New toys for big boys.

So something I don’t talk much about…


I think I may have hurt his feelings the other day when I said “I am tired of feeling like a single parent”.

The truth is sometimes I do. And that’s not to negate ANYTHING he does because he is a great father, husband, and phenomenal provider. As a homeschooling parent to the RushBunch who is home all the time (outside of attending conferences and meetings for my business). It can get exhausting as rewarding as It is in the long run, I would be a liar to have you believe otherwise.

I oftentimes tease that he “gets to leave the house” and of course his response is, ” I don’t GET to, I have to.” We laugh but he may feel slighted sometimes which is absolutely not my goal.

I have a great thing. I know I do. I love him to pieces and appreciate him more than I could ever say or show.

He makes it possible to stay at home with our babies. And being married previously as well as being in relationships prior; I know THAT’S a big deal.

We recently hit a rough financial patch and McRush is picking up every available hour known to man but I miss him being around more. (The extra money is NICE THOUGH!)

I gotta make it up to him so I guess I’ll be doing some Jill Scott and grapefruit soon… OW OW!๐Ÿ˜œ Be on the lookout for #12 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


Who thought of this!

I am pretty flexible in my homeschooling agenda, I am sure you all know that. But in this, my third trimester of Rush number 11, I find that I have limited amounts of wanting to adult, or mommy, or well, anything that involves me getting out of the bed. But oh have I finally mastered a method that not only I love but my children do as well.

All of these resources, literally hundreds, that I have meticulously collected and taken the time to organized and strategize. The implementations and tedious goals; Worthless for the rest of the year because this, this I love!

What is it you say? Well, I’m glad you asked.


Now I know I have already spoke about utilizing this method some days but now, NOW I feel like I was doing it all wrong because honey my children are taking flight in this learning thing. My children are well above their traditional grade levels and they loving every moment of it.

It is so simple and the children easily grasp it. Not only that, they look forward to it and so do I. The time goes by so fast when using this method because we all enjoy it.

Y’all! Mind BLOWN! ๐Ÿ’ฅ


It’s the time.

This morning was spent with my girls. We sat on my bed eating Doritos, drinking Cheerwine soda and watching Maid In Manhattan. Our hairs were in a beatiful morning disarray as we were all in our pajamas; they climbed up on me getting comfortable and it was quiet. It was peaceful. It was love. I looked down at my babies and I just smiled.
We push so hard to give our children all the things that we never had, to live a life we never did. We strive to be the best providers we can be. Tilling the grounds and pulling the weeds making sure no rock of prosperity is left unturned. We work day and night losing sleep and not taking care of our bodies for the betterment of our families. We lose ourselves in the translation of happiness. We find ourselves pitifully unhappy with failure and it eats at us yet it feeds on us. It sits and festures until it reaches the pit of our souls and sours us to the bones.
We have to take a moment and look. Look around. Look at your babies. Look at your life.
Do I want the best for my family? Absolutely. Financial prosperity and stability is essential but it is not primary. We had something that was more important than money. We had time.
In all your getting, don’t forget to spend time with family. Its priceless and its irreplaceable.



(This blog is old to me but new to you)

Let it go

Sometimes we must be reminded that the only one with our best interest in mind is ourselves. As long as I have been blogging I have always danced around issues that were near and dear to me because of the people that read my blogs. I am usually an open book but some of the people around me are not and I respect that. I am no fiction writer so to change names just to tell a true story or statement would never sit right with me. Well, I am happy to announce that that will no longer be the case. My life was recently turned completely upside down but what I didn’t know is it was just what I needed to make my life right side up. I am actually breathing a sigh of relief. Initially I thought it was going to be the worst thing to happen to me, my stomach was in knots and I could hardly eat. I was so stressed out that it was affecting my health, literally. At one point I thought I was going to go into labor. But alas, the release was like a ray of sunshine. I was trying so hard to hold everyone and everything together that I myself was holding on by tattered threads. There was a time I was placed on an antidepressant because the tension was too much. That was over a year ago, I stopped taking them because my husband said they made me a different person and I zoned everyone and everything out. Since then I have been trying to cope. Smiling while crying inside, laughing like my migraines weren’t killing me, and being a ray of sunshine while I couldn’t see my way through my own darkness. Even though I had my husband loving me through it all and praying with and for me; and I have my children to make me laugh and smile, anger followed me while confusion was the start of my day. Why me? What did I ever do to always have my name spewed out of the mouth of people who secretly hated me so much? Not once did I realize that the very people who surrounded me lay wait for my demise and failure. But why? When did I go from this loved person to one that was hated so much that I began to question my own existence and purpose? I was walking in a very dark place tripping over every fallen limb in the forest of deception. All while evil spirits swarmed around me laughing and poking, taunting and teasing. Tears fell from my eyes so much that I half the time didn’t realize I was crying until someone was staring. What in the world makes people act this way, treat loved ones this way? But you know what? Hindsight is absolutely 20\20 because I see it now. It was there all along but I just never connected the pieces, I never thought I would have to. Excusing every motive and action as a random act of lashing out while being the fall guy for someone else’s intentions, but it was really me all along. It was little glimpses of anger showing that they could not hold in. While I still cannot figure out for the life of me why, I now realize not only do I not need to, I don’t want to either. Spending my precious time trying to figure out why someone is filled with such I’ll intent is none of my business nor any of my care. I have decided to take another path, a path of happiness and success; a path of joy and prosperity. Why should I allow you to take up so much time, energy, and space in my life when you have contributed nothing to who and what I am today. So I would like to take this time to say Good bye. Good bye to all my mistakes you like to hold over my head. Good bye to the times you came to watch and wait for me to fail. Good bye to the negative words you said. Good bye to your ill will and harmful intentions. Good bye to your list of my failures. Good bye to you. I release you from my life but I wish you well. See, even though you wish me to fail, I will prosper. Even though you await me to fall, I will stand. Even though you hate me now, I will always love you but you are not welcome here. You have allowed your anger to consume you and though it is contagious I will not allow it to contaminate me. So this is goodbye. It is bitter yet sweet and everything I need. I

