Are we recounting votes AGAIN?

Hilary Clinton lost. She got the majority of America’s vote, although not really because over 93 million people did not vote and that’s just the ones that were registered. So America is throwing a tantrum and finger pointing like a bunch of toddlers. I am definitely not a supporter of hers so I may be a little biased. She has to many hidden secrets like the fact that her husband as well as herself have close ties to pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein, or her Klu Klux Klan friends, that is what this email controversy is all about. But even still I couldn’t care less. I mean really, tell me the last time an American President directly affected your life? They are just a puppet to sit and do what they are told. Sure, they will have great ideas, just like the rest of us, but implementing them will be close to impossible.

This is not the first time and will not be the last time that we had a president elected that we do not want, yet we still pull the same thing. We march and we protest and in the end very little changes. The Government was not created for us, especially the black us, but in this point all of us in general. We all know that Americans thrive off titles, it has even trickled down to the church which is supposed to be separate from state (yeah right). Everybody wants to feel like somebody and some of those somebodies want to tell others what to do –> enter the government.

The problem is not the president, or the president elect. The problem is the people, WE the people who have failed one another time and time again in the terms of unity and self governing. We have lost our morals and our standards and most importantly we have lost our common sense. We continue to attempt to hold one another to a standard that we fail to hold ourselves to. We have found more pleasure in watching someone else and their failure instead of being accountable for our own. We would rather be like others that we see on television or even in real life than to simple be ourselves. We are no longer happy with who we are until we are like someone else.

People watch reality television and stay glued to social media to see what someone else is doing with their life, meanwhile, ours is passing us by. We would much rather go by what someone told us instead of researching it ourselves. Learning is becoming obsolete. We push college yet will only hire people with experience. We don’t trust one another so we are constantly moving along in life with a hidden agenda. We don’t truly care about one another’s happiness and well-being, unless it directly affects us of course.

School loans are ridiculously impossible to pay back. Health insurance is almost impossible to maintain. We have people who have fought for our country living in the streets while we selfishly walk pass them without a second thought. We have homeless babies because their mom and dad cannot find a job. We have hungry children who go all summer without a decent meal while school is out because the job mom and dad do have is just barely making the bills. We have people killing one another over minor tiffs because that is how their environment has taught them to react due to poor schools, and irritated parents (you know that whole horrible/lack of job issue). Governments not willing to put money into urban areas for recreational centers, job assistance, small businesses, etc. yet steadily putting up sidewalks in deserted areas, two way street lights on one way streets, etc. in short, corrupt politicians who are allowed to hold office until death pulls them away.

We would much rather fund wars and pretend to have a war on drugs although the drugs are not only brought onto American soil by the government but also heavily guarded in places like the Mideast for private profit.

No, we would much rather protest having a woman in office that has no problem aborting babies up to their due date or defending child rapists while having pizza parties with known pedophiles and having lunch with KKK members. Perhaps we would be better off with a woman who is as emotional an indecisive as a young teenager who knows everything about life in their own little mind. Does she know the ins and outs of the government, absolutely. Is she qualified? About as much as any other lying politician, but is that what we want?

I am convinced we do not know what we want. I know some will take this to think I voted for Trump. Who did I vote for? Wouldn’t you like to know. It doesn’t matter anyhow. I have been stating for the longest that the electoral votes choose our presidency. That is why it is important to vote your local elections because the elects are supposed to vote according to our popular vote but if you don’t vote them in then, well, you get the point.

So by all means, keep protesting. You see how far its gotten us, this time I mean us a in black people.


Nosey black people

So I come outside to find a portion of peace with Roger (pictured below) and unbeknownst to me there are three police cars and a white car which looks like a Chevy Malibu (you can thank McRush for my knowledge of cars). Two police officers are searching the Malibu and one officer is keeping them, occupied, for lack of a better word.

There is a woman standing in her yard where the people were pulled over on her phone with an attitude, loud. Catercorner to her is a large group of people standing outside just looking. Now, I know I am going to catch plenty of backlash for this but why are you watching? You have nothing better to do? My people! Does watching the incident unfold make you feel better about your life? Does it give you something positive to converse about?

