I Tickle My fancy.

Sometimes I speak and no one hears me. Oftentimes its my children, sometimes my husband but he hates it, he’s getting better so not so much anymore.

All I can remember about my tone is when my cousin and I would get together in the summer my mother would constantly yell at us about being so loud and using our inside voices. I suppose it became a habit, so much so that I usually have to repeat myself with everything. When I do try to remember to speak up I am left questioning ‘was that too loud?’.  Ugh, my mind is always racing and analyzing. I must admit that sometimes it is annoying, mostly when I tell a joke and no one laughs, I find myself walking off saying something like ‘Well, I make ME laugh’ but lately have become more accustom to ‘I tickle my fancy’, which only makes me laugh harder. Of course comments like this usually draw attention to those around me whom inquire as to what I am talking about. Oh, no. You didn’t want to hear me but now you want to laugh at my jokes. No no no.

It doesn’t bother me much anymore. I don’t think I want everyone all up in my head with my random thoughts and crazy shenanigans. I mumble and complain about how days are too short and to do list are too long. I am pretty private, as is my husband, but if we open up to you, then you’ll get to see the goofy, lame, dorky family we are.

I used to wonder what it would be like to have a show about us but when it became an actual conversation I became very leery and shunned the idea altogether. I am not open to being the subject of gossip and judgment but then I thought, I, WE, already are. Anyone can be victim to it. What if no one likes us? I suppose I could just write it off as an accomplishment. To face the fear of being center front. I know you are probably thinking, ‘you blog to us all the time’. Its not quite the same thing, shoot, I don’t even know if anyone reads these blogs. Here I am just typing away to my imaginary friends and smiling all the while because whether or not anyone is reading, I like doing it.

In my defense, I am a mother to nine children.. NINE!!! If they can have imaginary friends then hamtramock so can I!!!! In addition, I run three companies, THREE! I believe it is quite appropriate that I have a few loose marbles. Aaaaaaaand I have a husband. Yeah, that’s what I thought.


If you don’t want me to continue to talk to play-play friends, please feel free to like or leave a comment. Or even better, If you want to see the Rush Bunch mayhem and foolishness live, share this and bring awareness to this awesome family of 11 who aren’t rich yet do not qualify for government assistance…later for that Tom Foolery though. I like you guys. Make sure you laugh today, it is good for the soul you know.



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