Today was a good day.

Though this Thursday has been one of my busiest days to date, I am absolutely grateful for it! I woke up early but guess what, I went back to sleep! Yes, me, went back to sleep. I slept in and Mr. (Mc)Rush took over. He made breakfast and kept the children out of sight and out of mind for me. That is a trick I have yet to master with the RushBunch but I plan on learning very soon.
I picked up two clients today, had an amazing consult, I managed to finish all my research for a client who needed resources and I was able to deliver. I mentally meditated today even while working, which is a lot easier than I thought. I spent quality time with my husband. I made my August focus list. I also periscoped today. I created a few contracts and at the last minute I was able to bless another small business owner!
So the moral of the story is, sleep in and sleep in often. Who knew. Here I am daily running around like a loose chicken wondering how I am going to fit enough day into my life when all the while I should have just slept in. Smh. Well guess what, I sure plan on doing it tomorrow too.
On another note, the children are excited to start homeschooling but not as excited as I am I can assure you. I am giddy with joy to be able to have more say so in what and how they learn, especially their history that is slowly being erased from history books across the country.
We can travel to historical sights with no restrictions of return. Oh my gosh the freedom!
I have two pieces of advice, Run your own business and homeschool your children. If you do not think you have the patience for either you are surely selling yourself short.


Discourage trumped by determination

If ever I have been near my breaking point it has been this week. There is so much going on and I am exhausted. This going to bed at four a m just to turn around and get back up is ridiculous.

I need help. I am such a perfectionist though that I am afraid to ask for help. I believed I would be so consumed with worrying about whether or not the person is doing their job correctly that I wouldn’t get anything done anyhow which would not only defeat the purpose but I will have lost time and money just to stress. Nah, I’d rather keep the stress to a minimal (HA) and just do it myself.

What is wrong with me? I don’t want to yet I continue to pile tasks on my plate as if I were free at any moment in my life. Shoot, I am even working in my dreams. I need a vacation…. who wants to watch the RushBunch?

Sometimes I think  I am the only one rooting for myself. As far as my family, This is the everyday me. I do not know what they were to think of me as some cool calm and relaxed chic who gets her hair and nails done on a weekly basis and went shopping without looking at price tags. That used to be me. Spending $300 on a pair of jeans because I wanted them. Now I see a pair of jeans for $9.99 and I am pitching a fit. Who is this woman I have become, hording every dollar to save and penny pinching to live. I can argue all day with myself about whether or not I should do things the way that I am currently but in the end, I make the decision that it is best and continue on. See, I know that in the end, because I have goals, things will be different. I save and pinch the way I do because in five years, as I stay on track, I will be traveling the world with my babies. so, yeah, money is tight right now, but that is by choice not necessity but I will appreciate it so much more later. I just hope that in the meantime I do not force myself to maintain this habit and then I’m just some old rich lady with millions of dollars in the bank but living in a shack with 76 cats eating out of cans.

Ya’ll pray for me.



It’s morning

So it’s another day that I have said that I was going to bed at a decent hour and I have yet again lied to myself. it is currently 2:58 in the morning and I am up waiting for Gabriel to go to sleep. not much happened today I spent the majority of my day doing infinity scarves for the upcoming slips socks and Bows event that I try to keep reminding you guys of.
My personal goal for this event is to walk away $1,500 richer.
This week is becoming a very busy week and it’s just Tuesday. Wednesday is almost something like a rest day but I still have to continue prepping for the event on Saturday so then Thursday I have a very important business Council consult for Rush Consulting Firm then Friday I have to pick up the last ofs for my children’s homeschooling. Saturday is the event Sunday is my monthly heels and hustle meet and greet at Starbucks and Monday my children start school.
Today I was asked, and I am always asked the same question, where do you find the time? The answer to that question is, I just do not know. I have long days longer nights and early mornings. And on the weekends I have the fun and luxury of playing the role of a single parent. Thomas works mostly weekends. He works 12-hour shifts on the weekends. So while he’s at work from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. he has to sleep when he’s home so he can rest up for the next work day. I think that is probably the only aspect of my life that I really really despise. I don’t like the fact that I can’t just run to him like I normally can on the weekends, everything is so busy but he needs his rest. Another question we often get is do we have a nanny, my answer is always no but oh how I wish I can scream out yes. When we finally get settled into where we truly want to be I am considering hiring a live-in nanny. It’s hard to find someone that will care for your children because you almost can’t trust anyone nowadays sometimes not even relatives. But there are those days where I would truly like to get some rest, just some peace and quiet where I can curl up in the corner of the couch and read a book. Maybe even eat some gelato. Alone. I don’t get to eat anything alone. But who am I to complain because there are so many people who are unable to live out even one of their dreams and here I am running 3 businesses holding monthly meetings and annual conferences. I get to spend all day with my children. I get to watch every new step that they made and progressed in life. I do have a loving husband who adores me to pieces. Life is good and I cannot complain, I will not complain. When we step back and we look at the bigger picture of life we really ought to be very grateful for where we are and how far we have come. Most days it seems like you’re just turning your wheels and not progressing towards anything. Some days you just want to lay around and be lazy and sleep or rest and not do anything, Lord knows I have plenty of those days. But we push on towards the mark of greatness and remind ourselves daily that it is worth it. YOU are worth it.