I am sure many of you, both black and white, will respond stating something along the lines of; ‘With the string of murders of our black people, we should be watching to be sure nothing happens to them.’ To that I respond, Yeah right. First of all our community has been nosing in other peoples businesses well before that with or without police presence. Second of all  what exactly would you do if something were to happen besides grab your phone and record?

McRush hates when I categorize us in a negative manner because really, lets face it, all races have their nosey tendencies. But, I can only speak for mine because I am black, not too black according to a few of my fellow peers, but just black enough to reap some benefits.

So here I sit my beneficial behind in the grass observing the observers and blogging about it. I guess that makes me nosey too. Hmmm.


Secrets of a mother to 9

I have no idea what to blog but I felt compelled to get on anyway. Perhaps it is my slight guilt of not being able to keep in contact via blog. Or maybe it is the fact that I am bored out of my mind.

I do have a confession though. Although I am an established business owner and serial entrepreneur, I have never want to be either. What I have always wanted was to help people and to be rich. I just found a way to incorporate my wants with people’s needs. I REALLY want to be rich though. Just kidding. I am rich. No but for real, I love helping people reveal to themselves, maybe even for the first time they deepest most hidden goals. The smiles on their faces when this comes to fruition is priceless. I love it. I love seeing people smile and be happy. Happiness drowns out so much pain and sorrow its like a drug, but legal, I don’t know how long it will be legal but its legal none-the-less.

What I have always wanted to do is start a shelter. Not just any type of shelter but a shelter with long term assistance both in and out. I never understood the concept of having to check out at the crack of dawn at a shelter. I mean it is very commendable that you give so many broken and lost individuals a place to lay their heads but then what? It would seem to me that you are simply keeping your business funded. You get funding by need. Homeless people need somewhere to rest at night. The end. But what are you doing to assist them with getting back on their feet? Getting a job? Going back to school even? I suppose with that type of assistance you wouldn’t have many people needing you after too long, so you simply give them a cot, a sheet, and a pillow. I am in no way attempting to knock the efforts of these places, I am simply saying, people need more help.

I speak from experience. I have been there, hell, I’m just about there right now with my family while we await the closing of our home. But, I know my hearts desires will be met soon and you can volunteer if your heart is in the right place.

That’s all.


The recipe to a happy home.

One of the main questions I am asked is how we are able to maintain life with nine children. My answers varied depending upon ‘why’ they are asking because you can always gauge their intent by their demeanor. It also varies by location since some people turn their noses up at us while some applaud the fact that we “do as the Word says” by being fruitful and multiplying. Most people get a chuckle out of it while we find it pretty annoying because that is not what our intent ever was, not to mention I hate when people quote bible scriptures like they are some type of bible scholar but instead only referencing what they heard opposed to what they know, but don’t get me started on that because that is a blog all in itself.

I prefer, instead, to live my life as it will be. I have tried almost every form of birth control there is. I have tried every form of birth control I am comfortable with. I am not big on altering the path the God of my understanding has laid out for me, whether it is medication or mechanisms. I love my children. Did I plan on having a large family? No, I hardly even plan what’s for dinner. Do I regret having a big family? Regret is such a harsh word, I have my days where I just want to go far away for a breather, if you consider that regret, then so be it. I would not change it for all of the money in the world, all the tea in China, or all the shoes a girls heart can desire (and you know how much I love my shoes). Its not for everyone but apparently it is for me.

I home school while running a few businesses and do my best to be a dutiful wife ( que in the feminists). It is a task being everywhere and everything at every time but with a little bit of coffee, you can conquer the world, or at least feel like you can, one bit at a time.

The truth is, I don’t have all of the answers, but I will tell you what I know;

