Shh. Its a secret.

I want to tell you guys something but I do not feel like it is the right time yet. I will tell you this though, remain diligent and focused. Not only is God listening but someone somewhere is praying for you. Just keep on pressing on. It will not be easy and it will not always be a joyful journey but please, if none of my words ever resonated in your heart let these, IT WILL ALL WORK OUT.
I tweeted something today and I know it will speak to someone reading this; God does not share the steering wheel. Give it to him. What are you stressing yourself worried about it for? You already see that it is not making the situation better. You have made the wrong decisions long enough. You have cried long enough. You have tried to interpret what God wants you to do long enough! Let it go already. Are your solutions greater than His? Are your answers wiser than His? Then what are you doing? I’m trying to encourage you because I love you. Stop questioning your life and live it. Every step of hesitation does one of two things, tells God that you don’t trust Him or you already know you are going the wrong way. What are you doing?
People say there is no such thing as perfection they will even have you believe that God said it was impossible. That is a lie. God Himself said Job was perfect. I tell my clients all the time that perfection is absolutely obtainable.  When you have given every part of you, THAT is perfection. Perfection is 100% you cannot give more than that. Am I saying that I am perfect? No way. I have perfect days and I am a work in progress. Keep giving your all and He will reward your perfect heart.
I wish I could sit down and talk to everyone who reads my blogs individually because I want you to know that I sincerely and wholeheartedly believe in you. I want you to succeed.
I cry whenever I coach someone and they have an epiphany or hit a goal. I cry when I complete business packages because I know that they will be great because I pray for their greatness.
We will fall, the question is will you stay there? I literally tell my littles when they fall to get up quickly even before I check to see if they are alright. Get up! Quickly. And then check for bruises or scrapes. What are you staying down for? A pity party? No one who loves you is going to allow you to stay down and they are not going to shower you with pity. They will be concerned but there will be plenty of time to show concern AFTER you get up. Get up my loves. Know you are greater. Know you are greater. Know you are greater. There is a complete stranger who believes in you so imagine how many other people do as well. God is so good. He catches my tears, erases my fears, and He helps me smile again.
I have been through so much in life that I believe I can relate to just about anyone on any level and I am grateful for it. I take my adversities in stride because I know I will be stronger in the end. My blessings are so abundant because of it. Because I know God is at the steering wheel I can rest and know I will safely arive at my destination, even if I have a bandaid.
Be persistent greater is not just coming, its already at the door. Will you open it?


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