A sad day

Well loves. It has happened. My hard drive has crashed. I have to wait until tomorrow to drop it of so I am unsure of when I will get it back. So for now I will be primarily using my phone and laptop. Sad, sad day indeed.

Rush Academy continues to evolve. No one day is like the previous and it is a rarity that the lessons go as I had anticipated.  It is well though because while I strive daily to perfect our lessons I learn more than they do possibly. They are enjoying it and the teachings are embraced with gladness.
I am enjoying learning along with the children it makes me feel good that this is something we share and can always remember and cherish. Although today is labor day I am sure that I will do much of what the holiday name implies. The RushBunch have school today as well.

What I like most about homeschooling is that is inadvertently reminds me to teach life lessons that I probably otherwise would not have thought to seize the opportunity. For instance, I spray an oil and water mixture on my girls hair to help moisturize and detangle it before I do it. I have been doing this for years along with my hair and not ever have I thought to teach them the science behind the mixture. But I found myself offering up free life knowledge as opposed to just spraying their hair while having idle conversations. Whats best is they enjoy it. What’s even better than that is they actually listen and remember what they were taught. I really believe I made an awesome decision to homeschool.

For those that believe it is hard work and are afraid to take the leap for fear of the unknown, I implore you to just jump in. It is not as time consuming as you may think. According to the association,  children need atleast 4.5 hours of schooling daily (not including lunch) although my children’s lesson plans never cease but it is incorporated in everyday life so I would say that 2 hours are actually book studies while the rest are taught while I cook dinner, do laundry, or run errands but also there is video and hands on time. You do not have to sit in a room for 7 hours like school. You can go outside and throw the ball back and forth with your child while teaching them math. Homeschooling is very versatile and can be incorporated into anything anywhere, except toy stores, talk about lack of focus.

In addition, you can opt out of taking days off like today, labor day. Maybe add some studies on a Saturday for the treat of a fun outing. Rush Academy does not teach on Friday unless the lack of finished assignments merits it. Plus there is no homework.

Also it is not financially a burden either. I have more than stocked the Academy and I am sure I have spent way under 200 dollars. I have 7 children I teach ranging from two to fifteen. I have all the literature and school books along with fun activities amd project materials. In addition I teach the baby littles (ages 8 months and 1) via video (like my child can read) and flashcards. And while spending under $200 I can look around the room and see I have things that I will not use this year but there is always next year.

I know I may sound like I am trying to sell you on this whole homeschooling idea but thats because I am. The quality time and fun times are well worth it. Not to mention you are not bound to create schedules around the days off from school.

In more important news, you guys pray for me that I am able to endure without my desktop.



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