may you please?

I don’t know if this allows hyperlinks but I am requesting your help in voting for Rush Consulting Firm with FedEx. we applied for a grant to help our small business. Thanks in advance. If it doesn’t hyperlink go to and type in Rush Consulting Firm. Thank you guys and gals I will keep you posted.


what a day

Hello. Yup, surprise, its me blogging again! Its Memorial day and it rained all day long. Thomas did the yard with the big boys and I baked (yes, ME, baked Chile!) cupcakes. That was pretty much the extent of my day.

As far as work, I am in the process of self learning accounting so I can do my own books when the time comes. I get the basics and I do them now but I am studying and learning the complicated stuff like tax percentages and other necessary deductions for employees. I am pretty much self taught in everything I know. I always tell my clients, never say you don’t know how to do something. When someone says can you do xyz, say yes and learn it! Learn it like your life depends on it. That’s what I do and trust me, it definitely pays off for you and your potential client.

On a more exciting note, I am about to be featured in two magazines and I can not tell you how happy I am. All my praying and fasting is showing its fruition. I’m telling you, you better get you some God!

On a crazier note.. Did you know that furniture stores throw away perfectly good furniture minus a button or knob? Well, I did and tonight we went on a family scavenger hunt, just because the day was so drab and we have so much fun doing it. Well we went to a couple places and we got two mantle pieces and some metal do hickey (I am sure I will find a use for it). Its cast iron and unique.

I oftentimes try to find fun things to do with the family that won’t cost us a trillion dollars because there are so many of us. Right now they are watching the old Disney movie A Bugs Life then its off to bed.

I want you guys to know that just because I do not post drama on my Facebook page or complaints on my blog does not mean I have a perfect life. It just means that I am a firm believer that my problems are none of anyone’s business who can not constructively help me fix them. Please know I struggle sometimes too. But the purpose of my blog is to encourage and motivate you and hopefully make you chuckle every now and then.

Focusing on the things that bother you will only distract from the things that inspire you. (I like that, I am going to tweet that) But really, its up to you to stay motivated I can only nudge you in a positive way but no one can change your negative energy into a positive energy, only you can do that but only if you want to.

Please do not let the aggravations of today get you down and affect your tomorrow. Right now I am very unhappy with a situation that happened but I am blogging hoping to not only encourage you but to uplift myself. No good can come from sulking. I know it gets hard, trust me. For the past two days I have been throwing together one-pot meals for my babies so they can eat. And there are days when my husband and I don’t. But always remember it could be worse. For us, it once was worse. Be grateful where you are and tomorrow will be better. I promise.



Guess what I did yesterday? Blogged. Guess what I am doing today. Yup, Blogging! *does the cabbage patch*. I’m a work in progress.

Not much to report today but I figured I better blog while I was thinking about it or we all know I will forget.

Today I spent the majority (so far) detangling my eldest daughters hair. She has a lot of curly thick long hair. As I sat through this tedious process I managed to think a little on some goals I want to accomplish and some blessings I am in hopes will come to fruition. What a wonderful thing to be able to comb through your thoughts (Get it, COMB through? Ha!)

I want to remind you why I blog. I don’t blog for you to judge the decisions I make because I know you would never do that -side eye-. I blog so you can remember that no matter how much we want to, we may not get everything done on our to-do list as we planned and some days we won’t get anything done, and that its okay.  You’re not superwoman, even though you may sometimes feel like you are. Its going to get hard but some days you will find it smooth sailing. That is all part of being an entrepreneur, a mom, a wife, a human being in general. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Sometimes you will have to breathe and find a moment of silence to gain some clarity. Remind yourself its okay to take your time. This is personally something I oftentimes struggle with. Its like I know it but I cannot apply it. Hopefully we will work that out together. I always feel  like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and only I can release it and that simply is not true. Its okay to delegate and it is okay to say no. Do not continue to spread yourself thin to where there is nothing left of yourself. FOR yourself.  I mean imagine, what good would you be if you gave yourself to everything and everyone else. Its bad enough you don’t even know who you are anymore, what you like… Life is more than just service. Life is happiness. Life is beautiful. In case you do not follow me on twitter (I know, how outrageous is that? Of Course you follow me on Twitter! But in case you don’t) I am going to leave you with a few of my tweets to process at the end of this blog, which is soon.

