Let daddy do it.

Everyone knows I am the passive one who doesn’t mind the children running around, drawing on wall (with chalk) and not having a bed time. Even the children which is not necessarily a good thing.

Being so close to D day, my tolerance level is at about a -3. Today, for the first time in forever, McRush was off work and honey I took FULL advantage of it. I stayed locked in my room until two o clock. 😇

There was structure and cleaning and cries of not-getting-my-way. And you know what? I had no compassion at all.

I recently had a moment of sadness and I told my sister who suggested a resolve I am not really feeling but honestly have been considering myself.

Sending them to school. PUBLIC school.

I literally struggle with this. I feel like I am failing my children by putting them into the school to prison cycle. But at the same time, I feel like I may be failing them by not giving them the best of me.

Today I realized after many years of marriage, that I really need to let Daddy handle more and stop running to their aid. Its not beneficial to them.or me. When dad chastise the children I always swoop in and be like “awe baby”. Nah, its time for some “awe me”. I’m over it.

Well, that was my moment. I hope you find comfort in knowing you are not alone when you struggle being mom. We all do.


Crunch time!

No. Not like sit up crunches. I would NEVER! 🤣

With just a few short days until my due date, although the likelihood that she will arrive on time is slim to none, I mean….. CPT and all, its time I get some things in order to lesson the additional stress of homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, bathing, running my business, all while adjusting to being a new mom again. So I am busy logging specific chores, meal plans, and creating planned content to post for my business. In addition, for the time being, maybe until spring the children will do packets.

I discussed how I do packets awhile back but for those who are new to following me, first if all HEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY! 👋🏾, but I will give you the deets.

My most absolute favorite site to use for packets is www.tlsbooks.com (seriously, they should pay me as much as I promote them). This site has every subject your child needs and a while lot of extras too like foreign languages. This site only goes up to 6th grade though so outside of My son who has an IEP so he has two levels of each subject, its all I need. But I will drop additional links below.

Basically, I go to each grade and print out two sheets of each subject per day (ex. 2 math 2 science, 2 social studies, etc) and I staple them together and put their names on it or slide it in their folder. They know to do one packet a day.

When I do packets, its usually an easy teaching day for me so they will have time to do their packets and then usually a documentary for the week that they will watch and discuss or write a review, depending on their age, that will be due on that Friday. These are what I consider cheat days.

I have children who like to be self sufficient so the amount of work does not bother them. I will suggest that if your child is not so keen on working alone, give them one sheet per day with a different subject (ex. Math Monday, science Tuesday, etc) until both you and them are comfortable with an increase.

As far as the scheduling. I do the chore chart for one month at a time. Normally they have no specific chores so this DOES bother them. 🤷🏾 But it’s a rotating schedule that includes bathrooms, common area, kitchen, dining room, living room, den, laundry, halls, stairs, trash…. basically anything I don’t want to do. 😎

The food is a little more detailed because I schedule breakfast lunch and dinner for each day. I absolutely HATE doing this as I am more of a procrastinating chaos kind of worker so schedules give me hives but I will admit that with schedules home life is a lot more smooth sailing.

As far as the businesses, I download this app called Hootsuite and I schedule posts out for at least 6 weeks. So while it may seem as though I am on social media several times a day, do not feel dismayed if I don’t reply to something because its the app posting for me. It will post to my IG (www.instagram.com/JustAskMaia ) my facebook ( www.facebook.com/MaishaRush) and my Twitter ( www.twitter.com/Just_Ask_Maia ) How convenient!

These processes are what I hate most about having another child, too much organization! Lol.

Funny Fact- I am totally opposite when it comes to running my business. I’m like a beautiful Jekyll and Hyde. 😏

Welp, that’s it for the check in! Check out some other school packet resources! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