let it go.

  1. iRush

    This is a blog (from an old site) I blogged two years ago. The eeriness of how relatable this is today, tell me that someone needs to read it. Enjoy.

Step 2

Surround yourself in love.

I know many have read my blog a couple weeks backโ†“โ†“โ†“โ†“โ†“โ†“โ†“โ†“โ†“โ†“โ†“โ†“โ†“

The process has been grueling to say the least. Never in all of my life would I ever think that the government would be in my business. I have sought to do everything right, from my heart, for the happiness and well being of my children. Veganism, homeschooling, always being open and honest with them and of course, protecting them at every turn.

The thought of being separated even for a moment in time, is the most heart wrenching, agonizing, most nauseous feeling that I never want to encounter ever EVER again.

This process cannot be over quick enough.

I awake every morning not knowing who or what will happen. Anyone who knows me knows I do not like surprises, especially ones I probably will not like.

When lies of a person snatch your soul, what more can you do but cry.

My family often questions my religious stance.

I don’t have one. I left religion a long time ago. It just took my physical awhile to follow. But what I do know is this, and this came to me through another morning of waking in tears;

When I need a moment to cry or grieve,
you will find me beneath the flowing trees.
The peace of mind the leaves remind me,
that no trial is too hard that Elohim will not guide me.

Focus on light when darkness is present.
THAT is the only way you will ever get it [life].


Homeschooling DESE chirren? BRUH!

Today was one of those homeschooling days where you just want to throw the whole process away.

A few years ago you would hear me shame such thinking of negativity as I would force you to find a moment and whoosa… Not TuhDay!

“Biz, what is 2 plus 2? Counts on fingers for 37 and a half seconds. “7”


Please tell me why math is the one thing that generally boils our nerves?

Its okay. The best part of homeschooling is having the ability to shut down and try again. Oh how I love the flexibility of ‘I am not doing this with you today’.

And while we are talking about homeschool frustrations, I would like to add that I am no longer going to be a willing participant in Rush Academy’s Technology Tuesday’s. Nope. My patience is not cut out for that. The technical difficulties they kept having due to user errors had me about to walk off the job! I don’t get paid enough for this!

Wait… ๐Ÿค”


The mental stability of a homeschooling mom

Homeschooling is wonderfully beneficial. Not only to your children but to your family and life its self. The flexibility is a tremendous plus. More importantly than that is the ability to see your children flourish and grow right before your eyes. The time you get to spend with them is additionally amazing.

Some of you may say, I can see them grow and flourish while they are at school as well. One of the debates I often get is, it gives us something to talk about at the dinner table. My rebuttal is, imagine all of the things they left out. And sure, you can talk about it, but to see it is even better.

Now, I am not here to badger you or make you feel guilty about homeschooling because I have my days where I just get to the point that I do not want to do this anymore. Those we call teacher planning days. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am here to be honest with you and I am definitely not looking through rose colored glasses. Like any other day of being a parent, you get tired. This is why I am going to discuss the importance of taking care of your me real self.

Theses tips are not exclusive to homeschooling parents so feel free to take notes either way.

1. Get a good friend. This is important for some that it not be a family member or friend who is,already on the fence, or even against homeschooling. You need to be able to laugh, chat, cry and vent without the preconceived notion and attitude of “I told you so”. This friend needs to be able to listen without interruption or judgement in addition to ‘closing out’ with positive words and energy of encouragement.

2. Get out. I know for me, being a mom, homeschooler, plus run my business from home, life can often feel like I am on house arrest. McRush bought me a small car so I can periodically ride out to my ratchet music without worries of getting the radio edit version.

