Homeschooling for FREE

I am happy to announce that I have way more than I need, not really because I will be using all of it at some point and time. I was under the assumption that I was going to burn through my bank accounts and credit cards to fund the opportunity to home school. I have been able to get second hand things, yes, I said second hand because you are never too rich to accept a hand me down, I know we aren’t.  I am going to list the things that we have for schooling and then give you the pricing. If you want to know more message or email me. I am always willing to share the good news about this frugal life and Jesus. Oh speaking of Jesus- or lack of. My children and I are going to different places of worship for our religious studies. We call them Knowledge Trips. This past Sunday we went to Kingdom Hall in Summerville. While this trip was enlightening, the trip was more of a bible study. I do not believe they stand on every principle I do even without religion. I like that the Sermon [sic] was very enlightening because the speaker [sic] taught every step of the way. He was in depth and simplistic however, I am well above the knowledge being offered and while that sounds vain and arrogant and possible ungrateful, it is true. There were speaking about putting God first and why would should put God first, the benefits of these things and life’s consequences alike. Now, this is the foundation of my life. And while i very much appreciate the fact that he spoke on a level my children could understand and relate to their everyday life there was also a remark made that God will not give you fancy and expensive things. I teach the RushBunch that God is not only a just God but a merciful one as well. Not only is He merciful, He giving and blessing Father. I do not want the bunch to be scared into not living in fear of the rejection of God. The bible tells us that God will give us the desires of our hearts, so why believe any different.

We discussed this visit in this mornings Religious studies course and as expected, while the children learned much, they are unwilling to go back because it was not “fun”. And while I believe that learning about God is not always fun, it is detrimental in the teaching of young people that it is not two straight hours of someone speaking, in a very dull tone without a break of a smile or grin.

Our next knowledge trip will be to a Messianic Congregation (Our Mosque trip was pushed back due to a congregational trip) and I am super excited. I thing Messianic Judaism will leave much to explore and talk about during our morning study.


I apologize, I have veered away from the topic at hand, which was free homeschooling. Now, while everything was free, once you see the total you will see that it may as well have been as a total.

New computer desk, three bookshelves. Every school textbook needed for school levels pre-k to college prep, 12 different sets of flash cards ranging from multiplication to phonics sounds as well as brain 4 brain quest level challenge cards, 62 reading books, your baby can read series, dictionaries, thesauruses, 3 large dry erase boards, 6 miniature dry erase boards, a four drawer file cabinet, 8 tablets, 2 three drawer bins, about 15 storage bins of various sizes, 6 puzzles, 10 packs of 24 crayons, 25 pocket folders, 50 file folders, 3 drawers of miscellaneous arts and crafts, 7 wall posters, hundreds of pencils, markers, erasers, glue sticks, 300 thumbtacks, 200 paper clips, two staplers, 15 board games, and the list goes so much further and all for under 150 dollars. WOW!

I am literally set for the next couple of years for the most part. We already have a desktop (that crashed and forces me to temporarily use my laptop (Oh yeah, I am still not happy about it)), printer, tons of blank notebooks from previous school preparation shopping trips. There is a plethora of information and groups to assist you along the way, and let me not get started on Pinterest and other screenshot-able post that you can have fun with (like the one below reposted by my best friend), so I say all this to say, if you have ever wanted to home school but are hesitant of the time, knowledge, and finances tied to this responsibility but amazing opportunity, I implore you to just do it!



2 thoughts on “Homeschooling for FREE

  1. Hey… We homeschool too. Thank you for letting us into your life. How did You get all of those items for $150. Do you mind sharing? You are also inspiring. I am looking to get into world of consulting especially in my field and entrepreneurship.


    1. Hi! sounds like we should be best friends. lol. No, I do not mind sharing at all. Craigslist and the bulk Goodwill. Also, the library gets rid of old books although I have not hit them up yet (but I will) the public schools as well get rid of their curriculum books which absolutely come in handy. Also join a couple facebook pages for homeschooling moms, they will gladly give you more local information and freebies too. I hope that helps. ❤


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