I wanna be rich

This week has definitely been ‘one of those’ weeks. I am sleepy and cranky and have no desire to do anything.

I am not one normally known to be a quitter but, I QUIT!

I do not want to do anything but sleep for the next few weeks and when I awake I would greatly appreciate being rich.

UGH! *spins around exhausted in work chair*. Why is this so hard? Do you ever find yourself mentally asking questions like this and then answering in the most logical manner that you disgust you for being so wise? yea, me either.

Nothing comes easy… or does it? Life is so conflicting. I tell my clients that a blessing that is for you, you will not have to work for because what God gives you is yours. But now I sit and I ponder in my wiseness, yes because the dumb parts of my brain cannot answer, duh.

I want to be rich but in order to be rich I must do something and that something is work, some form of work. Even if I hit the lottery I have to go get the ticket, hence, work. BUT, there is a difference between the blessings I want and the Blessings God has for me.

I do not know how many of you that read my blogs are religious- Does anyone read my blogs? Religious or not I believe in God and all his infinite powers and blessings. I am currently reading a book called Rooted by Banning Liebscher, it is like common sense and spirituality got married, It is an amazing read. Anyhow, it speaks on the made up image of God that we have created in our minds and brought God down to a natural level thus capable of thinking as we do. How we cannot wrap our minds around the concept of love in the capacity of Him. I am going to type an exerpt from the book for you to mull over tonight.

Pg 46

This aspect of God’s nature is hard for us to wrap our heads around, because we have the ability to lie, mislead, and deceive ourselves and others, and we naturally project this onto God. We usually don’t admit it, but sometimes we have a picture of God that includes the possibility He could mislead us. We imagine Him placing a dream, a word, or a promise in our hearts, then stepping back telling the angels “Check this out. They’re going to spend quite a few years going after that promise but its not going to happen. I just wanted to see them scrambble for a little while.” One of the greatest disciplines of trust is to take such thoughts captive (see Corinthians 10:5) and require our imagination to line up with the truth of His character. The one who promised cannot lie, so no matter how many highs, lows, twists, or turns He takes us through in His process, we can trust that His word is true.

It goes on to dicuss a father as a natural man will give his child what he needs and asks for because he loves his child, naturally. But God’s love is so much greater than natural love that He will do that and much more. The bible speaks of the worries of tomorrow and how we shouldn’t. Yet we run around stressing and worrying. Wondering and fretting.

I too am guilty of the naturalization of my spiritual God and that is why I am glad to be reading this book, it puts me back into alignment of my place as a child. It is not my children’s place to worry about what they will eat tomorrow because I already have it covered. (Read that line again and imagine your Father saying that to you. Now rest in that peace.)

You guys be good so you can be blessed. If you need me, call me.



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