So, I have been missing for a few days so I know you missed us. Just kidding!

Hello, my loves. I pray all is well with everyone reading this blog.

I would just like to start off by saying thank you to all of you who follow the iRush empire. Your comments really inspire me to do better and keep going. Unfortunately, I have realized that not everyone can comment on my blogs because they do not have a WordPress account… What the WHAT kind of mess is that? That is just stupid although it is an amazing marketing tactic just not on my behalf. so I have been considering moving my blogs to another host but I do love to use this platform but I want to be able to communicate with you guys without having to log into my facebook messenger to answer your questions or comments and that is just the people that follow me. Who else is there that I can speak to and uplift. eh, anyhow, that was my rate for the day.

Why is my family so weird? Short true story…

I was 29 when I finally found the humor in the simplest joke known to man. I have always been serious unless I really knew you so jokes were not a part of my everyday conversation, however, there should be shame in this story but I think it’s too funny for me to care. I am now 37 years old and this joke still makes me laugh tremendously to this day (I know this because I just told it to my boys today, whom also think it is hilarious but I believe it is mostly because I still laugh so hard at it).  I always though it was one of the stupidest jokes I had ever heard because I was looking for more depth in the answer. The answer was so simple that I suppose I over processed it so it was logical thus not funny.

Are you ready for the joke?

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.

I even chuckled when I typed it. I have no idea why I still laugh at it now, probably because it took me so long to get it. And now that I get it I run it in a hole. My friends would hate me for it but I don’t have any so I dodge that ball. lol

SN: I made it to the gym today. I have a trip in mind for the family but I will not go if I do not reach my goal of losing fifty pounds (the healthy way).

2SN: Homeschooling is going very well. I am glad that we chose to start mid-August because it has allotted me that fumble time to perfect our schedule so September first everything will be more organized. I told the RushBunch to consider the last couple weeks of school Playtime. They weren’t too happy about that statement but they are excited to start each day. They even ask to “have school” on the weekends and I always oblige because I love to see them excited about learning.

3SN: While Myrtle beach was a good time with the family whoever chose to call it a “family vacation” clearly did not have a family. The only people who vacation are the children because with the parents, nothing changes but the environment.

Okay, I am done fussing. I will blog tomorrow to fill you guys in on the other goings-ons in our life. ❤



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