Today was a good day.

Though this Thursday has been one of my busiest days to date, I am absolutely grateful for it! I woke up early but guess what, I went back to sleep! Yes, me, went back to sleep. I slept in and Mr. (Mc)Rush took over. He made breakfast and kept the children out of sight and out of mind for me. That is a trick I have yet to master with the RushBunch but I plan on learning very soon.
I picked up two clients today, had an amazing consult, I managed to finish all my research for a client who needed resources and I was able to deliver. I mentally meditated today even while working, which is a lot easier than I thought. I spent quality time with my husband. I made my August focus list. I also periscoped today. I created a few contracts and at the last minute I was able to bless another small business owner!
So the moral of the story is, sleep in and sleep in often. Who knew. Here I am daily running around like a loose chicken wondering how I am going to fit enough day into my life when all the while I should have just slept in. Smh. Well guess what, I sure plan on doing it tomorrow too.
On another note, the children are excited to start homeschooling but not as excited as I am I can assure you. I am giddy with joy to be able to have more say so in what and how they learn, especially their history that is slowly being erased from history books across the country.
We can travel to historical sights with no restrictions of return. Oh my gosh the freedom!
I have two pieces of advice, Run your own business and homeschool your children. If you do not think you have the patience for either you are surely selling yourself short.


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