I am committed to blogging. I am committed to blogging. I am so very tired.

Hello my loves. I am going to make this quick because I can barely keep my eyes open at 4:14 am. I love you guys so much though! I am excited because I completed the client package I talked to you about. The reason this excites me is because I had given myself two weeks to finish it and here I am all awesome and stuff ahead of my deadline. You would think that freed up some time for me to relax, HA! I laugh in the face of relaxation! Instead, I took the time to answer the interview questions that were sent over for me for these magazines. It is very hard to think and process a rational thought when you are sleepy.

I just got off the phone with Thomas and he kept saying I needed to go to bed but he just doesn’t understand, there is so much peace in the quiet hours of the night, I mean I will zoom through some work. The down side is I am dog tired in the morning and my babies do not care.

I also prepped some mailers, 100 to be exact, to go out on Monday. I am feeling mighty accomplished today. I just wanted to stop in and encourage you that if you keep pushing it will happen. Believe in you like I believe in you and I guarantee you will be unstoppable.

Question before I sign out. So, you guys know I have been trying to blog daily right? Even though it is now 4:21 does this count for yesterday or today? I mean to me its still Saturday because I haven’t been sleep yet PLUS its still dark, I figure, if its still dark, its yesterday. 😛


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