For real.

Welcome to the life of Maisha Rush. The lady of the iRush brand, the worker behind Rush Consulting firm,  the lead in Heels&Hustle, the mother of the RushBunch.
It is hard work being a mother to nine while running businesses and promoting a brand and to be honest, I have not been putting forth my full effort. I have been neglecting myself therefore neglecting the legacy I am leaving behind.
I had a heart to heart with myself with the help of my amazing coach and I had to get real with myself and realize that the areas I am not doing as well as I would like to in is simply because I am not putting my best foot forward and that is horrible. Its horrible because I have been cheating myself from the greatness within.
While I lay awake at night sorting through all of the things I did not get to on that particular day, usually feeling flustered that there aren’t enough hours in the day or me’s to keep up, but in actuality I start off wrong and I was also failing at something worth more than all three of the businesses and the iRush brand combined.
I was failing at maintaining myself, my health both mentally and physically. I have become so used to jumping up and getting started on my day that I don’t take the necessary time needed to make myself feel good.
I have been coaching and consulting people on loving themselves and embracing their goals and dreams while all the while, unbeknownst to me, I was neglecting those very things myself.
I have allowed the traumas and troubles of my life to go on without being dealt with in the proper manner. While I am known to brush things that really bother me off and always look at the brighter side or lesson in every situation and finding forgiveness in those who have hurt me I was really only suppressing the pain and trusting that I will move past it. What I was really doing was saving it for all the times I felt bad about myself. I allowed all of the troubles fester in my life an in my spirit which in turn was kind enough to hand to me daily insecurities.
As I smile and carry on I was angry and resentful. I was hurting and bitter. The thing is, I never realized it. All this time I thought I was just being real with myself when in actuality I was being a liar. I lied to myself everytime I looked in the mirror and thought to myself how ugly I was. I was lying to myself everytime I failed at somethong and said I will not be able to do it. I lied to myself everytime I said I can’t.
Loving you starts with you. If you have someone in your life that tells you are amazing and beautiful and kind thats great but if you are not telling yourself then you are failing yourself.  If you are allowing what you have been through to define who you are then you are failing yourself. You are not defined by what you have been through, you are defined by the way you treat yourself. No one should ever treat you better than you treat yourself.
So as I type this now, I dedicate myself to myself. I promise to be better to myself for myself. I implore you to do the same because until you are truly good to you, you can never be truly good to anyone else.


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