1. I love to live life with a little ruffling of the feathers, if you are unable to adapt to change in the blink of an eye, you probably should stop where you are with the amount of children you have right now.
2. I never wake up knowing the answers to every problem that comes up, It may seem like i am super woman to my children and my husband but that’s just so they can buy me flowers and chocolate and a nice pair of shoes every now and again.
3. Even though I pretend not to, I do get exhausted and drained most days, but I know that I can push myself just a little bit farther everyday, not too much, just enough to know that I have exercised my patience, strength, knowledge, wisdom, intuitiveness, as well as my mind and body to know that I know a little bit more than I did on yesterday.
4. While I hate complacency, I am well versed on showing my gratitude for where I am now in order to receive increase according to my requests made known to my creator.
5. Someone is always going to judge you regardless of what you do, so do what you know to do and do what you feel is right. If it makes you happy then go for it. If it (or they) make you cry, leave it alone. Life is about being happy. There is no reason not to be. Sure, mourn, cry, be hurt, but get up and be grateful for your scars because in the end, you will be a beautiful tiger!
I don’t have the recipe to a happy home, I just know the recipe for mine and if that helps you along the way then I am doing my job right. If it doesn’t and you just like the laughs we share then laugh on and enjoy. If it doesn’t have any bearing on you whatsoever, then I encourage you to connect with someone(s) who will assist in adding some type of value to your life.

C’mon, be happy! What have you got to lose?! Miracles and Blessings to you and yours.



I have disappeared but its not my fault.

Hello my loves. I have been on a sabbatical but it was not by choice. If you follow me on social media, you know we have recently purchased a home. Well, we were set to close today, November 23, however it fell through. That’s the bad news. The good news is we have found a new home and are now set to close somewhere around the 6th of December. Now, while that may sound like great news and I thank you in advance for your congratulations, I must tell you this is some wild roller coaster ride and I do not like roller coaster rides, figuratively or literally.
Let me first start off by affirming my stubborn nomad spirit. At the young age of 37 years old, I have lived in at least 100 places, had hundreds of jobs, and never had any intent, in life, of settling in one place (insert stable loving McRush). I never wanted to buy a home but after having the benefits pointed out to me by my husband and best friend as well as my very selfish thought process on the matter, I decided to take the leap. After all, I can just sell it later and get us a nice RV and continue to travel, maybe this time outside of America.
Today is November 23. We did not close. I am upset about that, not because we did not get that particular house but because our sorry landlord did not extend the courtesy of allowing us the ability of being able to stay in our home so that we do not end up in an in-between status. Guess where we are? Yup, you guessed it. In between homes.
Let me tell you the back story. You all know we were once homeless after the housing market/job crash. We did not whine or beg and plea for handouts (even though we had once applied for assistance for food but were denied because we did not have an address. Weird, seeing as we were homeless). But instead worked hard and pushed through and are now able to tell our story. Anyhow. We stumbled across a run down apartment complex in an even more run down neighborhood and were blessed to be able to not only put down a small deposit but were approved to move in immediately. We stayed there one year and moved to another place we had also stumbled upon. The place was initially being managed by one property management company but upon signing our next lease we were advised that a company called Johnson Wilson Real Estate would be taking over as the new property management company. We didn’t care, we paid our rent on time and minded our business, or businesses, haha, get it…? Anywho. One day the new property manager of JWR came to check out the property, which was completely understandable because they should want to check out their newly acquired properties. We joked and handled our business then were done. Well one day this new Manager decided to introduce herself, her name was Mary. I didn’t like her and she didn’t like me, but again, I didn’t care, we paid our rent on time and minded our business. When we decided to buy a home we let them know and we started working on financing and such with the RE part of the company. During this time our lease was nearing an end so we, JWR (now Heritage Property) and our family, decided that it would be best if we went month to month so we wouldn’t have to break a lease etc.; This was in July of this year. Well, come October they sent us a letter stating we must sign a lease by October 20. I kept meaning to call and get it sorted out/verified but I kept getting wrapped up in other things. On the 20th of October, Mary calls me and informs me that if we do not sign a lease for either 6 months or one year, they will start the eviction process. I, of course, remind her that we have a letter from their office stating we will go month to month. She says there is nothing she can do about that. I inform her that since we are under contract on a home we cannot sign a lease. She is adamant and so am I. she states we need to put in our thirty day notice or risk facing an eviction on our record which of course would hinder our home buying process. Reluctantly and angrily, I write the letter which puts us out of our home on November 19. That wasn’t so horrible considering, remind you, that we were set to close on November 23. A few days in a hotel, right? Wrong. Fast forward to today where we are now forced to shell out monies that is needed for our down payment to get hotels every night! Why every night you ask? Well, that’s a good question. To answer your question, it is the week of thanksgiving so rooms that are weekly are booked until after the holiday which means we can spend anywhere from 90 to 120 dollars a night.
I tell you, people will attempt to screw you over with no reason or just cause, if ever there were a good reason to see someone down. So I am sitting in a friends bathroom blogging on word because the wifi is not connected to my laptop. #LeStruggle
We all know that the RushBunch is strong so no worries. Now, if this Mortgage company will just push on so we can get in our house and I can lay down in my home, I will be a very happy Rush.