Remember yesterday when I had that horrible migraine? I took prescription pills specifically for my migraines (4), Tylenol, Excedrin, and even a BC. Nothing worked. I managed to get a few things completed for one of my businesses mostly because of my fear of getting absolutely nothing done for an entire day and realizing I would have a blank page in my accountability book {sad} I suppose its just the way I am set up. Anyhow. Once I completed a few daunting tasks, yes with an excruciating migraine, I felt much better. No nausea, sensitive to the light, dizzy, throbbing pain, all gone which further leads me to believe that mid-over-matter is an important power we must all take control of. But better than that, I see that work doesn’t stress me but the lack thereof.


Twitter posts from Rush_Consulting

May your determination make your dreams jealous.

Be a creature of good habits.

Think with expansion in mind.

Leadership is the ability to take responsibility.

If you don’t do what you said you were going to do you will never be who you said you were going to be.

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i try.

ugh. Don’t judge me. I really am trying. The worst part is I actually blogged yesterday but I did not have internet access so I wasn’t able to upload it where I was and of course I completely forgot to do it. So, here I am defending my lack of remembering to blog…again.

Nothing much to say today. I have a migraine and am honestly disinterested in breathing much less doing anything else. I was invited to take part in a migraine study and the compensation was not too shabby, $625 to be exact. Thomas disapproved though. He said he didn’t want me to be a test body. I was like, as long as I get to spend my money before I die, I’m good! No, just kidding. you should never exchange your body for money, unless…. nah, just don’t do it! There is no amount of money on this earth that should make you second guess your morals. Eh, who am I kidding, If my husband didn’t say anything I would have been the first in line to get my shot. Teeheehee.

So Thomas had to work today so it was a purposely lazy day. That is probably why I have a migraine, my mind is so used to racing and processing that laying around has an adverse affect on me so instead of feeling relaxed, I feel tensed. Weird huh.

I am afraid of not having anything to write in my accountability book today, I am actually contemplating whether i should rush and do a few projects before bed despite the migraine. I could take a Excedrin and hope for the best or feel bad all night for lack of productivity today. Decisions.

I’ll let you guys know tomorrow…hopefully.


It Just isnt true.

Today I had a faux sense of failure. It brought on more feelings of loss and pity. All of these ‘mistakes’ I had previously endured came flooding in as if a dam had just burst open. They were overwhelming, so much so that I literally had to fight back tears. It was as if a cloud of depression appeared over my head without warning. One minute I was working on a proposal the next I was curled in a ball on the couch with my son wishing I’d made different decisions in life. I hardly even knew this feeling but what I did know is I didn’t like it.

Rewind to twenty minutes ago….

I had just given Cameron a dose of Tylenol and rubbed some orajel on his gums. He is taking this teething thing pretty well his crying is minimal but he makes the cutest faces when its bothering him.

I was in the middle of writing a proposal for a project I am working on so I laid him on the couch beside me.Don’t worry the couch is so close to  me that my leg rests on it from the desk. I was laughing and talking to him as he discovered his new laugh. His older brother came in and picked him up and was playing with him so I went back to focus on writing. The littles are playing around in the living room as well, jumping and singing, laughing and giggling. I suppose I became so immersed in my writing that I had not noticed everyone had left and there was an extreme silence in the room. Before I could notice it I hear a bang and a scream. At first I had no idea where the sound was coming from but quickly realize it was coming from behind me. It was Cameron who laid flat on his face across a small bar attached to the swing. I jumped up heart racing. I snatched him up and immediately hold him in a tight embrace, his small sound muffled in my shoulder as I try to calm both he and myself down. I am afraid to look. What if he is bleeding?  What if something is broken? What if he stops breathing? I can’t breathe now as I find myself having a slight panic attack. I yell out WHO PUT HIM IN THE SWING! No one answers. WHO PUT HIM IN THE SWING? I repeated myself getting angrier as the seconds tick by. The bigs and littles swarm into the living room clearly hearing in my voice that I am not in a repeat myself mood. As they all just look at me I ask again, who placed Cameron in the swing. “I did” I hear faintly. Disappointment was the first emotion I felt since having to hold my newborn baby boy in my arms still not yet knowing the damage done. In my most calm voice I ask, “how many times do I have to tell you guys not to put him in the swing without strapping him in?”.  They look at me completely dumbfounded like the words have never come from my lips.

I finally pull him back and he looks okay besides a very small hairline cut under his eye and just before my eyes I see it swelling. I ask for a rag and a bag of vegetables from the freezer. I put a little bit of Vaseline over it to keep the rag from sticking and the coldness from freezing his skin and place the rag and vegetables over his eye applying slight pressure. He has calmed now but I cannot fight the feeling of guilt as my eyes water. I began to remember many other moments in motherhood I would like to change, this being one of them. What kind of mother am I? What if it were even worse? Then suddenly all the good I have ever done in my life is compressed and all I can remember are my mistakes. Thomas kneels beside me and tells me its not my fault. He kisses me on my forehead and reminds me that accidents happen. Though they seem horrible now, it will be alright. Cameron will be alright. I dozed off holding Cameron tightly in my arms wishing I could make it better.

