Out of towners

What holiday does your family celebrate?

For us, Christmas is just another day much like most other holidays. We have transitioned a lot over the years, I imagine that bothers some people close to us but no doubt it really doesn’t effect us.

This year, however, we decided to surprise my father with a visit. We packed the children up and hit the road.

I95 bound at 430 in the morning I already regretted the trip. It was long and about midway through I had to convince myself that seeing my siblings trumped the restlessness and irritability of a very enclosed RushBunch.

Whew Chile!

The plan was for the siblings to meet up and meet at my dad’s house, but much like the rest of 2018 things did not go as planned. Nevertheless the smile on my fathers face was absolutely priceless. All of us together for the first time, ever, was a moment I was so happy to be able to share in.

We don’t do presents and we don’t cook big dinners because we learned a long time ago that the memories last so much longer and feel so much better.

πŸ₯‚To 2019πŸ₯‚


*I had to add another picture of me and my brother because he is always on his lonely vibe but he loves me* 😘

Why y’all Let me stray!

I have been back on my business grind. I will tell you that it is not easy juggling a whole family and business. I don’t know why I torment myself this way. I oftentimes equate it to my Philadelphia roots. In the city its always GO GO GO. But here in the south everyone is so laid back and that gets contagious so I find myself getting comfortable and slacking.

I have to find a better balance.

This month is Math month with homeschooling. We have one week to perfect a certain subject in math. Our first week, was time. While schools have chosen to take out the teaching if analogue clocks, I choose the medieval ways. Lol. What good is it to take away such necessary knowledge? I will touch on that at some other time.

This week of time has been more time consuming than I’d anticipated. But alas, we made it through and my children are 1 step smarter… *does mommy happy dance*

This week coming is money. As you know I have several levels of children so while some will be learning what each tender is, some will be learning the value of it, some will be learning how to properly assess and apply it, and some will be learning how to manage it. -This ought to be fun 😐

As far as business, I decided to add a group, or ‘Village’ rate to my consulting services where we help a group of up to 5 friends build their businesses for essentially half price of a regular consultation. (Feel free to pass that on. πŸ˜‰).

http://www.RushConsultingFirm.com ←plug

In addition, we are working on putting together a homeschool planner and sample curriculum, hopefully to be ready by the 2019-2020 year. 🀞🏾

We are still learning ASL and 2 of the RushBunch are learning French in addition. Since we freeschool, its really on the fly and no set agenda but I am happy to say they are learning very well. I’m feeling pretty confident in our homeschooling.

I don’t mean to go on these hiatus, life just moves so fast sometimes, blogging slips my mind. So in the future (I know some of you do already) feel free to shoot me a message and remind me.

Oh, Did I tell you guys I went to jail? I’ll tell you about it next time! 😐