3. Grab a book and go outside. I am all about nature. I kick my shoes of and walk barefoot in the grass to release tension and stress. I also like to lay out in the sun and get re-energized. Take a book, find your spot, and relax.

4. Go for a walk alone. Sometimes you need some one on one with yourself to just clear your mind and breathe in some clean air. Its a great way to get in a little exercise too.

5. Take a nap. Sometimes we really just need a break and a nap is just what the doctor ordered. Relieve yourself from thinking for awhile. Turn on some soothing music and doze off.

For me, some days I need a couple of these remedies! Take it easy on yourself and remove your cape because Super Moms need energy to be great!


Homeschooling Business Owner

Many who know me will attest to my abhorrence of being labeled a mompreneur. I really have no ‘legitimate’ reason besides I have never been one to jump on the bandwagon, so while this word was making and empowering movement for women across America, I did everything I could to avoid being labeled as such.

I suppose its the Leo in me when I say, “Give me all my labels please”. I work hard for all my titles, and that is not to belittle anyone who chooses to use it, for me, it’s just so condensing.

That’s not what I want to talk about. I want to discuss running a business while homeschooling. Recently, I blogged about homeschooling in 20 minutes a day. I will be honest, some days this will not work. Its all in the planning for the most part. Now if you follow my blogs you already know that planning is NOT my strong suit but I am working on it. I plan in my head and act, but I promise, I will do better starting October 1st. <——- We’ll discuss this importance later.

Some have asked how I manage to juggle running my businesses and homeschooling the RushBunch. Simple. I work when they work. Just like in school, they should have independent time, this is also my time to focus on the important tasks that need my undivided attention. You start with these tasks first and get them out of the way. After that, the other tasks should be okay with interruptions, because you will surely get them. In addition, if your children are old enough, give them some business stuff to do. For my 4 years old she will do stuff like sort papers or put documents in sheet protectors. Be sure to give age-appropriate tasks as to not have to double back and correct or have to redo the tasks. The best part about this is children love to help and feeling needed makes them feel all the more special. Remember to give hugs, kisses, and thank yous.

At the end of the day, school is complete and so are things on your business to do list.

*Level #Supermom status


Stand in your truth, its all you have.

Most people will not tell you that they had a run in with cps. I am not most people.

What I believe is that we all go through circumstances that not only mold us into the person we are going to be, but also to share our experiences for the strength and encouragement of one another. In addition, there is a lesson to learn and pass on.

I do not believe that in my 17 years of minding my business, generously helping others, and being an advocate of no abuse/healthy living/homeschooling I am faced with something I do not care for, outsiders in my personal business. Because, while I am a always an open book and transparency is my thing, I do not like people prodding and looking for a problem that does not exist.

If you have been reading my blogs, thank you. You know that I recently sent my niece, whom I have been raising and loving since she was a baby, to stay with my mother. From the moment we went to pick her up we gave her nothing short of what we have given our other children and that is unconditional love. It is my assumption that because we sent her to another state she decided, possibly out of anger, to create stories of what goes on in our home.

I cannot describe the emotions I have. It is cumbersome. I literally cannot stop crying about it.

Although I know I have nothing to hide, it still makes my stomach knot up.

Just to keep you abreast, the case is open for 45 days but I will do everything in my power to speed it along.

In the meantime, its Tuesday and for the RushBunch, that means Technology Tuesday. I have shared with you how this goes, so read up! ๐Ÿ˜

For me, that means I get to clean while they are in class! YAAAAAAY! โ†insert sarcasm.

Happy teaching!


Is my living in vain?

In the midst of this dark cloud lingering over my head, I am forced to work through tears shed.

No matter what I am doing, in the blink of an eye, I will find myself crying. I snickered to myself appreciating the fact that I do not wear make up. What a waste it would be right now.

Funny, no matter what we go through as parents we still must be sure our children are living their best life. For me that is forcing a smile with uncertainties lingering like a lone cloud on a sunny day.

Isn’t it ironic how we do so many good deeds and it feels, sometimes, as though they measure up to nothing? I remember when I was a young girl, my mom told be to be sure that my good far outweighed my bad. I literally live by that staple. Yet, I now find myself perplexed as to why.

Why then, do I still endure such unbelievable pain? Why is it life seems a constant test? When the heck is the exam so I can pass already!

I don’t know everything there is to know about life, but I do know this, its yours to live. Choose happiness and pass it on.

I’ll tell you what. When my daughter passed away I no longer took each moment I had with my children for granted. Not that I ever did but every breath seems even more previous to me. That is part of my reason for homeschooling. I always say that God has given me a charge (or 10) and I take that charge very seriously. These are little people who will soon try to find their own place in the world. It is my job to assist them as much, and as early, as possible.

Does my heart hurt every morning? Absolutely.

Do I have butterflies since this incident. Always.

But it will not stop my unwavering love and care. I push through, as we all do.

Am I always going to get it right? Nope.

Is my living in vain. Of course not.