What a world.

My daughter wanted to have something like a book club for she and I. She went to the library and spotted two books that were identical and pink. Obviously that’s the standard. πŸ˜„ Anyway. The book is not 100% child friendly but not explicit. I normally don’t have a problem reading these books, hell I wrote a whole erotica, but wondering where to draw the line with my preteen.

It has cuss words and I cuss so…. the book mentioned sleeping around and climbing in men’s beds 😬 and while we are a sex talk friendly house I also do not want to encourage her.

I was listening to that Hannity show… yes, the Hannity show. This is how I found out about all of the loose teachings going on in school. Sexuality, religion, race, etc. And I have to agree that those things should not be taught in schools. Am I a prude? I mean, people have different beliefs and understandings so how can you teach a generalization of things when these topics run so deep and frankly should be personal. These are some of the reasons I homeschool.

I get that some topics are inevitable but sheesh. We have discussions about sex and responsibility. We also talk about people’s right to choose and not being judgemental. We talk about pretty much everything but I dont know if I want to read a book about it with my daughter.. πŸ€” Anyhow. What types of conversations do you have with your babies and what do you think is an appropriate age?

It’s time to take your medicine.

It’s Tuesday and that means that I forgot to blog on Sunday. Well, more like after midnight Sunday which means Monday. πŸ˜‰

I actually have an alarm set to remind me to blog and yet here I am, blogging for Sunday on a Tuesday.

I spent the weekend with my mom. I just took the girls with me because the boys are so rambunctious and I really wanted some calm. I know it seems like I have it all together but if you are a frequent reader of my blogs then you know that’s not entirely true. I definitely have my days.

Everyone is talking about self care and how important it is but fail to realize that some people may not have support and some people have support but not in the way they need it. I really wish that people realize that there are levels to support and more importantly, when offering or giving support it is in the way that the person or people need it not just how you want to give it.

I have a whole support system but sometimes I don’t know how I need support. I have my husband who is there to support me in raising the children and maintaining the household. I have my mom who is my support in wisdom and guidance. I have my sister who is my listening ear. I have my best friend who is my cheer up buddy. But sometimes I need support in maintaining my calm.

For those who do not know I have anxiety. Like really bad. And while my doctor is my support she cannot hold my hand all the time. So, I decided, in addition to eating healthier and aiming to live a less sedentary life, to medicate. No. It’s 100% legal. πŸ˜‡ It took me awhile to come to grips that there is a part of me that I cannot control because, well, it’s me. But I have no shame in addressing areas that are beyond my control… for now.

I am making this blog, not just for the regular transparency and showing that you are not alone in your daily tasks and struggles, but to also reaffirm that it is okay to get help whatever that may look like for you. Because while the world may want us to believe that we are all one in the same, we are in fact very different. Sharing our stories helps to heal and free others and this is mine.

What’s yours?


Listen. I schedule my days off and it seems like I work more on those days than any other.

I just would like to go on record and say that being a adult is totally not worth it. πŸ™ƒ

This week was pretty adventurous. I was slammed with work. Children in practices. Backend work for Rush Consulting Firm. And being a new mom again for the 12th time. 😏

Plus side is my mom came to town to hang out with me. We were supposed to go to a High Tea but didn’t really feel like it at the last minute. πŸ˜• I enjoyed the one on one with her much more.

No real epiphanies except to not feel guilty about plans you made but changed your mind. You are entitled to that. So many time we feel obligated to show up for someone or something and we have a change of heart or mind. That’s okay. Don’t feel committed to spend time doing something that no longer serves you. While you are penciling in time for people and events be sure to make te for you. Even if that simply looks like rest.

Out of the shadows comes..

What a week. So many epiphanies and opportunities. Not just for me but for everyone around me. Children included.

I love blogging because I get all the stuff out in my head like a beat friend listening but I don’t yet have so many followers so I can really spill the beans about things and it doesn’t get out. Bitter sweet I guess. 😁

McRush got his business taken care of so the baby making shop is officially closed! When I went in to the doc for my 6 week we discussed medication for my anxiety and I decided to take her up on it. Kera has been stressing me out because she’s not gaining weight although she is sucking my boobs dry every two hours. She is growing but not gaining. I am trying my best not to supplement.

Thomas is in karate, Sara leveled up in gymnastics and Bella may be going back in ballet. 🀞🏾 It’s looking like gymnastics for Ian, Ava, and Maia as well and Gabriele will join Thomas in karate. Reggie is back and is working local.

