Yaaay me, I made it through day three! Today was a piece of cake, even though I was hungry a little, I managed to make it through…wait, I bit a chicken nugget. Oh, God! I will see a five pound increase on the scale in the morning. I am not like normal people who can eat and not worry about it but even worse, if I so much as LOOK at a cheese burger I feel the added pounds instantly. Pray for me you guys. I am determined to ¬†make it through this thing. It is no longer about a detox or shedding weight, for me it is about proving to myself that I can do something for myself. I give so much to other people that I misplace myself. By the time I find me I have to be dusted off and reaffirmed. I am too old to continue to put myself to the back burner. I am taking baby steps to live the words I pass on to my clients. I. Am. Worth. It.

In other iRush news, I am planning my New Years black and white tie event and I have put out a post that i needed an event planner because I have too much going on to pick up a project like this entirely and let me tell you, These people and their customer service skills are so ridiculous. I actually taught a few classes in customer service etiquette and most of these people need it. It seems as though I will end up doing it myself because not only are the people skills lacking but the prices are ridiculous. You cannot charge a small business the same amount you would charge a major company that has made the Forbes list four times, DUH. If you feel like you can, good for you, do not undercut yourself, however do not be nasty and negative when I have to say i will pass because I do not want to pay $97,00 for a dinner event. I declare.

In happier news, My children are doing very well in their academics. I am going to call the schools tomorrow though and get them screened because I want to be sure they are on the excelling track. Please, if you even think that you can home school your children, I implore you to. I know it seems like I go on daily with business as usual without bringing up the issues like my people being gunned down and stories being fabricated in order to criminalize them instead of just saying you made a mistake. It is senseless and I am not only hurting, I am also keeping my love ones in my sight at all times. I have a loving husband who does not do drugs, smoke, or even cuss/curse whom has never been in any trouble besides a speeding ticket for going 35 in a 30. In addition I have a soon-to-be 16 year old boy who is finding himself as a young man but also has no criminal record, honor student, and is awesome at avoiding peer pressure, but I also have five other sons and three daughters who I am teaching to be respectful yet wise. I see it, I hear it, I feel it. I just refuse to capitalize on it by turning my blog into an opinionated banter of back and forth between myself and followers. Its pointless and arguing will solve nothing. I will say I pray for you guys every night and I pray that you are returning the favor.



Day two

Today was harder than yesterday. I had to sniff dinner for a slice of mental satisfaction. I am light headed but I think that is all in my mind because there have been plenty days where I have inadvertently eaten way less than these smoothies and celery. I will admit that I have had a bit more clarity- when I am not thinking of food. Oh my gosh, a whopper right now though! I would like to add that, even though I know your weight fluctuates on this challenge, I am still going to take pride in the fact that I lost three and a half pounds in one day. My detox tea I ordered from Amazon will be in tomorrow too, apparently I was supposed to have some on hand before starting but better late than never right.

I was able to come up with a few financial plans for myself and family. My goal is to help as many people as I can build a foundation of generational wealth, whether it be from starting your own company or investing/saving. I have decided to get back into multi level marketing, or mlm as some may know it. I had my eyes on this one venue but I have been introduced to something else so now I have to make a decision…or do I? I have no problem with multiple streams of income especially when I can afford the initial start up cost which for some companies can be astronomical. I will keep you posted as to which ones I am looking into and choose. I have no problem passing on information.

As far as homeschooling, today was pretty basic, I actually let Te’ teach the children their math essentials and number recognition. He seems to make it more fun than I do so I may have to start paying him for his services and hire him on Tuesdays. I have also come to realize that my children absorb knowledge better in the evenings. So, I will now be teaching them in the evenings after they have played out all of their energy. This also works in my favor because I have decided to give social media a rest for awhile so I can focus on good old fashion foot work. Yep, I am getting out and hitting businesses face to face. I am a little nervous because while this is nothing new to me, I have a direct goal to meet by November so I have to be more firm and not so passive which is hard for me because I am a big ol’ softy. You can pull on my heart strings with a sneeze.

