Sleep? Where!

Hello loves. It is literally the middle of the night and I am wide awake like I do not have to be up at 5 a.m. Why 5 a.m. you say? We’ll get to that in a moment.
It has been a long day, but really whats new in my life? I have worked on my website for my girlie boutique, by the way, I highly recommend you hire someone to do this task if you are considering having an ecommerce store. What a headache! Anyhow. I managed to complete my consulting firm website which was pretty simple I just needed to revamp a few things. I have done some research and work on pressing forward with my speaking career.  I managed to do my customized stationary for Rush Consulting firm. Lets see, what else? Oh! I redecorated my living room with my frugal self. Maybe I will get a picture for you guys. I managed to get my children in bed by 9 p.m. and believe it or not, I feel like that is my greatest accomplishment of the day, shoot probably of the week thus far.
I am thinking about becoming an ItWorks representative. Yes, seriously. I have Absolutely NO idea why I feel like my plate has to be overflowing. It drives me crazy. I am from Philadelphia though so I am used to having multiple things going on at once clearly moving to South Carolina has had no affect on my pace, thank God. I’m like the older generation, I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Lol
The other day Thomas gave me some money and told me to go and enjoy myself….alone….without children. I sat in the driveway not knowing what the heck to do or where to go! As often as I thought to myself I needed a mini vacation I must admit I was sad to leave my babies home, I actually begged to take one with me. In the end it was good for me although I spent too much money but I can’t say I’m not looking forward to doing
it again.
In the meantime I have a ton of perfecting to do on my projects and I also started a morning prayer line. Yup, another thing to manage. It starts at 5:30 a.m. so feel free to call in.
(563) 999 2090
Access code 608759
Until then I will chat with you another day, hopefully tomorrow. 💋


Let me raise mine.

Hello and good morning.
My family is not your typical family and we do not celebrate holidays like everyone else. We do not do Christmas commercially and our Thanksgivings are now big breakfasts and family time; OUR family time. Birthdays are celebrated with family dinners to the birthday person’s place-of-choice. Easter and New Years is celebrated at church.
A lot of people believe we deprive our children of enjoying being a child by doing holidays the way we do but I strongly disagree.
We do not allow our children to play with any type of armory device and the action figures with guns and the like attached to them is not allowed in our home. We do not allow them to watch cable television and we still pray together. Every day.
Some say our children will grow to be resentful for being so strict.
Let me tell you about my babies.
They make good grades in school. They are never in trouble for being in fights and have not been suspended from school. They keep their chores done and are very content with what they have. If they want something they have to earn it. My son wanted a smart phone upgrade. I told him if he brought in straight A’s he could have one. He goofed around in school and brought in all A’s and a B. He did not get his upgrade.
When they argue with one another we put them in ‘couple’s therapy’ so that they can talk out their issues as opposed to just being angry.
My philosophy is this, I am raising black boys who will become black men; Strong black men. They will learn to express themselves without anger or aggression. They will be respectful to those who respect them. Those who do not respect them, they will know they are not worth their time. They will open doors for their wives. They will be great fathers to their children. And they will know that every goal they set for themselves will be achieved.
My girls are raised with pride and humility, self love and empowerment, gentleness and kindness. They have a father who treats them like they are the princesses of the house because they are. Therefore a man who steps to them will have very large shoes to fill. The first guy who says you are pretty they will not fall infatuated with them, because they are told often and they already are aware of how beautiful they are. Money and jewelry will not buy their love because they will know that they are independent enough to acquire their own riches. They are instilled with the values of family and grace, confidence and respect.
Too many African American homes are filled with one parent struggling to make ends meet, no time dedicated to family, anger and resentment for what they thought they would be by now, and heartache. Too many of us are allowing our children to fall in the fallacy of becoming rich like the man or woman on television. We let our children listen to the garbage that is put out in the music world allowing them to believe that they can live that life, but what is that life? A grown man rapping (lying) about the things he has while half naked women crowd around him being degraded for their 15 minutes of fame not one time saying something genuinely positive or saving any money for when he has been washed up.
We have to do better as a generation because it will only get worse. Instill in them the greatness that you see in them that they cannot see yet. Teach them that struggle is a word and not a destination. Show them that family means love; honesty and integrity are still alive and pride is to be handled with care.  Most importantly let them know that they are somebody just the way they are.