What it costs.

Procrastination has cost me many things in life. The biggest thing that it has cost me is success. We have a tendency to overload our plates thinking that we always have time to get to the next thing, putting it off until tomorrow. For some that tomorrow never comes.

Remembering the old adage “I could sleep when I am dead” rings true for many of us, like me. I’d rather not put off things for tomorrow because procrastination is something that seems to be genetically link to my bloodline. I tend not to procrastinate for fear of failure. There are so many of us that have such great ideas and we keep putting them off, procrastinating, and they never come to fruition. When you look back over your life and think of all the things that you could have done, should have done, or would have done had it not been for procrastination, doesn’t that make you sad? What would you change? The worse part is, it doesn’t matter what you would change because you can’t.

How far would you be if it were not for procrastination?
And yet while the old saying is very true and speaks almost directly to the spirit of procrastination itself, science,  medicine, and life will agree that sleep is very necessary to prosperity in life or if for nothing else, functionality. So how do you make more hours in a day or more yous to spread around? I am still pondering that one and when I know I will be sure to pass on that information. In the meantime I suppose I will continue to juggle a few things and shift a few things until all of my things are complete. 

I still suffer from procrastination here and there but I make sure I rest as I procrastinate not dilly dally…. lol, dilly dally.



I wanna be rich

This week has definitely been ‘one of those’ weeks. I am sleepy and cranky and have no desire to do anything.

I am not one normally known to be a quitter but, I QUIT!

I do not want to do anything but sleep for the next few weeks and when I awake I would greatly appreciate being rich.

UGH! *spins around exhausted in work chair*. Why is this so hard? Do you ever find yourself mentally asking questions like this and then answering in the most logical manner that you disgust you for being so wise? yea, me either.

Nothing comes easy… or does it? Life is so conflicting. I tell my clients that a blessing that is for you, you will not have to work for because what God gives you is yours. But now I sit and I ponder in my wiseness, yes because the dumb parts of my brain cannot answer, duh.

I want to be rich but in order to be rich I must do something and that something is work, some form of work. Even if I hit the lottery I have to go get the ticket, hence, work. BUT, there is a difference between the blessings I want and the Blessings God has for me.

I do not know how many of you that read my blogs are religious- Does anyone read my blogs? Religious or not I believe in God and all his infinite powers and blessings. I am currently reading a book called Rooted by Banning Liebscher, it is like common sense and spirituality got married, It is an amazing read. Anyhow, it speaks on the made up image of God that we have created in our minds and brought God down to a natural level thus capable of thinking as we do. How we cannot wrap our minds around the concept of love in the capacity of Him. I am going to type an exerpt from the book for you to mull over tonight.

Pg 46

This aspect of God’s nature is hard for us to wrap our heads around, because we have the ability to lie, mislead, and deceive ourselves and others, and we naturally project this onto God. We usually don’t admit it, but sometimes we have a picture of God that includes the possibility He could mislead us. We imagine Him placing a dream, a word, or a promise in our hearts, then stepping back telling the angels “Check this out. They’re going to spend quite a few years going after that promise but its not going to happen. I just wanted to see them scrambble for a little while.” One of the greatest disciplines of trust is to take such thoughts captive (see Corinthians 10:5) and require our imagination to line up with the truth of His character. The one who promised cannot lie, so no matter how many highs, lows, twists, or turns He takes us through in His process, we can trust that His word is true.

It goes on to dicuss a father as a natural man will give his child what he needs and asks for because he loves his child, naturally. But God’s love is so much greater than natural love that He will do that and much more. The bible speaks of the worries of tomorrow and how we shouldn’t. Yet we run around stressing and worrying. Wondering and fretting.

