look out Mrs. Duggar

So I am getting on here to gloat right quick. There are many things I desire to accomplish in life and they are some major milestones. However there are small feats I wish to attain as well. We always celebrate the big things but we are made to believe that the small things are not worth celebrating. I am here to tell you that simply is not true because today, TODAY my friends I have accomplished a goal i have been trying to do for many many years. As an mother and entrepreneur I often have to maintain the ability to do most things with one hand, preferably my right unless I’m feeling amazing that specific day. I mean I have a list of things I am able to manage with one hand that will shock your boots off. for instance I am able to cooking entire dinner using one arm while breastfeeding a newborn. I can get dressed and undressed using one arm.  I can type 43 words per minute with one hand.  I can wash dishes with one hand. I can clean an entire house using only my right side because I am holding a child and riding one on my foot as I walk through the house. I can do my hair with one hand while reading a book to my daughters. The list goes on and on honey. But this, this made me so proud I stopped the nurses and the doctor in the pediatricians office. They were thoroughly impressed if I must say so myself, one lady even tried to do it and was unable to which made her even more impressed. You guys are probably like get to it already! So, today, I, Maisha S. Rush, also known as Maia or JustAskMaia, I…….. I tied my baby’s shoes…. WITH. ONE. HAND!

There I said it. Oh, don’t act like you’re not impressed I am making big moves over here in the Rush house. So I have decided to teach classes so you too can be an ultimate multi-tasker like yours truly. The classes will be in a one-on-one setting so you can get personalized and undivided attention. I am available Mondays only and 10 minutes at a time. The cost for the aforementioned classes are $ 547,236,589,247.011. BUT if you are in desperate need of my amazing mommy skills and can not come up with that amount, you can pay in 4 easy installments of $136,809,147,311,752. Yes, I did actually do the math. But wait if you reserve your spot now, I got you for $5. #Boom because I love ya’ll!



mommy feats

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