Coming together

I made it through the day without losing my mind. Kudos to me. I suppose the structure of homeschooling while running three businesses will eventually fall in line. Today was more structured (with less effort) than yesterday. I even managed to get chip and dale involved in their learning for more than 10 minutes, it may have been eleven but trust me it is a mighty feat when dealing with those two littles.
They did amazing in our morning bible study which flowed into their lesson. You know, another thing I really like about homeschooling is I get free refresher courses on the things I have not be practicing since high school. Do you realize most of what we learn in school we never use or now in this day and age we just google what we don’t know. I dont want my RushBunch to turn out like that, thats why I have been searching for encyclopedias. They should not be so reliant upon someone else’s knowledge to increase their own, for all they know it could be wrong as well.
The bigs have to use a dictionary and thesaurus to do their work and as soon as I find encyclopedias, they will hate me even more…. for now.
I remember when I was younger I used to ask my dad how to spell something and his reply was always “look it up in the dictionary”. Of course my smart alec behind would say, “why would I look it up in the dictionary if I can’t even spell it? He probably doesn’t know how to spell it himself.” But what I didn’t know, that I now do, is he was grooming me to be an independent thinker. Do the work. I am grateful for it. My eldest used to hate it as well but now he is so far advanced in his language arts and english he likes that we do it.
I don’t know if I sId this yesterday but I have decided to educate my babies on a level up from where they should be. Today I went for it and to my surprise they not only picked it up but excelled very quickly in ascertaining the knowledge. Shoot, I may have to do two grades up.
All in all today was a superior day and Mr. McRush finished off with home made chocolate chip cookies.

Now a side note.
Someone exposed us to this family named Bush, no not them, these Bushes were black and they have nine children like us and homeschool like us. They are a little more advanced (mostly because their children are older) so now I feel compelled to step our game up. We will not be out done. iRush



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