I too am guilty of the naturalization of my spiritual God and that is why I am glad to be reading this book, it puts me back into alignment of my place as a child. It is not my children’s place to worry about what they will eat tomorrow because I already have it covered. (Read that line again and imagine your Father saying that to you. Now rest in that peace.)

You guys be good so you can be blessed. If you need me, call me.



Something new

It is 11:17 and I have decided to take a break and blog as opposed to blogging, possibly incoherently, at 4 a.m. in the morning like usual.

Today has been a tedious day. I had a ton of errands to run which consumed the mass part of my day. Last night I ran out of socks so I continued to prep but that’s all I could do. I ran all over town to find the particular socks I use which I normally order but I did not know I had so few left, remember the disorganization I told you I have going on with Slips, Socks, and Bows, well that is why I had no idea I would run out of socks.

I really am hoping to sell out but if not, my girls can wear them and be walking advertisements.

I took a moment to check in mostly because I needed a mental break. I am currently closing out the books for May, June, and July. To say I am backed up would be an understatement. I declare that I really need two of me.

I bought the last of the school supplies for my homeschooling adventure. I will say that I am a lot less anxious about it today. Yesterday was the last day to register your children for school and I was second guessing my decision. It was like my brain was saying :Dun Dun Duuunnnn… last chance to chicken out!.” But I stuck to my guns and am ready to start this sub chapter in the iRush brand.

I almost don’t want to go back to the books…okay, I REALLY don’t want to get back to these books. What do you do when you really need to hire someone but cannot afford to because that is where I am right now. I have accounting and quarterly taxes, then I have marketing, promoting, and branding. I have blogging and contracts, research and administrative, then I have websites and social media posting and to add to all of that I have a teenager, a preteen, two divas and a tomboy, a whiny four year old and three children in diapers. Then to top it off I have to remember to eat. Today I ate a bite of Ham and cheese croissant my husband bought me from Starbucks (because I abruptly remembered I stopped eating pork) along with a Grande Marble Mocha Macchiato, my favorite drink in the world! Then later I had another Starbucks Coffee with almond milk. Now, at 11:00 at night, I am eating a bag of gourmet popped popcorn. Yes, I do know how unhealthy my eating habits are and I will be sure to mention that to my chef. Wait!!! I snacked on an activia and some blueberries earlier…. I tried.

Welp, now that I have checked in, I am going to go finish my books. Party Time!!!!




Days roll into nights roll into days

I honestly have no idea what day it is. Here it is 4:07 a.m. and I am just climbing into the bed, not even to sleep but to read and blog.

I just completed prepping another 42 pairs of socks to sew tomorrow. I am so exhausted. My 2 year old and my 15 year old are up keeping me company, if that’s what you want to call it. Donte sat at the computer playing a game while I had T.D. Jakes playing for some morning motivation, that man can keep you amped up! And Gabriel helped me make a huge mess of our living room. I really need a designated workspace, I am all over the place in this house and therefore very unorganized with my inventory.

I am kind of excited to be doing an event for slips socks and bows but to say I am not prepared is a serious understatement. Procrastination is a curse that is generational in my family. I refuse to be consumed by it because so many of my family members have not reached their breakthrough because of it. Perhaps that is why I tend to be so overzealous in what I do while at the same time adding more to my plate as if it were not full enough as it is.

Speaking of which, It is official. I will be homeschooling my bunch. I informed their schools today and registered them with K12. I chose this platform over Connections because of the curriculum. K12’s curriculum is more challenging for my children. I do not want them to get bored or feel like they can breeze through at anytime thus slacking of whenever they want to. I am still very nervous but now that it is official I am more excited than nervous. Who knows, maybe I will learn how to properly phrase sentences so I get more followers and readers.

This is a short check in because I can barely keep my eyes open and my leg is swollen so I am in a little bit of pain. I have been pushing past it all day but now I am at the point that I just want to scream. A couple of days ago I hit my thigh on the corner of the Transit door. It hurt so bad! I knew I was going to bruise but I did not think it would swell up. I can barely bend my knee. I took a few Excedrin because that’s all we have but Thomas, being my knight in shining armor, even while at work, is bringing me some Motrin

Well, Gabriel just fell asleep so that is my cue to hit the sheets too because the rest of the gang will be up in about 3 hours.


And to add….

As if I do not have enough things to do in one day. I have decided… homeschool my children, yes ALL of them. I just don’t know why I feel the need to bombard myself with more. If I could just evolve this habit I have into more money then all will be right with the world.

