Does God Think I will spend all of my money on shoes?

Hello my long lost loves. Okay, maybe it was me who was lost but who’s really pointing fingers?

I have always been taught that God will always answer prayers, sometimes His answer is just no. But instead of accepting this “no” we will continue to wait on what God has already moved on from. It’s our natural stubborn nature. But I wonder… My mother used to tell me that God knows what you are going to do before you do it and that He gives us accordingly as it is beneficial to you. That makes me wonder. No matter how hard I pray to be a multimillionaire, God has yet to bless me with this request. I mean I live right. I help people. I extend myself to those less fortunate. What’s up? Maybe what my mother has always told me does ring truth. Maybe God said no, or at least not right now because its best for me. I personally don’t get that, I mean, I am a child of the Most High. Why WOULDN’T He want me swimming in money with all of my bills paid up for five years? I keep trying to convince God that I will do right by him with my riches. I will help those in need financially. I will pay off all my debts. I will buy a new house. I will save and invest more. I will be more attentive to my financial obligations to the church. But no matter how much I keep trying to convince Him, I just have yet to open my mailbox and see that 9.9 million dollar check! Why is God punishing me? Does He know something I don’t know? I hope He will soon reveal it so I can make the changes necessary to come into my overabundance of financial increase.

Perhaps with all of my shopping habits God is under the impression that I would spend all of my money on shoes… He knows me so well.



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