The wonderful world of Rush

As I sit here surrounded by my loves, I am reminded that God has amazing things in store for me and my family and I am so honored the opportunity to share it with you. It is so amazing to be able to log our adventures and share with our loved ones near and far. There are so many things in store for us and I cannot even tell you what it is. I cannot believe that four years ago my family was taking quick wash ups in the local fast food restaurants in Newport News Virginia. We had no support, no where to go, and no money to hold us over. It was hard and there were some moments when all I could do was cry inside. I felt so disappointed because it was my great idea in the first place; chasing after a job, that, might I ad, they decided to cancel the day before I was scheduled to come in.

In life there are many turns and twists, the best advice I can give is ride along and do it with a smile. Even on the days where I felt like a failure as a parent and not so good of a wife oftentimes finding it, understandably, hard to ease my husbands tension. He tried to act as if he were not worried but I could feel it. But, he held it together going out everyday to hit the labor pools at four in the morning oftentimes returning back because there was nothing available that day but those were the days we were hitting offices and temporary staffing companies. In the evenings we would find a spot to park and get some sleep only to start the hustle all over again. I remember being parked in the back of a waffle house by the dumpster (because it was the darkest spot we could find without street lights shining down on us) and the manager came out just as we got the children situated in the car to tell us that we couldn’t be there. That was pretty much where I panicked. I called my dad who said he would send some money but then didn’t answer his phone for the next two weeks but luckily this was nothing new to me so I called my mom’s boyfriend (whom I call dad because he has been there for me for about twenty years) and although I asked him not to tell my mom because I didn’t want her to worry he agreed to send money for a weeks worth of hotel and of course he told my mom. We endured there for about 3 months before heading back to South Carolina where we eventually got a place and stability.

As horrible as this experience may seem to some people, I know that life could be worst. But what I never forgot is that it could be better. I smiled through it all and took every moment as a lesson and a blessing. I was able to spend time with my children because we were all we had. I had not too long prior lost my daughter and that coupled with this experience taught me cherish my babies and love on them. Help them grow by feeding them knowledge that I never had until that very incident in life. I believe that we are all destined for greatness, the question is, who will choose to be? I don’t often push my company on here but I implore you to seek what you feel makes you happy and go for it, non stop and without hesitation or distraction. Do not remain complacent. Always seek for the better. You can do it, I know you can!




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