While continuously managing to stay busy with one project or another..or both, I have come to a thought to ponder in my life for today and that is ; It is possible that I am making up for all the bad decisions I have made in life.

I have made many ‘mistakes’ (I use that word loosely) in my life which sometimes makes me think of where I would be in life if I had not made a ‘pit stop’ to dilly dally with so-and-so. I made  many pit stops in my days so while this journey of overcompensating may seem impossible, it is very doable. But as I process this faux epiphany, I cannot help but remind myself that we all make ‘mistakes’ [and as long as we live we will keep making them], what we must do is grow from what we learned through it.

Let me first start off that, I do not believe in ‘mistakes’ although contrary, I also do not believe that things happen for a reason according to the purpose of God. What I do believe is; Every choice you have made in life has gotten you to the point of where you are now. Like it or lump it, every cause has an effect and every ripple has a wave. Something as simple as picking up something off the ground could change your course in life, that millisecond of a pause could have made you miss an opportunity or could have saved your life, we may never know but what you do know is, you cannot change it, so why dwell on it and curse your own advancement by focusing negative energy on should haves, could haves, or would haves?

You determine the course of your life, not God. your course is set on your level or virtue and self-conviction, or the Holy Spirit. God gave us the freedom of choice. He will not make you do anything, it goes against His word. He will simply be with you and walk with you as you go through life trying to find you ‘purpose’.

I used to think, that contrary to the way I was raised religiously, that I was called to be a minister. No one can call me to be something and you’re are only chosen upon submission to realizing that the world and even you life is greater than you. When you have the desire to do something that is great, it when you actually do it that makes YOU great.

I told a friend today who offered help to someone and later griped about not wanting to do it that If she does not want to do it but does it anyway, there is no blessing in that because her heart was not in it, only her words and good intentions, and you know what they say about good intentions. Not only will there be no blessing in it, but she will not feel good about doing it, only burdened down with another task.

I started my Business, Rush Consulting Firm because I want people to see the greatness in themselves and the ability to live the life you thought you would when you were younger. I do it because I love what I do, if I could do it for free I would still be but I have to take care of my children. I just charge the minimal. Of course, I want to be rich but not at the expense of robbing someone else. I want to be known for my honesty, hard work, and integrity; my fairness, love, and dedication. I cannot sit around sacrificing my prosperity by overthinking my bad decisions. So while the thought that I may be overcompensating for my now due to my then is not only a worthless though but a ridiculous one as well. I have a lot I want to accomplish, I just want to hurry up and accomplish it. Just like anybody else.




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