I think that about covers it for today.



fatty fatty bye bye fatty

So as I sit here eating an apple with peanut butter I mentally feel like I am starving to death, like literally my stomach touching my back type starving. But in actuality I am nutritionally satisfied. My stomach is not growling and I really am not hungry at all. Although I was craving a whopper, I behave myself completely today even with the delicious aroma of freshly cooked french fries lingering in the car. I almost had one, but then I remembered something I used to say to myself when I was younger and training to go into the Army; “If you cheat, no one loses but you”. That made me change my mind. I also realized that, really, who eats ONE french fry? I was setting myself up for failure and I knew it.

Today was day one of the 10 day smoothie challenge. I have a few virtual friends from Facebook who joined me along with some friends of mine and that works for accountability. Today was just as I imagined, deathly. But I made it and tomorrow is day 2.

What this short and torturous experience has made me realize is that I am an emotional eater. I think to some extent we all are but not only that, we eat something because we want it and while that is fine to not deprive yourself of treats, we tend to overdo it and find ourselves in situations where nothing in our closet fits correctly. I am one of those over doing it people though, I am what I call a mood eater which is worse than an emotional eater because it doesn’t matter the mood, I will eat because of it. Sad shame. I am doing better though.

I have a goal in mind and prayerfully I will meet it by Christmas. I am using this Smoothie challenge as a kickstart. I would like to commend my husband for encouraging me by joining me even though he doesn’t need it, he does need to clean up his eating habits though. I appreciate him.

I love you McRush!



Is she serious

There is no possible way we can ever have a serious conversation. I declare my children are the biggest goofballs ever. As we try to educate Sai on the differences in problem solving via division and multiplication we cannot help but giggle at our pointless jokes and jesters as we poke fun about the situation. Its a wonder my children are as smart and focused as they are because we can barely keep a straight face around here. It is much fun though. That brings me to my next point, well my first point.

Today while perusing through Facebook, which is my first mistake, I came across a video someone posted but it was a repost; It was a mother beating her daughter. Now, I am not talking about a toddler getting spanked or a tween being reprimanded. I am speaking of a teenager about 16 getting something that didn’t look much like a belt swatted on her, not at her, ON her. It was the most demeaning post I have stumbled upon in a long time. This woman was cussing at this young lady while constantly calling her a b*t**. At no point in time did she seem to be doing this in her best interest. She was speaking in a very angry tone as if she were a slave master.

I truly wish that my people would stop abusing their children in this manner, or any manner. It is pointless and counterproductive to raising strong human beings. It made me sick to watch it because although she told the young lady numerous times to turn around it was very clear that she had no intention of hitting her on her behind. She slammed the object across her head so many times it was horrible to watch. I could not watch past the vulgarity and lack of embracing the moment of teaching. However when I showed it to McRush, we forwarded it to the end to see how long the embarrassment was. To our surprise and disgust there was a very young boy watching and recording. WHAT!? So not only are you subjecting you daughter to accept this type of “love” but you are teaching your son to give it? This is a sick and twisted world we live in.

Why would you teach your daughter that this type of abuse and humiliation is okay? You as a mother are her first teacher and role model. I have learned that women who do this are often filled with inner aggression, aggravation, self hate, and rejection and they take it out on people both verbally and physically. It is sad. Some of us are not ready to be parents because we are unwilling to see where we need to change and grow. It saddens my heart that this young lady, whatever she may have done, is learning that her just punishment should be harsh and in this knowledge she will continue to make mistakes and will never learn to use her better judgement but instead continue the cycle until someone forces her otherwise.

We need to teach our babies that in life we will make mistakes, we will always make mistakes, and that’s okay but what is important is not only that we learn from them and do better next time but that we also take time out to encourage someone else to make better decisions as well.