I really am trying to stay on top of blogging and keeping you all up to date on the happenings of the RushBunch but you know me, I just get so slack when it comes to blogging or sleeping, I oftentimes choose sleep. As crazy and chaotic as that sounds, I sometimes will grab a nap instead of my laptop.
As I am typing this I am literally drained and all I want to do is go to sleep however today is a birthday and the house is all the way live, not that its any different from any other day But they are wired on mini cupcakes and ice cream.
I believe I am truly out to sabotage myself. Every since I have started homeschooling and running my business from home, my home simply has no structure. I am hoping that this move will assist me in re implementing things like early bed times, hair days, general house cleaning day, and the like instead of me deciding on a whim what I am going to do that day.
I remember the days when I got up at 5:15 to prepare for my daily prayer/motivational call at 5:30 and my days flowed so smoothly because the night before I had sat down to schedule out the entire day all the way down to the littles bedtime at 7:30. Oh how I miss those days. Its funny when you break a cycle its hard to get it going again. I am glad to have known such structure and have something to work towards because if not, I would not know life could be more relaxed and thus not lose my mind!
Anyhow enough rambling, although that is pretty much what my blogs are…
Today was supposed to be a lounge around day but yes, we forgot we were going to do something for the birthday girl. The good news is our children are very easy to please so when we asked her what she wanted to do, she said have a pizza party and watch a movie. When asked what she wanted for her birthday, she replied, “flowers”. DONE! the downside is whenever we leave the house we are oftentimes gone for hours because we remember something else that needed to be done. Needless to say we didn’t get home until after 7:45 so the whole 8 o’clock bedtime is surely out the window. I have learned to be okay with that.
it is 10:01pm and we have just started the go-to-bed process with the littles so we are looking at a 12:30 bedtime… sigh.
One day I will get to bed by 10 pm. Today is not that day…tomorrow isn’t looking to good either.


Come ‘gen say whet?

So I had always be known to say things like speak those things as though they be so, and you have not because you as not and even go as far as things happen for a reason. What I had never taken into consideration, as lame as it may sound, is the depth of those words. How ignorant I felt towards myself. I mean, obviously the words mean something and obviously it is in your best interest to speak life into your life, I even tell my children all the time. I had begin to feel like that preacher from Left Behind (the first one) who was left here on earth after the rapture when he realized he was just repeating words and quoting scripture with no spiritual backing.

I believe that is what many of us are doing. We quote something because it sounds good but what does it mean really and are you actually applying it to your life? As a motivational speaker I know that it is extremely important to be sure you are maintaining a positive mental state as often as possible in order to ‘manifest’ what you are aiming to achieve, but what I am now learning about is vibes. Yes those same vibes from the eighties when it was hip to say, “we’re vibing” or “You’re killing my vibe”. Yes it is a real thing.

It is also very important that you rid your life of toxic people and relationships. This is one of the more difficult things you need to do in order to align yourself with greatness. We oftentimes feel as if we have to keep some relationships active and prominent in our lives but none of this is true. People are in your life always for a purpose, once this purpose is served you have no obligations to them. No matter what the connection, it is not necessarily a life long connection, yes even your parents. Parents serve a purpose to raise you. In raising you, they are expected to nurture, embrace, encourage, and support you. In addition to teaching you about life they should prepare you as well. Now, some parents fall a little short of this but I believe that the majority of the time, parents do what is best for you. There are some people who are incapable of being selfless for someone no matter how much they love them and unfortunately that is what causes the disconnect. But it is okay to sever ties, it really is. It doesn’t mean you love them any less, it just means you have now evolved and are learning to love yourself.

Loving yourself will only be possible when you know what and who is healthy for you and who is not.

