Under my bed?

So the other day I posted a picture of me stealing a moment in our truck eating pretzels.

In a matter of 5 minutes the RushBunch not only found me but bombarded my space. So there I was, sharing my pretzels.

Prior to the hideout in the truck it was my closet. Before the closet, the bathtub. Before that the downstairs bathroom. Is there no place these tiny human will seek me out?

They started out invading my body, I did not know that having children that it meant an all inclusive invasion of my life.

Running a business and homeschooling is a rather tiring feat on some days, today being one of them. But I would not change it for the world. I am.proud to be able to allot my children the freedom.of life as it should be even though instead of exploring they are under me.

I am at lost of hiding spaces but I guess I could share.


Thanks for the memories FaceBook.

Facebook gets annoying with its algorithm and lack of proper refreshing of the page. Lately, I have been having to go to my personal page to see any updates on my posts because my notifications are all out of sequence. You have people friend requesting you that should clearly be spam pages and from some, I hear people are being systematically unfriended. Whats up with that? To add fuel to the fire, they are cutting back promotions.

Now that we have all of that negativity out of the way. Facebook has this awesome memory feature that populates what you posted on that day a year or more back. I love that feature because it shows growth in both thought and writing. It’s fun to see where I was mentally back in the day. unfortunately for me, I have only had facebook for a few years so my growth tracking is minimal. But I did get to see this awesome blog that I blogged four years ago and I wanted to share it with you.

‘I turned in my letter of resignation today. It is time to take my own words to heart and stop holding on because of fear. I thought that because I was pursuing my dreams of being an entrepreneur and working my 9-5 was okay as long as I kept my determination and focus. But I was only kidding myself. How can I fully be true to my greatness if a piece of me was being dedicated to someone else’s goals? How can I say stay focused if a large portion of my day was consumed with a job that has nothing to do with the path I desired to walk?

I was a hypocrite. Bottom line.

I find myself on many nights working into the wee hours of the morning typing, scripting, marketing, building my own dreams because from 7:30 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon my focus was on building the dreams of my employer. I was pushing for myself but I wasn’t giving 100% so I cheated myself out of 40 hours a week. I was getting the short end of the stick. I believed I was worth it but did I really?

I am telling you this because, as I stated in an earlier blog, I write to inspire you and in inspiring you I was inspiring myself. So here I stand, inspired. Determined. Relieved. Excited. Nervous. READY.
People refuse to jump for fear of failure. You won’t jump for yourself but you put your trust and security in the power of someone else’s hands because THEY won’t fail you? We have to believe that we are meant to be amazing. So BE AMAZING.

When is the last time you trusted, and I mean really trust yourself? When is the last time you gave yourself the push you know you needed and just went for it, from your soul?
We have a tendency to blame others for our failures but when will you begin to take control of your own life and accept the destiny that you know you deserve.

Look around, is that all you want? For the rest of your life?

We have to begin doing the things that are for our betterment and happiness. Stop allowing consequences to change our path to prosperity. We have to learn to trust our instincts and stop second-guessing ourselves. We have to start believing in what we set out to do. Know that with or without the support we WILL prosper. You will stand on higher ground and take a look in the mirror and smile saying to yourself “I made it.”

Trust that you can. Believe that you will. And you shall prosper.’

I thought this was dope and hella honest so I wanted to share..


Twitter handle is @Rush_consulting

Chaotic organization

Another super late night. I woke up with a headache and children calling my name. One of these days I am going to stop believing I am still a teenager and can hang out all night with my husband watching movies and giggling. Its crazy how I continue to repeat the same process. Insanity I suppose.

That’s the best part about homeschooling and running your own business.

The worst part about homeschooling and running your own business?

Another super late night. I woke up with a headache and children calling my name. One of these days I am.going to stop believing I am still a teenager and can hang out all night with my husband watching movies and giggling. Its crazy how I continue to repeat the same process. Insanity I suppose.

Yes. That my friends is what you call a two edge sword. The ying and yang.

Perhaps I love the insanity of it all because I haven’t changed the cycle.

Some would think that having 10 children running around all day calling you for every little thing would be crazy. And as.much as I have my moments I would probably be bored with just 2 or 3 children. I think it’s because I am a city girl at heart. When I was back home, in Philadelphia, I can’t think of a time that I only had 1 job. I do remember having just 2 but I was also a full time college student too. I long for the hustle and bustle. I was made for this.

I should probably have a more strict schedule but for right now the children have run-through-house-driving-each-other-crazy time and down time. Believe it or not, that’s it.

Down time is when I am working and they are schooling. Everything else, do what you like.

We unschool and it is very beneficial to our home. Next year I will begin to implement schedules for the purpose of self discipline and preparation for “the real world”.


Rude or nah

I have come to the conclusion that I may be raising what society may deem, rude children.

Oftentimes I blogged about how we raise our children and there will always be that question with their nose turned up, ‘why?’.

Why do I not allow my children to apologize or say they are sorry.

Why do I allow my children not to speak back when spoken to.

Why don’t they say God bless you when someone sneezes.

Why don’t they say grace before eating.

These along with a multitude of other non conventional methods like,

Why don’t I help my children up when they fall or why each child has to ask for something even if someone (or everyone) else has it.

Some say I raise them rudely but I say self sufficiently. When you expect too much you get your feelings hurt.


Dirty looks

Why do people always give me and McRush dirty looks as if us having 10 children is somehow taking money out of their pockets or we pulling up chairs to eat at their dinner table. Last time I checked we were good over here. Well, except that one time when we was hungry and applied for food stamps, but we were denied anyhow so, whats the problem.

It is pretty irritating sometimes, like, what is wrong with your face?

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