It is a vicious cycle that dates back to slavery, the Jim Crow era. Beating was a form of submission and to beat the dignity and self respect out of them and many of us do it today. And while I understand that the same method may not work for each child, trust me, I know with my 9 babies however this type of beating is for the scum of the streets and that is not how we should treat our children.

I am not here to pass judgement, just knowledge.



The wonderful world of Rush

As I sit here surrounded by my loves, I am reminded that God has amazing things in store for me and my family and I am so honored the opportunity to share it with you. It is so amazing to be able to log our adventures and share with our loved ones near and far. There are so many things in store for us and I cannot even tell you what it is. I cannot believe that four years ago my family was taking quick wash ups in the local fast food restaurants in Newport News Virginia. We had no support, no where to go, and no money to hold us over. It was hard and there were some moments when all I could do was cry inside. I felt so disappointed because it was my great idea in the first place; chasing after a job, that, might I ad, they decided to cancel the day before I was scheduled to come in.

In life there are many turns and twists, the best advice I can give is ride along and do it with a smile. Even on the days where I felt like a failure as a parent and not so good of a wife oftentimes finding it, understandably, hard to ease my husbands tension. He tried to act as if he were not worried but I could feel it. But, he held it together going out everyday to hit the labor pools at four in the morning oftentimes returning back because there was nothing available that day but those were the days we were hitting offices and temporary staffing companies. In the evenings we would find a spot to park and get some sleep only to start the hustle all over again. I remember being parked in the back of a waffle house by the dumpster (because it was the darkest spot we could find without street lights shining down on us) and the manager came out just as we got the children situated in the car to tell us that we couldn’t be there. That was pretty much where I panicked. I called my dad who said he would send some money but then didn’t answer his phone for the next two weeks but luckily this was nothing new to me so I called my mom’s boyfriend (whom I call dad because he has been there for me for about twenty years) and although I asked him not to tell my mom because I didn’t want her to worry he agreed to send money for a weeks worth of hotel and of course he told my mom. We endured there for about 3 months before heading back to South Carolina where we eventually got a place and stability.

As horrible as this experience may seem to some people, I know that life could be worst. But what I never forgot is that it could be better. I smiled through it all and took every moment as a lesson and a blessing. I was able to spend time with my children because we were all we had. I had not too long prior lost my daughter and that coupled with this experience taught me cherish my babies and love on them. Help them grow by feeding them knowledge that I never had until that very incident in life. I believe that we are all destined for greatness, the question is, who will choose to be? I don’t often push my company on here but I implore you to seek what you feel makes you happy and go for it, non stop and without hesitation or distraction. Do not remain complacent. Always seek for the better. You can do it, I know you can!




Oop. Did she just say that?

