Something new

It is 11:17 and I have decided to take a break and blog as opposed to blogging, possibly incoherently, at 4 a.m. in the morning like usual.

Today has been a tedious day. I had a ton of errands to run which consumed the mass part of my day. Last night I ran out of socks so I continued to prep but that’s all I could do. I ran all over town to find the particular socks I use which I normally order but I did not know I had so few left, remember the disorganization I told you I have going on with Slips, Socks, and Bows, well that is why I had no idea I would run out of socks.

I really am hoping to sell out but if not, my girls can wear them and be walking advertisements.

I took a moment to check in mostly because I needed a mental break. I am currently closing out the books for May, June, and July. To say I am backed up would be an understatement. I declare that I really need two of me.

I bought the last of the school supplies for my homeschooling adventure. I will say that I am a lot less anxious about it today. Yesterday was the last day to register your children for school and I was second guessing my decision. It was like my brain was saying :Dun Dun Duuunnnn… last chance to chicken out!.” But I stuck to my guns and am ready to start this sub chapter in the iRush brand.

I almost don’t want to go back to the books…okay, I REALLY don’t want to get back to these books. What do you do when you really need to hire someone but cannot afford to because that is where I am right now. I have accounting and quarterly taxes, then I have marketing, promoting, and branding. I have blogging and contracts, research and administrative, then I have websites and social media posting and to add to all of that I have a teenager, a preteen, two divas and a tomboy, a whiny four year old and three children in diapers. Then to top it off I have to remember to eat. Today I ate a bite of Ham and cheese croissant my husband bought me from Starbucks (because I abruptly remembered I stopped eating pork) along with a Grande Marble Mocha Macchiato, my favorite drink in the world! Then later I had another Starbucks Coffee with almond milk. Now, at 11:00 at night, I am eating a bag of gourmet popped popcorn. Yes, I do know how unhealthy my eating habits are and I will be sure to mention that to my chef. Wait!!! I snacked on an activia and some blueberries earlier…. I tried.

Welp, now that I have checked in, I am going to go finish my books. Party Time!!!!




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