What it costs.

Procrastination has cost me many things in life. The biggest thing that it has cost me is success. We have a tendency to overload our plates thinking that we always have time to get to the next thing, putting it off until tomorrow. For some that tomorrow never comes.

Remembering the old adage “I could sleep when I am dead” rings true for many of us, like me. I’d rather not put off things for tomorrow because procrastination is something that seems to be genetically link to my bloodline. I tend not to procrastinate for fear of failure. There are so many of us that have such great ideas and we keep putting them off, procrastinating, and they never come to fruition. When you look back over your life and think of all the things that you could have done, should have done, or would have done had it not been for procrastination, doesn’t that make you sad? What would you change? The worse part is, it doesn’t matter what you would change because you can’t.

How far would you be if it were not for procrastination?
And yet while the old saying is very true and speaks almost directly to the spirit of procrastination itself, science,  medicine, and life will agree that sleep is very necessary to prosperity in life or if for nothing else, functionality. So how do you make more hours in a day or more yous to spread around? I am still pondering that one and when I know I will be sure to pass on that information. In the meantime I suppose I will continue to juggle a few things and shift a few things until all of my things are complete. 

I still suffer from procrastination here and there but I make sure I rest as I procrastinate not dilly dally…. lol, dilly dally.



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