It’s morning

So it’s another day that I have said that I was going to bed at a decent hour and I have yet again lied to myself. it is currently 2:58 in the morning and I am up waiting for Gabriel to go to sleep. not much happened today I spent the majority of my day doing infinity scarves for the upcoming slips socks and Bows event that I try to keep reminding you guys of.
My personal goal for this event is to walk away $1,500 richer.
This week is becoming a very busy week and it’s just Tuesday. Wednesday is almost something like a rest day but I still have to continue prepping for the event on Saturday so then Thursday I have a very important business Council consult for Rush Consulting Firm then Friday I have to pick up the last ofs for my children’s homeschooling. Saturday is the event Sunday is my monthly heels and hustle meet and greet at Starbucks and Monday my children start school.
Today I was asked, and I am always asked the same question, where do you find the time? The answer to that question is, I just do not know. I have long days longer nights and early mornings. And on the weekends I have the fun and luxury of playing the role of a single parent. Thomas works mostly weekends. He works 12-hour shifts on the weekends. So while he’s at work from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. he has to sleep when he’s home so he can rest up for the next work day. I think that is probably the only aspect of my life that I really really despise. I don’t like the fact that I can’t just run to him like I normally can on the weekends, everything is so busy but he needs his rest. Another question we often get is do we have a nanny, my answer is always no but oh how I wish I can scream out yes. When we finally get settled into where we truly want to be I am considering hiring a live-in nanny. It’s hard to find someone that will care for your children because you almost can’t trust anyone nowadays sometimes not even relatives. But there are those days where I would truly like to get some rest, just some peace and quiet where I can curl up in the corner of the couch and read a book. Maybe even eat some gelato. Alone. I don’t get to eat anything alone. But who am I to complain because there are so many people who are unable to live out even one of their dreams and here I am running 3 businesses holding monthly meetings and annual conferences. I get to spend all day with my children. I get to watch every new step that they made and progressed in life. I do have a loving husband who adores me to pieces. Life is good and I cannot complain, I will not complain. When we step back and we look at the bigger picture of life we really ought to be very grateful for where we are and how far we have come. Most days it seems like you’re just turning your wheels and not progressing towards anything. Some days you just want to lay around and be lazy and sleep or rest and not do anything, Lord knows I have plenty of those days. But we push on towards the mark of greatness and remind ourselves daily that it is worth it. YOU are worth it.


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