When I awake about an hour later Cameron is smiling and laughing yet still asleep. I have a feeling of relief. His smile, coupled with the whispers of Thomas made me realize I cannot control everything. Sometimes bad things are going to happen and I cannot allow darkness to take over my light. I feel like, when Cameron was hurt I was emotionally sidetracked. It allowed all of these horrible feelings to come in like a flood and made me lose focus and fear set in. But I am reminded that I am stronger than that. It was a Faux sense of failure.

Cameron is well. Thank you. ❤





I have GOT to do better.

I promise I really do try to blog everyday. I think about it I just cannot seem to get to it. My days are full but I am really going to do better.

The purpose of this blog is to show people that having a big family and running a business is possible. It gets hard, but it is possible, so in my defense I am simply showing you that everything will not go according to plan about 99.8 percent of the time. Although I do not recommend this method to ANYONE, I have decided to work on Rush Consulting Firm all of the month of may because I need to set the foundation with a clear direction and goal. I will work on Slips Socks and Bows the month of June because I have an August event coming up that I paid too much money to be a vendor NOT to do amazing. The reason I chose June to do this is because July is my annual Heels&Hustle event and since it is in July (July 30) I need to focus on it and tie any lose ends and aim for perfection. Yes, I said perfection. We will talk about that in a moment. Now, though this seems like a clear cut plan I know nothing in my life is clear cut. Something will not only continue to come up but I am sure I will lose out on some opportunities on another business while focusing on only one, that is why this plan is not set in stone but I am determined to stick to it as straightforwardly as possible.

I am having a problem getting clients for Rush Consulting Firm. I mean, I get clients but I want a steady flow. I know you are saying it takes time but I cannot help but feel a sense of urgency with this company. There are so many things we do to empower people to go after their dreams, If I could just get them to notice me!

One of the most difficult things in starting a business is getting stability. I don’t necessarily have a “return customer” type of company so word of mouth and advertising is key which brings me to my next issue… Where is all this money coming from?  My pockets?  Hahahaha. That was an amazing joke.

No matter how hard it gets and no matter what obstacles you may face, you have to keep going. You have to keep pushing. There will be no one who will be sympathetic towards you because you quit. Who wants to be known as a quitter anyhow. I sometimes hate that my drive is always on full force but then I remember its because I need enough juice to push me and push some of you. Everyone has a dream but not everyone has the drive.

I lost a daughter in 2009. She was just shy of three months old. I miss her tremendously. She is my drive. Her name is Madison. I had fallen on hard times financially and I just could not seem to get it together, I sent her away along with my boys to stay with a family member until I got on my feet. She died 10 days after I left her. In the back of my mind it is all my fault because I should have done better. I should never have allowed myself to be in a position to get to where I was unable to properly care for my children, the children I was blessed with. How horrible a person I must be to send away a part of me then not knowing or even imagining I wouldn’t ever see her face again. I never want to be in a position like that again and I never want anyone else to either.

My business offers an array of services from free resources to keep you from getting where I was to services that will get you where you need to be in life to keep not only your family but yourself together. I want to help heal people with my testimony because there is life after you have fallen.

It has taught me many lessons I know pass on to my children, But I also want to pass them on to you.


(This Is Madison)


Maia is tired. Maia is overwhelmed.. Don’t be like Maia.

Hello, my loves. Let me first start off by apologizing for my lack of blogging. It’s not that I don’t post because I have nothing to post rather it’s really the opposite. I cannot describe how full my life is. Well, I probably can but I am too full of procrastination to do better. See, the thing is, I am honestly not sure if it is because I procrastinate, which by the way I swear is generational curse, or whether it’s because I am so overwhelmed that I just do not feel like it. Maybe it’s a little of both but I cannot rid myself of the nagging feeling that I could do better.


While I have a ton of things to update you on, I will contain myself to talk to you about an important lesson I seem to keep learning over and over again. Don’t spread yourself thin. Although you may have the strongest heart’s desire to do so, you cannot help everyone.


