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I know I just blogged but you love me so idc. 😜

So you guys know I gave birth Saturday to #11, although my numbers are confusing to you that just come in to nose around looking for some tea, good luck with that btw seeing as though my life is literally an open book.. if you don’t believe me, just ask me. #JustAskMaia 😎

I decided to brag about my doula. Her name is Lorena and she is the very competent owner of aNaturalMindedMama ( http://www.anaturalmindedmama.com )

So a little background of our relationship.

We met a few years ago when some amazing black mama’s deciding to homeschool their babies had the amazing idea to build the first homeschool co-op in Charleston for, with, and by black families. I was intrigued by her free spirit and vast knowledge of, well, every Damn thing. I swear to goodness she is a walking health encyclopedia. She never instantly answers a question she doesn’t know or is not sure of. She is constantly learning, reading, and researching. She appreciates every question and takes it as an opportunity to expand her knowledge. She is kinda awesome.

Fast forward to Lady Ava..she was so helpful..even though I have already had 9 births she continued to give me so much knowledge on myself as well as birth. Me feeling like a pregnancy and birthing pro having gone through drug induced pregnancies, natural births at the hospital, cesarean, miscarriage, SIDS, quick births, slow births, home birth, and emergency c-section there was still so much to know about not only being pregnant but self health care and safe birth that’s right for ME.

If I thought she was helpful with Lady Ava Baybeeeeeeeee! Let me just start off by reminding you that this birth was #11 so I am feeling pretty good about this. I mean, what could go wrong that I cannot handle. Oh how sadly mistaken I was. I was in labor for days y’all. She said I was active Friday and Saturday but it seemed like FOREVER! It was so tumultuous. Like… foreal.

Normally during labor I like quiet and absolutely NO TOUCHING. McRush knows this and so does Lorena but somehow she just knew, this time, I needed words of encouragement and gentle massages/touches to remind me that she was there. Even when McRush felt devastated that he could not help me through the tears, they worked together without using words but maintained their focus on me and my comfort.

She was so prepared for any and everything. Her natural take on all things birth was so intriguing and comforting. She never assumed anything and I appreciate that.

Doulas should be more appreciated. Especially in the black communities where our death rates while giving birth are way too high!

So do me a favor for the love of your fellow siStar, tag your favorite doula. Don’t be shy promote them and show your appreciate for them.


Joining the RushBunch. #11

My water broke at 9:26 on Thursday September 10th. She was due on the 8th and given my history for super late births I was pretty excited to know that I didn’t have to hold on much longer. McRush jumped into full-time single daddy mode just to be sure I didn’t have to lift a finger. I called my Doula in the evening because contractions hadn’t started AT ALL. She rushed over with her overnight bag and stayed by my side.

I sure wish I was more knowledgeable of doulas from.my very first pregnancy because all of my dealings with doctors and hospitals has been complete trash. Another story for another day.

Contractions came sporadically and had no consistent timing within but I was still hopeful.

Well Thursday came and went. Friday came and went. Saturday was easing on by. Then BAM! My contractions were literally about 30 seconds apart. I cried, I yelled, I considered going to the hospital to just get a cesarean and get it over with.

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, like extremely high. (Else, do you think I would have bothered giving birth 11 times!) But Baybeeeeeeeee. This was not pain it was torture.

At 6:04 pm, with the encouragement of my husband, McRush and beautiful doula Lorena @ http://www.aNaturalMindedMama.com I pushed out a lovely 8 pound 3 oz baby girl.

This made me reflect on business. Yes, business is always on my mind. We work so hard at something and when we don’t get the desired results as quickly as we wanted we want to throw in the towel and shift to something more sustainable/profitable. But I’m doing so we miss out on the beautiful miracle meant for us.

Stick to it. Trust yourself. Its coming or even better, its already here and you just don’t see it.