I put out a lot of positive energy during the day. I wake early meditating and filling myself with positive vibes and affirmations. I am ready to start my day after this and giving dedication time to my God of understanding. I am careful when I speak and I assess every negative situation being sure to ask myself, what could I have done differently or what part did I play in this situation and was it beneficial all the way around. I do not yell at anyone or demean them in any way and I am sure to smile and speak at anyone who crosses my path.
When I feel myself getting angry or uncomfortable for any reason, I quickly excuse myself from the moment and breathe. I am generally a happy person and usually my happiness is intentionally infectious.
Then there are days like this where I want to scream to the top of my lungs as I ask myself two simple questions.
1. Why in the entire f*ck did I get married?
2. What the hell was I thinking having so much going on?
Like literally. Those are legit questions. Now you may gasp at the sight or sound of me saying these things but yes, I am human so no, I am not perfect. I apologize to those whoever thought that I was. It is not my intention for anyone to think of me or my family as better or holier than though than you or your own.
While my husband nor my babies will hear me speak so vulgarly and unbecoming of a lady, my mind will spew out words like a drunken sailor on New Years eve at an all you can drink nudity bar. But thankfully I am able to tame the inner verbiage beast within.
I cannot even begin to tell you how I feel some days. I have no one to vent to so I just keep it pushing like a high speed locomotive with no brakes. Most people in my life are so indecisive that one day I am a good guy and the next I am a bad guy all while changing nothing.
I know some of you, including my husband, will think, well why can’t you talk to McRush. And that is not at all the case. I absolutely can talk to my husband about anything. The problem is, though we have much in common we are very different in our upbringing. And as you know, no matter how much you hated the way your parents raised you, we all have the tendency to incorporate a lot of those very values and actions. With that being said, while I can talk to my husband and confide in him, he oftentimes does not grasp the complexity of the things I speak of therefore in the end, its as if I never got anything off my chest, I just boosted my word count for the day.
Surely most women feel this way because by nature we are a complicated creature and most men do try their best to try to understand where we are coming from. Bless their hearts, they do try.
Now the reasoning behind my questions.
Why did I get married.
Well, Let me just say that I have been married before and I know that this is legitimate love, honor, and respect. That is something I didn’t have. Protection, care, and selflessness is what McRush gives me everyday. In fact, I hated it when we first got married and it took me years to learn that this is what love looks like, its loving and cute. The total opposite of me. I have hardened my heart at every turn, hell, my children had to grow on me with all of that affection. I am kind of ashamed of that but I am also just being honest. My mother was not affectionate either. I know now that she loved me but honestly, I cannot say that I felt that way growing up. My biological father was not in the picture at all, I do not know why and I never asked. Mom never brought him up and neither did I. I did have a crazy step dad that treated me like his own. He and my mom didn’t always get along and not very affectionate from what I saw but I know he loved me to pieces and I loved him right back. At the age of 17, I ran away from home and straight to the greener grass, aka my biological father. That wasn’t as fun as I thought. I stayed with him a couple months and then ran away from him too. We are better now. I love him with all of the “daddy’s little girl” inside of me. I only get to see him if we travel back to Philly which is not nearly as often as I would like. But, as is life.
Anyhow, I have always been a free spirit and I love it. It was the one thing I always wanted to be when I grew up. Never tied down to one place. Never stuck doing one thing. Just exploring and enjoying the life that my God gave me. See, that’s where the question comes in about being married. McRush is more stable minded and wants everything planned and for the most part that is great for our marriage because we are diverse in our way of life so we can share with one another. But then there are days where I feel like he looks at me like some type of wild gypsy woman with no roots always going on about starting this and that. It saddens me because I always thought I would marry someone who was as much a go-getter as I am. I do not think, I just do. I am not crazy, I do analyze and that is different from thinking. But I always believed that beyond the sky there are no limits. God made all of this and I should explore and bring people along with me.
I believe that is why I struggle with my weight, too much complacency. When I was single, there were no boundaries or check ins or discussions about what I wanted to do. I wanted to do it so I just did it. Life was always on the go. I always worked two or more jobs and I was always naturally confident and happy. Now there is an effort that I have to put to those things and I do not like it. Which leads me to my next question of the day.
Why do I have so much going on.
I really already know the answer to this question but I still find myself asking it. The answer is to keep me occupied from the moments and times in my life where I am unhappy or discontent. But at the end of each day I know that I would not change my life for all of the tea in the world… money, that’s different. (I am just kidding!) Ultimately I love my life and while I am not able to soar the way I have always wanted to I am excited to inspire others do it by helping them start their own companies and giving them daily motivation to keep going, because truth-be-told, usually when I am giving them an encouraging word it was placed on my heart which means it was probably meant for me.
I love you guys and thank you for coming along on this bumpy road in life of mine.