Did you miss me?

did you miss me?

so here I am a little after twelve, still awake, straining my eyes to stay awake and keep a promise I made to myself today, I will blog. I have so much to blog about that I don’t know what to blog about. It has been a very eventful couple of weeks since I last chatted it up with you guys on here. oh, where do I began?

Well I have updated my website for Rush Consulting firm. I have been thinking a lot about making the transition to a full staffing firm so I have been doing tons of research on the do and don’ts as well as the legality and finance of that. I made a post in this group on Facebook called dream catchers about the company and business has been booming every since. unfortunately I done some work for some people who, I suppose, believe I did their resume pro bono (even though I clearly stated my fees for service) but I continue to push on, Karma.

I also have been working on my Slips Socks And Bows website. It is a lot more tedious than the firm’s site. I get exhausted as soon as I pull it up to work on it, needless to say I will more than likely be passing that buck off to Thomas. its a good thing he loves me the way he does.

I have been spending a lot of time on self evaluation as well. I have watched the secret twice, its on Netflix by the way. I have also been reading this awesome book called 30 law of attraction practical exercises by Louise Shapely in conjunction with the law of attraction itself. its eye opening stuff. I always felt like I was meant to be great so I just have to live it like I believe it.

There are a lot of areas I struggle with in life, my weight being the biggest thing. I am not morbidly obese or anything like that I just know I can stand to lose some weight. I am so deep in projects though I can barely remember to eat never mind keep track of what I eat but I know I need to do it for myself. my husband doesn’t think I need to lose any weight but I tell him its his job to tell me that. so in addition to working on websites, inventorying stock, making orders, writing resumes, building start up packages, raising nine children and being a dutiful wife I have to make time to put my health in check. at some point and time I will talk more about the importance of this to me but right now I am just checking in with you guys. I want to remind you that anything you want to do you can. I am not going to lie to you and tell you its not hard because some days I want to scream, and some days I do but then I pull myself together and get back at it. you are so worth every bit of energy you put in yourself and so much more. so keep pushing. keep moving. stay prayed up.

until next time, which I hope is quicker than this time. Be Great!



Stepping out.

Good morning loves. Today I made my first periscope video. Its just a bunch of chit chat but I did it! I did not put on any makeup or do my hair. I didn’t put on some cute outfit or find the perfect sceneric background but I did it anyhow. I am putting more effort towards stepping out of my comfort zone and making a periscope video is definately it. I just have this longing anf strong desire to encourage people. I love it. I love that I blog it makes me feel like I am helping someone. what I blog may not be for you today, your day may be Wednesday but I am glad you’re reading. I appreciate all that is laid in front of me and I believe that is a very important aspect of growth; appreciation. 
I am trying to go above appreciation. I am stepping into manifestation. I have been reading some very encouraging books lately and have decided to embark on my own journey and take notes. Notes I look forward to passing on in the form of a book. I have a story like everyone else and I believe it is important to tell your story, you never know who you may inspire. Shoot, I may inspire you to have children or I may inspire you to STOP having children. People have asked why I do not seek for a show. Though I oftentimes think we should share our laughs with the world, because there are alot of laughs, I do still believe in a little bit of privacy. I have enough scrutiny from family about my life that I can do without the microscopic judgement of the world.
I have come a very long way from driving my mother crazy as a teenager to the responsible person I am today. The bottom line, I have no regrets. Everything I have said and done has molded me into the person that I am today. Life has written me a story and I am living it out. I want to share and encourage. You’d be amazed the obstacles I have overcome. I know I was born to lead. I was born to push and motivate, thats why my story has so many twists and turns and trials. I am able to relate to a multitude of people in different phases of their life.
We are all made for something. I was made to empower and renew.
What are you made for?