Now that we got babies and health out of the way. Chiiiiiiiile the tea!

iRush Printing is gearing up to start offering Direct mail options as well as digital marketing. I am so excited because this will allow us more financial space to hire someone so McRush can scale back. AND πŸ‘€ I am currently working on an app!!!!! I am so damn excited. Plus, I have apace to work with NestlΓ© so I am entertaining that.

This weekend coming I amattending a High Tea event so my mom is coming down to go with me. Hopefully I remember to take pictures.

My biggest takeaway from this week is actually something my mom and I talked about. Living in the now. So many times we don’t realize as we pray for more or better, that we are where we prayed to be right now. We cannot worry about what has happened or what will happen. Neither one of those moments exist but right now does. Yes, keep pushing and praying. But don’t forget that your blessing is in the right now.

Happy Sunday.

It’s that time again.

Here is the part where I tell you what’s been going on in my life and perhaps a highlight that shifted into an epiphany for me or some life lesson that can be applied to business.

Why do I do it? Because I know that I am not the only one who wonders about the fate of their business or questions why I had children or what are husband’s for anyway. I know that sometimes people need to be uplifted, encouraged, or reminded. Because I have thoughts that I’d like to get out of my head without feeling crazy. πŸ€ͺΒ  Because writing, although I don’t get to do it as much, is an outlet for me.

Did I ever tell you guys that my mom used to lock me out of my room. She said I spent too much time in there reading and writing. It was not healthy for a young girl to not socialize. Look at me now. Socializing and shit. I’m probably too social between my blogs, posts, and speaking. if someone where following me close enough they could duplicate my whole life. It’s funny because McRush is the complete opposite. I’d print out my bank statements if you asked but he is a lot more closed mouth about things. I just like to be transparent so when I become a superstar (see how I plan for the future) I don’t want any surprises. Yall know it all honey. I like it like that. It’s the best way to be free. I’m not held back by my past or mistakes. Just who I am now. It’s a way to keep myself accountable and see my growth in real time. It also makes me extremely happy to know that I have learned from my mistakes and applied the lessons therein accordingly.

So on this Sunday I just want to say that I am grateful for so many things. One of them being YOU being a follower of me. It really means alot to me. Thank you.


In everything you have done in life….

Bruh! Like a champ, I started this blog last night. You know on Sunday like I was supposed to but uhm. I fell asleep. 🀣🀣

Like. I legit fell asleep. I don’t even know what I was talking about. Smh. I don’t know if it’s old age or pregnancy brain still. But anything after “in everything you have done in life” is a complete blank. LordπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

Anyway. This past week was just as much a blur as whatever this blog was supposed to be about. We got off schedule awhile back when I was pregnant and I haven’t quite been able to get us back on track. We have been living so freely that we forget what day it is. That’s bananas 🍌. I can’t say it’s the worst though. Just when I have days that I have a meeting or something important to do I don’t feel 100%. More like 73. Don’t ask me where 73 came from but its pretty accurate. πŸ˜…

One thing I know is structure and discipline are your friend when you are setting goals and trying to reach them. Needless to say I haven’t set any goals much less reached them. I have learned to not beat myself up over the lack of perfection. You won’t always be in alignment but it is important that you realize when you aren’t and aim to get back in. That’s where I am. 😏

When I first started this business I was all over the place. The same with the family building. I have learned that I have to know where I am going in order to get there as smoothly and accurately as possible. πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

My aim for 2022 is ease and comfort. Planning it so it can come easy and make it simple so I can live comfortably. Wtbs. Let me go to bed so I can get on this track. ❀

What an honor

One of my clients has laid their foundation and built the muthaFuxin table. And to add to that, people are sitting and ready to eat. I’m so proud because it has been a road of adversity and trials but baybeeee! Man!

I have hired more staff and some more of our children to work at the firm and we have an apprentice in mind for the print shop.

Kera is doing amazing with breastfeeding. I assure you that I can not be happier. We paid off our transit and next week I go in for in for my appointment for tubal ligation AND McRush is getting his vasectomy. I am FREE baby… unless my suspicions of God are true and He got jokes. πŸ™„

What I took from these wins is something, ironically, that the honorable Ketanji Brown Jackson said, PERSERVERE. Honey if that ain’t the truth. I have been doing this for a long time and some days it was rough as hell but listen. The key was knowing I was destined for more.