Homeschooling for FREE

I am happy to announce that I have way more than I need, not really because I will be using all of it at some point and time. I was under the assumption that I was going to burn through my bank accounts and credit cards to fund the opportunity to home school. I have been able to get second hand things, yes, I said second hand because you are never too rich to accept a hand me down, I know we aren’t. ¬†I am going to list the things that we have for schooling and then give you the pricing. If you want to know more message or email me. I am always willing to share the good news about this frugal life and Jesus. Oh speaking of Jesus- or lack of. My children and I are going to different places of worship for our religious studies. We call them Knowledge Trips. This past Sunday we went to Kingdom Hall in Summerville. While this trip was enlightening, the trip was more of a bible study. I do not believe they stand on every principle I do even without religion. I like that the Sermon [sic] was very enlightening because the speaker [sic] taught every step of the way. He was in depth and simplistic however, I am well above the knowledge being offered and while that sounds vain and arrogant and possible ungrateful, it is true. There were speaking about putting God first and why would should put God first, the benefits of these things and life’s consequences alike. Now, this is the foundation of my life. And while i very much appreciate the fact that he spoke on a level my children could understand and relate to their everyday life there was also a remark made that God will not give you fancy and expensive things. I teach the RushBunch that God is not only a just God but a merciful one as well. Not only is He merciful, He giving and blessing Father. I do not want the bunch to be scared into not living in fear of the rejection of God. The bible tells us that God will give us the desires of our hearts, so why believe any different.

We discussed this visit in this mornings Religious studies course and as expected, while the children learned much, they are unwilling to go back because it was not “fun”. And while I believe that learning about God is not always fun, it is detrimental in the teaching of young people that it is not two straight hours of someone speaking, in a very dull tone without a break of a smile or grin.

Our next knowledge trip will be to a Messianic Congregation (Our Mosque trip was pushed back due to a congregational trip) and I am super excited. I thing Messianic Judaism will leave much to explore and talk about during our morning study.


I apologize, I have veered away from the topic at hand, which was free homeschooling. Now, while everything was free, once you see the total you will see that it may as well have been as a total.

New computer desk, three bookshelves. Every school textbook needed for school levels pre-k to college prep, 12 different sets of flash cards ranging from multiplication to phonics sounds as well as brain 4 brain quest level challenge cards, 62 reading books, your baby can read series, dictionaries, thesauruses, 3 large dry erase boards, 6 miniature dry erase boards, a four drawer file cabinet, 8 tablets, 2 three drawer bins, about 15 storage bins of various sizes, 6 puzzles, 10 packs of 24 crayons, 25 pocket folders, 50 file folders, 3 drawers of miscellaneous arts and crafts, 7 wall posters, hundreds of pencils, markers, erasers, glue sticks, 300 thumbtacks, 200 paper clips, two staplers, 15 board games, and the list goes so much further and all for under 150 dollars. WOW!

I am literally set for the next couple of years for the most part. We already have a desktop (that crashed and forces me to temporarily use my laptop (Oh yeah, I am still not happy about it)), printer, tons of blank notebooks from previous school preparation shopping trips. There is a plethora of information and groups to assist you along the way, and let me not get started on Pinterest and other screenshot-able post that you can have fun with (like the one below reposted by my best friend), so I say all this to say, if you have ever wanted to home school but are hesitant of the time, knowledge, and finances tied to this responsibility but amazing opportunity, I implore you to just do it!



A sad day

Well loves. It has happened. My hard drive has crashed. I have to wait until tomorrow to drop it of so I am unsure of when I will get it back. So for now I will be primarily using my phone and laptop. Sad, sad day indeed.

Rush Academy continues to evolve. No one day is like the previous and it is a rarity that the lessons go as I had anticipated.  It is well though because while I strive daily to perfect our lessons I learn more than they do possibly. They are enjoying it and the teachings are embraced with gladness.
I am enjoying learning along with the children it makes me feel good that this is something we share and can always remember and cherish. Although today is labor day I am sure that I will do much of what the holiday name implies. The RushBunch have school today as well.