I have decided that I would like 800,00 dollars. I do not know how or where, I do not even know when, although soon sounds very nice. Sometimes I daydream of how lovely it would be to have an over abundance of cash flow and that is why I work so hard at everything I do. I have never been a settler, in fact, my father calls me a gypsy because I refuse to grow roots anywhere. I have been in South Carolina far too long, I find myself picking up geechie. Now, I have nothing against speaking geechie….okay, yes I do. Its just country deep deep deep country. I am a city girl at heart although I have no desire to move back-Been there, done that. That was one of the deciding factors in homeschooling my children. I want to be able to travel at will without having to wait for a break in the school calendar. Another one is The school system has really failed my children. It is a shame the way some teachers are so care less in the advancement of these children. I have a very good friend who is a teacher and she absolutely loves what she does so I know it is not all teachers but there are plenty of them. My eldest son had a few good teachers but Isaiah, all I can do is shake my head. The way they choose to teach is confusing and I believe it has a lot to do with this country trying so desperately to bring our education rate from the bottom in comparison to those such as China. So what, the people of China are smart, kudos to them. sheesh! (okay, rant over). One of my other deciding factors was, I do not like the way the education system is going. They are not teaching the truth about history, science, and geography. I may not be an ace in the bucket but I know facts, facts that I want my children to know. So with that being said, I trust no one to teach my babies the way that I can. The best part is, I can teach the littles that will not be going to school this year as well so they will be a cut above, like the Chinese. just kidding.

Honestly I am a lot nervous about it. What if I fail them? I mean, educators are smart, some of them are just not so nice. I am not an educator. I went to school about pre-law academics, my husband studied medicine but can we teach math? I sooooo hate math. I have a tutor in mind though.

Although I am a little hesitant I know I will do well. I have a knack for setting out to do something and fulfilling it to completion. It’s like an adventure, I feel so mischievous. Homeschooling will be like a drama-horror-comedy. My children keep me laughing, and they are so dramatic in everything, plus I will be with them twenty four hours a day (hence the horror) but I am sure we be fine because at the end of the day, even with all the fussing, bickering, tantrums, whining, and stubbornness we still love each other. I think.




For real.

Welcome to the life of Maisha Rush. The lady of the iRush brand, the worker behind Rush Consulting firm,  the lead in Heels&Hustle, the mother of the RushBunch.
It is hard work being a mother to nine while running businesses and promoting a brand and to be honest, I have not been putting forth my full effort. I have been neglecting myself therefore neglecting the legacy I am leaving behind.
I had a heart to heart with myself with the help of my amazing coach and I had to get real with myself and realize that the areas I am not doing as well as I would like to in is simply because I am not putting my best foot forward and that is horrible. Its horrible because I have been cheating myself from the greatness within.
While I lay awake at night sorting through all of the things I did not get to on that particular day, usually feeling flustered that there aren’t enough hours in the day or me’s to keep up, but in actuality I start off wrong and I was also failing at something worth more than all three of the businesses and the iRush brand combined.
I was failing at maintaining myself, my health both mentally and physically. I have become so used to jumping up and getting started on my day that I don’t take the necessary time needed to make myself feel good.
I have been coaching and consulting people on loving themselves and embracing their goals and dreams while all the while, unbeknownst to me, I was neglecting those very things myself.
I have allowed the traumas and troubles of my life to go on without being dealt with in the proper manner. While I am known to brush things that really bother me off and always look at the brighter side or lesson in every situation and finding forgiveness in those who have hurt me I was really only suppressing the pain and trusting that I will move past it. What I was really doing was saving it for all the times I felt bad about myself. I allowed all of the troubles fester in my life an in my spirit which in turn was kind enough to hand to me daily insecurities.
As I smile and carry on I was angry and resentful. I was hurting and bitter. The thing is, I never realized it. All this time I thought I was just being real with myself when in actuality I was being a liar. I lied to myself everytime I looked in the mirror and thought to myself how ugly I was. I was lying to myself everytime I failed at somethong and said I will not be able to do it. I lied to myself everytime I said I can’t.
Loving you starts with you. If you have someone in your life that tells you are amazing and beautiful and kind thats great but if you are not telling yourself then you are failing yourself.  If you are allowing what you have been through to define who you are then you are failing yourself. You are not defined by what you have been through, you are defined by the way you treat yourself. No one should ever treat you better than you treat yourself.
So as I type this now, I dedicate myself to myself. I promise to be better to myself for myself. I implore you to do the same because until you are truly good to you, you can never be truly good to anyone else.