Recently I was invited to an event that had a special, successful guest speaker. That’s all great but what can they teach me? What kind of connection will I be able to make? Okay you make more money than me but do they have knowledge that I can utilize. You have to learn to be in the rooms that serve you. Too many people show up for clout but what does clout get you? Not much in the long run. I called the person and asked them directly, how does this serve me. You have to be bold for yourself. You have to trust yourself. Most importantly you must believe in your vision.

There is so much internal work to be done to become a success and I am so proud of my client for reaching a pinnacle. Now Monday we set new goals and crush them in the next 90 days.

Let’s GO!

I’llΒ  be humble… right

I have helped quite a few clients scale their business by getting in front of the right audience. This is very important when looking to gain more profit from your business. I always advise them to never steer from their values. Your audience is attracted to who you are and your ability to connect with them through their struggles and adversities as well as tour ability to overcome. I have one that I hope never claims I coached them because imma deny it. 🀣

This particular brand listened to the advice to get in front of “their people” and be as open and transparent as could be in order to connect and build a genuine tribe. Now that they have “made it” they are charging $10,000 for a 1 hour consultation. Here’s the thing. They aren’t doing anything bigger or better than anyone else. It is their consistency that makes them a well known brand. I am so disappointed in them because the audience they attracted are those below middle class and charging them that much is very much a lack of integrity.

This upsets me because it’s just a repeat of people taking advantage of others to get rich. And don’t get me wrong, PLEASE value yourself but let’s not pretend that some people get that mixed up with exaggerating their prices to PROVE their worth. You have people charging $50k a session to teach you how to get rich when really it’s them charging $50k a session to get there.

I say all that to say that as I scale my business, and just know prices go up (or down accordingly)Β  quarterly, I pray that I remain not just true to myself but true to the audience that helped me get where I am because I and my family are grateful.

It Took a minute..

This was day one of living in our car. My son was barely a month old. It was hella scary. We drove around from place to place trying to get somewhere to lay our heads or get a hot meal.

Seeing this picture brought back a flush of emotions as I sit here with my one month old daughter across my lap in a house we own, a business I run, and no debt to anyone. My husband Thomas Rush owns a print shop and we get to see what owning our life together looks like.

The journey was worth it.

Remember that as you push toward your goals. You deserve it and as you press forward you will have it. Keep going. Rest at the pit stops along the way and always, ALWAYS trust yourself.

Happy Monday.

Breast milk for business tea.

Y’all know I just had this baby and if you have been following me for awhile you also know that I don’t do breast milk.

All my life I wanted to be one of those women who walks around with my tatas out feeding my baby and watching all of the disgusted faces as I walk by all free and liberated. 🀣

No. My breast give me 2 weeks at best before they leave me hanging. Literally. πŸ™„ For years I could never understand why I was like this. A few years ago, for Lady Ava, I decided to hire a doula. The best thing I could have ever done for myself, my pregnancy, and my baby. Not to mention home birth <– another day another topic. There is a plethora of information I never knew. 🀯

What she taught me was that I needed to eat more but not only that, the tea I can drink and WHAT type of foods were best for my body to produce more milk. πŸ˜‹ I tried it but it was alot of work. With the children, business, and house, it was very overwhelming. Ava lasted about 2 weeks strong with milk but downhill after that. My fault. With Maia I got super sick a couple days after her birth and couldn’t feed for a month. I couldn’t even drink water so of course that milk didn’t last. So with Kera, this baby, I was determined to do it.

Well, I did it and guess what. One day I was pumping 3 ounces per breast. BRUH!! I was hella excited. The next, dust. Like literally pumping for 20 minutes and less then a quarter ounce. What the ACTUAL FUCK! I was seriously freaking out. I wanted to call my doula but she just have birth as well #twinning so I didn’t want to bother her as she healed although I’d been questioning her 😬 but this was redundant so I just retraced what she taught me and applied. Turns out I hadn’t been eating enough AND I didn’t realize my fluid intake went down by alot. So overnight, I drank a little more than a gallon, ate rich in fat foods and stayed up to power pump every two bours. Initially there was nothing coming out. Then a few times just an ounce. But by morning, I was back bitches! I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep but I got my supply back up and there was ease and flow again. 😌

The points I want you to get are. 1. Don’t be so quick to quit the process. 2. Do the work. 3. When you try to cut corners you will find yourself having to do the most.

This was definitely an epiphany for me as it applies to business. So I definitely have to share especially for my clients who read my blog. I could have saved myself so much trouble by watching what I ate, being mindful of my fluid intake, and not being lazy.

Whew Chile. Sip this tea with me and say I deserve all the things I want the way I want them, now. I just gotta do the work. πŸ€‘