What I like most about homeschooling is that is inadvertently reminds me to teach life lessons that I probably otherwise would not have thought to seize the opportunity. For instance, I spray an oil and water mixture on my girls hair to help moisturize and detangle it before I do it. I have been doing this for years along with my hair and not ever have I thought to teach them the science behind the mixture. But I found myself offering up free life knowledge as opposed to just spraying their hair while having idle conversations. Whats best is they enjoy it. What’s even better than that is they actually listen and remember what they were taught. I really believe I made an awesome decision to homeschool.

For those that believe it is hard work and are afraid to take the leap for fear of the unknown, I implore you to just jump in. It is not as time consuming as you may think. According to the association,  children need atleast 4.5 hours of schooling daily (not including lunch) although my children’s lesson plans never cease but it is incorporated in everyday life so I would say that 2 hours are actually book studies while the rest are taught while I cook dinner, do laundry, or run errands but also there is video and hands on time. You do not have to sit in a room for 7 hours like school. You can go outside and throw the ball back and forth with your child while teaching them math. Homeschooling is very versatile and can be incorporated into anything anywhere, except toy stores, talk about lack of focus.

In addition, you can opt out of taking days off like today, labor day. Maybe add some studies on a Saturday for the treat of a fun outing. Rush Academy does not teach on Friday unless the lack of finished assignments merits it. Plus there is no homework.

Also it is not financially a burden either. I have more than stocked the Academy and I am sure I have spent way under 200 dollars. I have 7 children I teach ranging from two to fifteen. I have all the literature and school books along with fun activities amd project materials. In addition I teach the baby littles (ages 8 months and 1) via video (like my child can read) and flashcards. And while spending under $200 I can look around the room and see I have things that I will not use this year but there is always next year.

I know I may sound like I am trying to sell you on this whole homeschooling idea but thats because I am. The quality time and fun times are well worth it. Not to mention you are not bound to create schedules around the days off from school.

In more important news, you guys pray for me that I am able to endure without my desktop.



Oh No.

This may be the last time I am able to blog. Ever. It has been an honor and a privilege to be able to share my family’s ups and downs. I have shared with you guys like you were my own family. I appreciate all of the messages of encouragement, advice, and support.

This is such a sad moment in my life because I blog to feel better. I blog in hopes that I will help someone else feel better and I should have known that this day was coming yet I was hopeful that this particular good thing would not come to an end. But alas, the day is near and today just may be that day.

My desktop is dying ya’ll! I keep getting a pop up that my hard drive is bad and while I have begged my husband to not let my baby die out on me, he assures me that there is not much I can do about it. So, sadly, I saved all of the information I acquired over the years in folders and prepare my self for the soon to be sudden good bye. I am now forced to work from my laptop. I hate working from my laptop. I don’t know why, I just would much rather work from my desktop. I think it has something to do with the mouse, although McRush bought me a mouse to connect to it; it’s just not the same.

Perhaps its the ability to type alpha numeric with ease as I scored a 200 on my kph test with 33,000 kph. But that absolutely does not help me with my typing skills because I currently am pushing a strong 60 words per minute but that is while looking.

Anyhow my loves, enough with the pettiness. How was your day? I enjoyed a semi Meet and Greet with an amazing woman today. It is nice to just take a 2 hour coffee break and chit chat about life sometimes. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I did bring my son with me as a form of punishment but all he took it as was a moment of quality time as I chastised him in the car but made him sit alone with his W.E.B. Dubois speech that he has to have memorized by months end as a part of his African American history lesson.

Speaking of homeschooling, it is going very well. I am excited to be able to teach them some things that they would not learn in a traditional school setting. Last week The children learned what an IRA was, the importance of saving and investing money. We are also learning about the changes in the educational system. For instance the fact that Pluto is no longer a planet, there is now a Southern portion of the ocean, making it now 5 instead of 4. In addition we are learning about the various religions of the world. We are even going on a knowledge trip to our local Kingdom Hall. Our next religious knowledge trip will be to a Mosque and I am absolutely ecstatic about that trip.

