fatty fatty bye bye fatty

So as I sit here eating an apple with peanut butter I mentally feel like I am starving to death, like literally my stomach touching my back type starving. But in actuality I am nutritionally satisfied. My stomach is not growling and I really am not hungry at all. Although I was craving a whopper, I behave myself completely today even with the delicious aroma of freshly cooked french fries lingering in the car. I almost had one, but then I remembered something I used to say to myself when I was younger and training to go into the Army; “If you cheat, no one loses but you”. That made me change my mind. I also realized that, really, who eats ONE french fry? I was setting myself up for failure and I knew it.

Today was day one of the 10 day smoothie challenge. I have a few virtual friends from Facebook who joined me along with some friends of mine and that works for accountability. Today was just as I imagined, deathly. But I made it and tomorrow is day 2.

What this short and torturous experience has made me realize is that I am an emotional eater. I think to some extent we all are but not only that, we eat something because we want it and while that is fine to not deprive yourself of treats, we tend to overdo it and find ourselves in situations where nothing in our closet fits correctly. I am one of those over doing it people though, I am what I call a mood eater which is worse than an emotional eater because it doesn’t matter the mood, I will eat because of it. Sad shame. I am doing better though.

I have a goal in mind and prayerfully I will meet it by Christmas. I am using this Smoothie challenge as a kickstart. I would like to commend my husband for encouraging me by joining me even though he doesn’t need it, he does need to clean up his eating habits though. I appreciate him.

I love you McRush!



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