Lets talk about me for a minute.

Okay for real, this time I am getting my butt to the gym on a more consistent basis. I am always tired, my body has been sore (and not from exercising), and I am not satisfied with my curves.

Weight has always been something I battled with. I was super skinny then I was super not skinny and I have been there every since. Believe it or not my best weight was in 2005 when I was pregnant with Say.
My clothes fit correctly and I felt good. I contribute it to the four jobs I was working at the time as a means of financial stability but it also worked out for fitness stabity as well. It wasn’t my healthiest but it was my cutest!  Heeeeeeeeyyyyy!

We have cameras throughout the house and today I looked over some footage… I’m looking at my booty like ew girl what are you eating? Now, I do not eat unhealthy for the most part, any meat I eat is chicken or turkey. I eat every vegetable known to man and fruits are about as broad. Fast food is not really my thing and I drink tons of water a day. You would think that with what I eat I would look better. Let me educate you for a moment. What I eat is not as much an issue as to when. I do not eat breakfast, I never have been able to. My stomach just does not agree with this famous meal despite its positive affects it is said to have. Lunch is a maybe I will maybe I won’t. But dinner? I may not eat much but there is always a starch and it is always late. If I stay up later, which is 99 percent of the time, I am sure to pick off something or even make another plate. I am addicted to iced coffee and red bulls.

I know its wrong but I cannot control myself. I usually tell myself that after the day I had I am worth the indulgence,  and I am. But if I do not get a grip on my health I will find myself in a bad situation. Whats worse is McRush and I have a gym membership that we pay for religiously we just dont go religiously. But today I vow to myself that I am worth all the hardwork and dedication that I give and put in to others. I simply do not have time to go to the gym or take out more than 5 minutes to dedicate to burning calories but if I can make time for you then I need to start making time for me.

If you have any pointers or tips let me know. Any videos or memberships are helpful too. Thanks in advance.

SN: So I am watching the camera in the living room and I see Beara step on a muffin… yes, I said a muffin. I yellout “Sara stop stepping on that and put it in the trash”. She obliges and then walks in my room and promptly says, “why are you talking to me?” I just rolled my eyes. Don’t be mad at me because you were wrong and got busted! Little midget bully child.


2 thoughts on “Lets talk about me for a minute.

  1. Hi. I learned long time ago that you have to eat in order to lose weight. I swore I would not ever diet because I was an avid runner. But, after surgery and no running, I gained 10 pounds almost immediately. So what did I do, I slowed down on my intake…not stop it all together

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    1. I appreciate your transparency and advice. I am usually so busy that I often forget to eat. I was thinking of setting alarms to remind me to eat. Another thing is my preferences are so vast that we never have what I want. How would you handle that? I am open to advice. Thanks for reading and responding. ❤


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