Fun times

The best part of owning your own business as well as homeschooling your own children is when you say you are not going to work, you don’t have to. Today started off very slowly, the children watch television, I cleaned up a little and at about 12 o’clock I decided, hey let’s get out of the house.

First up was to the pet store so my oldest son could get some food for his bearded dragon. Then we headed off to the dollar store to buy some after school snacks and treats. We also bought a few toys for the love much box.

The love much box was something that I created for the children. At the end of every school week those that paid attention and finish their work could get something out of the love much box. It’s called The Love much Box because it was a thrift store find shaped like a treasure box and on the outside of it it says love much. Therefore not muchthought had to go into it at all. But nevertheless the children love it and it is a great motivation for them to keep pushing through the week.

Anyhow. We decided to go to the mall so Reggie could get some new shoes. I gave him my credit card and told him not to go too crazy with my credit card. Now let me just leave a disclaimer in here. I would not recommend every parent give their child, especially their teenage child, their credit card and tell them to go freely through the mall, this is not a wise decision. However, I have learned that I am able to trust him not to spend all of my money.

He went into footlocker and bought a pair of hundred dollar Nikes. The money I did not mind it was the shoe that had me baffled. It was a black shoe with a black check….. I think I could have MADE those for him myself. But he likes it so, no battles there.

The littles and I decided to stroll around Barnes and Noble while we waited, which could ultimately be a bad idea given how much I love books. But thankfully the frugal in me knows I can get any book cheaper on amazon. So as I searched through the African American nonfiction section, which might I ad was amazingly small and the shelves were not even full. They turned a lot of the books to face the customers as to appear to have a vast selection but in all honesty could have filled maybe a shelf and a half instead of five, but I digress, what should have I expected, Diversity? I just took pictures of what I liked with the intentions to order online.

The bunch on the other hand had it set in their minds that they were going to buy out the entire kids corner of the store… NOT. All in all I still spent more money than I wanted but enjoyed spending the day with my babies much more.



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