Last night I posted a fraction of what my family went through and why we now do what we do with Rush Consulting Firm. It stated as follows:


“In 2012 I lost my job and my husband had already lost his. We became homeless and living in our car. Everywhere we went no one could or was willing to help us, including the church we went to. It was hard. We slept in our truck with our children (4 of them at the time). We washed at gas stations and fast food restaurants. We would get out early to labor pools just so we could pay the car note (our current HOME note) about once a week we would be able to check into a hotel to thoroughly wash and get a decent night’s sleep. No charities, No churches would help because we were a big family and they had no resources or room for us. We applied for government assistance but could not get it because we did not have an address. That is how Rush Consulting Firm was born, initially a resource and research business for the less fortunate it turned into a full time business with an array of services. Our most important goal still to this day is helping people because we have been there. We are sincere in everything we do because we believe we were not meant to struggle and if each one of us would just reach out and lend a hand, we wouldn’t. We start with us and hope everyone we help will pass it on.”


My intent was to post so people know that we have been where they are and teach them how to press forward and use their experience as a mountain of hope to others and while I am sure it came across to many that way, it also was taken as an offer of assistance to those whom have found themselves in our once similar position. And though I have no financial means or initial intentions what-so-ever to aid or assist anyone, only a fool would turn a blind eye to what could easily be a nightmare to my sister or brother.


The strings on my heart hang very low so are easily tugged. I used to hate it because people know I will do all I can to help someone, anyone. I have learned over the years not to hate the woman that God has made me to be, sensitivity and all. I over extend myself often. I put more on my shoulders than I am able to carry. I cry when I see someone in pain. I grind my teeth at injustice. Yet, I oftentimes find myself standing alone in my troubles and drowning in my fears feeling as though no one understands and I think to myself, that is probably how these people feel. I can’t help but to fantasize about helping every single person who comes across my path. But how can I? That’s easy, one person at a time; one sleepless night at a time. I cannot do it all but I will continue to try.


I will not sit here and tell you that is that hard because it isn’t; all it takes is a made up mind and a lot of dedication. I have that. I also will not say it is that easy because it surely is not.

Wise words

Don’t cry over spilled milk. I’m not sure who first quoted it but it meant nothing to me the first time I heard it or the second, third, and probaby closest toward the upteenth (whatever that means) time. But now being a mother to nine it speaks volumes. As parents the most important things we need to know and take heed to is the aforementioned quote and this; we must take accountability for our part in our children’s actions.⬅ That statement, I believe,  may even far superceded the spilled milk. This comes to me as I am sweeping up the dining room floor this morning not only the fresh mess one of the littles made but the mountain full of crumbs one of the bigs “missed” upon cleaning after dinner last night but we’ll talk about that later.
This morning we had an unscheduled visit from the Department of Social Services worker so Thomas was vacuuming the floor. Me, being the fancy girl that I am, suggested we use the arm and hammer carpet fresh to spruce things up since it smells so lovely (No I did not get paid for that plug but do not mind if I do *hint*). Anyhow, upon completion of the sprinkle, he or myself; I will neither confirm nor deny the allegations that it was me (even though it probably was), but ONE of us placed it on the dinning room table and Thomas proceeded to vacuum. We have our visit and began to pack up to run some errands. I walk into the dining room and see the floor. Needs to be swept because there were crumbs on the floor I presumed from breakfast. As I am sweeping I notice a massive amount of white powder on the floor, no, not THAT white powder. I walk over and quickly realize what it is given the aroma. I simply extend my sweeping range and get it up.
As I swept I mentallly went back in time to when had only two children. I would have been livid at the fact that my hard earned money was now being swept into the dust pan with breakfast crumbs….. and rice? We’ll get back to that.
Yet, here I am cool calm and collected with a smile on my face.
Life is filled with aggravations and frustrations and sometime, heck, most times it’s misdirected. This could have easily been one of the times. I have very long days, usually starting at around 5:30 in the morninng with the prayer line I lead followed by getting the bigs off to school and getting the littles fed and organized and starting on a plethora of to dos with either one of the companies and the day goes on and on with me calling it a “day” around 2:00 if I’m “lucky”. The day surely filled with tears and anger.  When working from home it is not as easy to not bring your work home as some would say, you more have to have a switch to turn off and on at appropriate times which is in no way easy, doable but not easy. With that being said, I have foumd myself in many situations where I have allowed the dealings of my workday affect how I interact with my family and how I act with them. Its horrible. I always regret it. Sometimes it makes me want to give it all up and focus on being 100% mom, nothing more. That could never be so because of the way I am set up. So I make the best of it, learn from my mistakes, and vow to do better the next day.
The bottom line is, had the arm and hammer been placed in its proper place immediately after using it, it would not have been on my floor. I had to take responsibility for that not only as a parent but as a person. So no one was chastised and my blood pressure wasn’t raised. I say all the time that life can be beautiful and I believe that. It takes baby steps but it is possible.
Now about this rice from last night….. ISSAAIIAAHHHHHH!