!

Scenario #3

My boys know to hold the door open for us, the girls. As we are leaving a client today, I tell the RushBunch to head to the car. Thomas holds the door. Gabriel is yelling at Thomas “Mom said get in the car!” “I’m holding the door.” “MOM SAID GET IN THE CAR!!” “So get in the car.” YOU need to listen to mom and get in the car TOO!”

Why. Just why? 😑

Its like this all the time. Just NO filter around here. I am the most sensitive in the house although I am not allowed to show it because we all know what happened last time I did.

Dear God, what did I do to you? -Me

Why are my children FARTING on each other? You know what…. *logs off*