I have disappeared but its not my fault.

Hello my loves. I have been on a sabbatical but it was not by choice. If you follow me on social media, you know we have recently purchased a home. Well, we were set to close today, November 23, however it fell through. That’s the bad news. The good news is we have found a new home and are now set to close somewhere around the 6th of December. Now, while that may sound like great news and I thank you in advance for your congratulations, I must tell you this is some wild roller coaster ride and I do not like roller coaster rides, figuratively or literally.
Let me first start off by affirming my stubborn nomad spirit. At the young age of 37 years old, I have lived in at least 100 places, had hundreds of jobs, and never had any intent, in life, of settling in one place (insert stable loving McRush). I never wanted to buy a home but after having the benefits pointed out to me by my husband and best friend as well as my very selfish thought process on the matter, I decided to take the leap. After all, I can just sell it later and get us a nice RV and continue to travel, maybe this time outside of America.
Today is November 23. We did not close. I am upset about that, not because we did not get that particular house but because our sorry landlord did not extend the courtesy of allowing us the ability of being able to stay in our home so that we do not end up in an in-between status. Guess where we are? Yup, you guessed it. In between homes.
Let me tell you the back story. You all know we were once homeless after the housing market/job crash. We did not whine or beg and plea for handouts (even though we had once applied for assistance for food but were denied because we did not have an address. Weird, seeing as we were homeless). But instead worked hard and pushed through and are now able to tell our story. Anyhow. We stumbled across a run down apartment complex in an even more run down neighborhood and were blessed to be able to not only put down a small deposit but were approved to move in immediately. We stayed there one year and moved to another place we had also stumbled upon. The place was initially being managed by one property management company but upon signing our next lease we were advised that a company called Johnson Wilson Real Estate would be taking over as the new property management company. We didn’t care, we paid our rent on time and minded our business, or businesses, haha, get it…? Anywho. One day the new property manager of JWR came to check out the property, which was completely understandable because they should want to check out their newly acquired properties. We joked and handled our business then were done. Well one day this new Manager decided to introduce herself, her name was Mary. I didn’t like her and she didn’t like me, but again, I didn’t care, we paid our rent on time and minded our business. When we decided to buy a home we let them know and we started working on financing and such with the RE part of the company. During this time our lease was nearing an end so we, JWR (now Heritage Property) and our family, decided that it would be best if we went month to month so we wouldn’t have to break a lease etc.; This was in July of this year. Well, come October they sent us a letter stating we must sign a lease by October 20. I kept meaning to call and get it sorted out/verified but I kept getting wrapped up in other things. On the 20th of October, Mary calls me and informs me that if we do not sign a lease for either 6 months or one year, they will start the eviction process. I, of course, remind her that we have a letter from their office stating we will go month to month. She says there is nothing she can do about that. I inform her that since we are under contract on a home we cannot sign a lease. She is adamant and so am I. she states we need to put in our thirty day notice or risk facing an eviction on our record which of course would hinder our home buying process. Reluctantly and angrily, I write the letter which puts us out of our home on November 19. That wasn’t so horrible considering, remind you, that we were set to close on November 23. A few days in a hotel, right? Wrong. Fast forward to today where we are now forced to shell out monies that is needed for our down payment to get hotels every night! Why every night you ask? Well, that’s a good question. To answer your question, it is the week of thanksgiving so rooms that are weekly are booked until after the holiday which means we can spend anywhere from 90 to 120 dollars a night.
I tell you, people will attempt to screw you over with no reason or just cause, if ever there were a good reason to see someone down. So I am sitting in a friends bathroom blogging on word because the wifi is not connected to my laptop. #LeStruggle
We all know that the RushBunch is strong so no worries. Now, if this Mortgage company will just push on so we can get in our house and I can lay down in my home, I will be a very happy Rush.

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