Listen to yourself.

More often than not I find myself smitten in a conversation filled with truth and wisdom. I cannot turn my ears away as knowledge falls out of the mouth like gold nuggets. I wish I had a pen to write it all down. I am stuck on every word, taking it directly to heart and hoping among hopes that I remember them at the end of the conversation. These words of wisdom oftentimes are coming from me as I do a consult or a coaching session. This is not to toot my own horn our boast myself above anyone else, I am just amazed at the words that flow out as I speak from my heart.

More so then not, my tweets on twitter and my knowledge nuggets are stolen from a session where I was encouraging someone to be all that they desire to be or giving someone that nudge they needed to get started. As I speak life into people who feel dead I am also taking those same sentiments for myself. In helping someone else grow, I can truly see the growth in myself. Not only can I see it but I can feel it as well. Its a feeling I cannot explain but I love the empowering notion that it gives me and I am reminded that I am worth every dream I chase. I am worth every victory I have won. I am worth every compliment given. I enjoy giving people this same feeling.

I can truly say that I enjoy what I do, I wish I could do it more and I pray I never stop.

I always joke about how, contrary to our last name, we are so slow. My husband is so laid back, cool, calm, and collected. Meanwhile I am constantly on the go and adding tasks upon tasks to get the littlest things completed. People move too slow in the south I am always quoted, and road rage, oh my goodness don’t get me started on people not knowing how to drive. I have a lead foot and I intend on utilizing it every time I get in the car! Every thing must be a certain way and be done by a certain time. I cannot help it, it’s the city girl in me. Well today I was consulting a client who is very eager to get her business going at the pace she intends by piling more work than necessary on her already slammed agenda. I was speaking to her about not worrying so much and that it will all work itself out in due time. I went on to tell her that “You will get there when you get there and if it is for you, it will be there when you get there.” Let me tell you guys, I almost cried when I said that. Speaking from my heart has opened my eyes and allowed me to be able to see where I need to take my own advice, so do you know what I do? I take it. Sometimes I will say something so profound that it hits home in a way that all I can say is Thank You Lord. Its you. And who knows you better than you? no one, no matter how confused or lost you feel, you usually already know the way. You oftentimes just do not trust yourself or for whatever reason need validation from someone else (who usually has their own problems). So while it is true, you are your own worst critic, you are also your own wisest council. Be encouraged on today and even if you do not feel like it, encourage someone else, who knows you may surprise yourself.



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