Hi my beautiful loves. I hope everyone had a productive day today. I was excited to apply for a job but sadly I did not meet the qualifications.  Even as an entrepreneur there are still days I will get a no. People think that once you become an entrepreneur you don’t work for anyone and you can do what you want, I’m sorry suga, the lie detector test determined THAT is a lie. You will more than likely get more nos than yes. You will have days where you want to give up or you question yourself.  Its okay. Trust me, its okay. There will be days that will be so great that you won’t even remember the nos you got. Some people shy away from no and some people are more motivated by no. It may take years and multiple business ventures that will fail along the way but there will always be a lesson in it, something you can build upon so the next time you are better at it. And don’t worry about those naysayers they are going to want to be your best friend when you get to the point you really want to be at in life. Just make a list and keep it close. Do little things daily that help excel you as well. I know many of you have jobs already and are trying to fiind your stopping point so you can do your own thing. The best advice I could give you is trust yourself.

On another note today was packed with doctor appointments and errands. I really hate days like this. The children are bored and irritable from constantly getting in and out of the car and so was I. But we got it all done. Now, the story of my children in public… we get compliments all the time about how well behaved our children are but I have a crazy tactic on raising them. It usually makes people chuckle but it works and its not abuse. But when people give us a compliment its like a activation button they get all like “look at me aren’t I cute” if you don’t get somewhere and sit your behind down! Ugh. Everytime, never fails. I don’t know what it is but these jokers get right silly. Nothing crazy but I have mommy ocd and they HAVE to act properly in public just like at home or I get this little twitch and my head starts spinning. (That’s what the children tell me). As bad as people think this is for me to say but I hate being looked at as that BLACK family with bad kids and probably on welfare. Well, sorry to disappoint you but we are not welfare recipients.  Just hard working people who still value God and family.
There is so much about this bunch that would blow your mind but later for that. The purpose of this blog was to hit you with a little bit of “You can do it”. Then of course I had to add a little Rush Bunch insight.
Until we meet again.


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