This week pushed me, exhausted me, tried me, reminded me, and lit a fire under me.

I don’t even know how to put this week into words because it has been a roller-coaster of emotions. My family had me rethinking why I would even come here. Like, whatever I did in my past life, I’m sorry. Ava is going through her terrible twos except she is almost 4. Maia is very whiney, as she should be because she IS about to turn two. Kera is still every two hours and doesn’t care for anything but breastmilk. Sara is going through a mean streak. Bella, the preteen that she is, is going through a “don’t bother me” phase. My boys don’t know the difference between inside and outside. This goes for voice, mannerisms and actions. My oldest is dating a girl who belittles and berates him on a daily basis and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. It makes me sad because I never talk to him that way and he has certainly never heard his father and I speak to each that way. They stress me the hell out and I’m not a part of their relationship.

One of my clients hired a consultant in addition to me but I don’t think she knew exactly what the offer entailed but it has created more work for me. Another client is flakey as fuck when it comes to showing up both for herself and me and you already know how much I hate my time being wasted so. I am finally adding more systems so I can flow more smoothly on Rush Consulting Firm which means I need to spend more money and I don’t like that.

We have finally managed to track down and buy helmets for all three boys in football. During this time of the year they are slim pickings. I mean people charging three hundred and fifty bucks for a used one because the sports stores don’t have them. My sister had a birthday party for my brother in love which was a great way to destress and have fun. First Bella had Ballet, then the girls had to be at a birthday party which ended just in time to take the boys to their fun day with their teams. Afterward is when we spent 2 hours tracking down helmets and driving around town to get them. THEN we went to my sister’s party which by then I was spent. I still managed to have a couple drinks. McRush had to make a run and pretty much forgot about me so when I was ready to go I had to wait. (This was all Saturday). This morning my great friend asked me to brunch where I sat in a room with 4 other phenomenal women and we shared some of our most sacred feelings and vulnerable moments. We encouraged and uplifted one another and we laughed, ALOT. I had a wonderdul time.

Overall this week was exactly what people assume my life looks like all the time and I am so glad that they are wrong.

Some days you have to just quit.

Hi. My name is Maisha Rush and I am inconsistent af with my blog🤦🏾‍♀️

People who come in a meeting a couple minutes late or miss a deadline are so apologetic to me but I get it. Life happens. And it’s aggravating but what I have learned is that I cannot control what happens around me. My job is to be as organized as I can so when a bump in the road happens it may slow me down but it doesn’t stop the show.  I also know that sometime you need a reset and that’s just what I did this weekend. My brother had a surprise engagement party (congratulations)  so we drove down to Florida. I had about 3 shots 2 beers and a mixed drink. I danced like I was 21 and I took time to enjoy myself. I had to quit my business and act a while entire fool this weekend and I loved wcwry minute of it. Before we headed back the family went to breakfast and hit the road. (By the way dad you still have my Arizona much mango drink).

I know your business is important to you and you need it to be successful but don’t forget to show out too even if that looks like a book or a movie binge. Remember, without a happy health you, your business won’t succeed anyhow.


Getting all worked up.

This week I was given alot of praise and accolades for my works. It could not have come a better time because I have been drowning in everything. It’s been a prosperous week but trying to keep up with myself has been exhausting. I recently integrated the discipline of abandoning my phone for a set amount of hours…. or days. It has been so stress relieving. Additionally I have embraced the power of “no” and let me tell you, I feel like a new woman. I am sad that it took me 42 years to get here. I previously added no to my vocabulary but it carried so much guilt that I could hardly stick to it and when I did I oftentimes beat myself up over it or over compensated which made less sense. No is my new cuss word and abandoning my phone is my new vacation.

I recently listened to a vlog I did a few weeks back. I normally don’t listen to my stuff because, like most of us, I hate to hear myself back because I critique every little thing. 🙃 But this vlog was about depression and how we need to find the space for ourselves to just feel and be okay with that. In that, I reminded myself that the world is not going to crumble if I stand still for a moment. So I am being more intentional in that.

Outside of being more selfish there isn’t much more to report. My summer weeks are full due to several extra activities picked up by the bunch. Fridays and Sundays are my only free days so those are most likely the days I will turn my phone off and lock into a good book.

The children are good. McRush is good. Business is good. Thanks for checking in.

I’m late but I got here when I wanted to.

This was my mantra last week. I have been over run, over worked, overwhelmed and honey I am over it this week. 🙃

I am so proud of my growth because this time last year, hell this time last month, my cup was empTEE! I didn’t know up from down or left from right. All I knew was I was going and I was going quickly and continuously. I realized that is definitely for the birds. This weekend I slept in, luckily Kera got the memo. I woke up fed and changed the baby and skipped my ass right out the door to get my nails and brows done. I think it’s been a year since I got my nails AND toes done. I was gone for a few hours and when I came back, I got me a red bull and pretended nobody existed. I was having a selfish moment and it felt goodT.

Whew. I started this week off fresh. And I am loving it. I do owe you guys a “whoops” because you know I was supposed to blog yesterday and forgot. I can’t say I’m sorry because I’m not and yall know I don’t say that anyway. 😜 But, I should have stuck to my obligation and blogged because I have a few new followers so I have to put on my “ack right”. 😅

I really do appreciate you guys and I hope that you know that you too are worth an irresponsible splurge day too. 💗