So in a nutshell, in addition to learning the academic basics we get to learn about Money, our Roots, and Religion and soon World Politics (that aught to be fun). You will not be ready for my babies when they are full of knowledge. I am striving to be as diverse as possible in every area of their learning so that they are aware of the various issues in the world and when people speak with them they will be able to have not only an intellectual conversation with the RushBunch but you will leave feeling like you have gained something from the conversation or at the very least enlightened.



Colin Kaepernick

Jacksonville, Florida. Neptune Beach Elementary school. Mrs. Williams fourth grade class.

There was a young lady in my class; she didn’t say much and no one spoke to her either. She very much kept to herself but I watched her because she was unusual to me. Even in the fourth grade I was analytical. I could tell alot from a person just by watching them. This girl was smart and very humble. She was very homely though. Her clothes were often old and smelly like they came from her grandmothers attic. They fit like they belong to her big sister but looked more like they were her aunt Pearl’s.

One day I noticed she did not stand for the pledge of allegiance or prayer and from that day on, although I stood, I watched her instead of saying the pledge myself. She never stood and Mrs. Williams never said anything to her. One day, I decided I was not going to stand either. I felt so inspired and adventurous as I eyed my oblivious co-conspirator in our attempt of defiance of this allegiance that I was never taught the meaning of, just that I am supposed to stand and say it. I could feel Mrs. Williams anger burn through my soul as I refused to look at her but instead stared at this girl for more invisible empowerment. I felt accomplished and it felt good until I felt Mrs. Williams snatch me out of the classroom by my arm and took me out into the hall.

“What is wrong with you!” She bellowed. I was confused as heck because I know for a fact that she did not take the other girl out of class for her insubordination or at least not that I had ever saw. She went on to tell me that many black people have died for our right to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance and that I should respect that. She said that if I ever did that again she would send me to the office for paddling. Tears were in her eyes as she chastened me and I had no idea why. From that day on I stood for the pledge of allegiance but I never said it. Instead I spent the time wondering what was so important about this pledge that mad mean ol’ Mrs. Williams cry and why did she not ever say anything to the young lady who silently encouraged me to take a stand and not conform but to research and learn why we even say it anyhow.

At the end of the year, on the last day of school, Mrs. Williams pulled me to the side again to tell me how proud of me she was for putting forth my best effort this year. I was patiently waiting for her to stop talking though so I could asked why she was so angry at me but never once said anything to the other girl. When I finally did, she shook her head as to say “I bet this was all you were thinking about and couldn’t wait for me to shut up”. Her look was accurate. She just sadly stated that she was a Jehovah’s Witness and did not have to stand for the pledge or prayer.

From that day on, I have never said the pledge of Allegiance. And to this day, I do not make my children do it either. First of all, as a God fearing woman, I choose not to pledge anything but to God. I do not even make promises or swear on the bible. Now, looking back, it is the best decision. How can I pledge my allegiance to something that is one sided? So many people (both black and white as well as other nationalities) are dying senselessly at the hands of trigger happy police. Families are made to separate for government assistance, the same government you pay with every single one of your paychecks without option. Men and woman are dying in wars created for financial gain, and while corporations get richer and richer off the poor dollar the poor reap no benefits but to remain poor.

How dare you get angry because Colin Kaepernick exercised his right to not stand and support a country that only supports foolishness and incompetent choices on the backs of the people who are literally making this country the running country it is. The ‘lesser class’ is what keeps this country going. What rich man are you going to see take off their suit and leave their multi-million dollar home to mow a lawn, deliver mail, run a cash register, or bag groceries? Yet the workers are the ones getting killed, beaten, separated from their loved ones, and destroyed.

Where in the constitution, no, where in the WORLD does it say that you HAVE to stand for or even acknowledge the national anthem? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.