And to add….

As if I do not have enough things to do in one day. I have decided… homeschool my children, yes ALL of them. I just don’t know why I feel the need to bombard myself with more. If I could just evolve this habit I have into more money then all will be right with the world.

I have decided that I would like 800,00 dollars. I do not know how or where, I do not even know when, although soon sounds very nice. Sometimes I daydream of how lovely it would be to have an over abundance of cash flow and that is why I work so hard at everything I do. I have never been a settler, in fact, my father calls me a gypsy because I refuse to grow roots anywhere. I have been in South Carolina far too long, I find myself picking up geechie. Now, I have nothing against speaking geechie….okay, yes I do. Its just country deep deep deep country. I am a city girl at heart although I have no desire to move back-Been there, done that. That was one of the deciding factors in homeschooling my children. I want to be able to travel at will without having to wait for a break in the school calendar. Another one is The school system has really failed my children. It is a shame the way some teachers are so care less in the advancement of these children. I have a very good friend who is a teacher and she absolutely loves what she does so I know it is not all teachers but there are plenty of them. My eldest son had a few good teachers but Isaiah, all I can do is shake my head. The way they choose to teach is confusing and I believe it has a lot to do with this country trying so desperately to bring our education rate from the bottom in comparison to those such as China. So what, the people of China are smart, kudos to them. sheesh! (okay, rant over). One of my other deciding factors was, I do not like the way the education system is going. They are not teaching the truth about history, science, and geography. I may not be an ace in the bucket but I know facts, facts that I want my children to know. So with that being said, I trust no one to teach my babies the way that I can. The best part is, I can teach the littles that will not be going to school this year as well so they will be a cut above, like the Chinese. just kidding.

Honestly I am a lot nervous about it. What if I fail them? I mean, educators are smart, some of them are just not so nice. I am not an educator. I went to school about pre-law academics, my husband studied medicine but can we teach math? I sooooo hate math. I have a tutor in mind though.

Although I am a little hesitant I know I will do well. I have a knack for setting out to do something and fulfilling it to completion. It’s like an adventure, I feel so mischievous. Homeschooling will be like a drama-horror-comedy. My children keep me laughing, and they are so dramatic in everything, plus I will be with them twenty four hours a day (hence the horror) but I am sure we be fine because at the end of the day, even with all the fussing, bickering, tantrums, whining, and stubbornness we still love each other. I think.




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