You know I normally do not go on these types of rants but today i felt compelled to pass on, well, Good vibes.

So lets recap… 1. Speak good things often… VERY often. 2. Seperate yourself from people who do not assist you in doing #1 (bringing up your past, telling you you can’t, talking about you, etc). 3.Keep up the good vibes.



A boring busy day

Today has been a continuation of packing and cleaning. I added the task of conditioning and detangling the girls hair as well as my own and for all of my natural hair sisters you know how tiresome this can be. But alas I managed to get it all done in a record breaking 3 hours. I will not make mention the fact that this did not include ‘doing’ their hair, we all went puffed out today.

As you already know my family has embarked on a journey in search of truth as incorporated in our homeschool academics but it has taken on a task in itself. Today we sat down with a wonderful friend of mine and her family and we broke bread together as they enlightened us on some facts while debunking some myths on their religion. It was absolutely amazing to converse with her, her mother and father, and her husband whom is in a position of high authority (If my research serves me correctly). I am so enlightened. It is a rare thing for me to find an end to my line of questioning because answers usually have me in a position to pose a follow up. But why do I feel like my whole life was a lie growing up, or shall I say a shadow. Anyhow, the research will continue but I was given plenty of literature to halt me on the journey for the moment as I study and show myself approved.

As far as homeschooling, today was a very light work day indeed. We worked primarily off of tablets and our index card system. I got a little bit of packing in and a little bit of cleaning. Did I mention how much I hate packing? how about cleaning? yeah, oh, okay.

I am beyond exhausted but I am grateful any how. Let me tell you how I just KNEW I was going to win the $198 million powerball yesterday! In all my knowing and believing I did not pick one single number NOT ONE! Why is this happening to me? I don’t ask for all the money in the world, just $198,000,000 I mean dang. I wrote out a list of all the awesome things I would do with it too ya’ll. Pay of debts, buy out our mortgage, charity, my shelter, savings, college funds, the works! But noooooooo, God says I need to work a lil’ more. I’ll be obedient and keep pressing on but I just want you all to know that I am not to holy for a few million dollars. Going to work on my positive vibrations. iRush

Where we are.

Hello my loves. I have not been blogging as of late because everything seems to be on a whim right now and completely unstructured. If you think your life is hectic, try running a business where you are consistently running other peoples businesses while maintaining your household, homeschooling, packing, and self evaluating simultaneously with 9 children and NO schedule! Ugh. it is literally a madhouse around here. I can’t ever find what I am looking for until I am no longer looking for it but have moved on to looking for something else. Dinner often slips my mind and we wound up eating out, which I absolutely hate. and sleeping in has become a staple for my sanity however I am usually abruptly awakened by screaming hollering babies and children whom have clearly lost their minds because they are running through my house. I oftentimes, lately, feel like I am in a prank reality show.

But alas, all is not doomed. We recently bought a house, in case you did not catch the memo on my personal social media. I have started taking classes on the side to further advance my platform for Rush Consulting Firm, and we have finally closed our Social Services case so no more back and forth to court. That alone was a weight lifted off of me and McRush because though it was not the path we chose to take, we took it in stride. Sometime soon we will be back in court to further finalize the decision for good. I am sure I will get a lashing from family but, you cannot please everyone so, I digress, I only know how to do what I feel is best and have prayed about. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, red back some and you will be filled in.)


Homeschooling the RushBunch is still exciting and new everyday. On my extra hectic days we choose the Montessori approach. I always have what they should be learning for the day, usually the week, and they have to work together as a unit to get their works completed. However, I cannot wait until we move into our new home an get situated so we can get back to class as usual. I am trying to convince McRush to paint the wall in chalk paint in the classroom. I don’t believe I am even considering such a task. Years ago I was adamant on not doing such as thing as I felt it would promote writing on wall. But alas, I have evolved. I lift my wine glass and shout, “write away children! Write away”. It is really something how you watch your children grow and evolve only to realize your own evolution in the end.

Speaking of evolution, McRush and I have found ourselves on a new Spiritual journey.

Life really has a way of making you reevaluate life. I love it and I am excited for the growth. I won’t be keeping you updated because (shhhh) there may be a book. I may post a question to ponder here and there for general purposes so be ready to have a discussion.