Try to keep up.


Happy Juneteenth eve? What does that even mean? We ask for justice, equality, Transparency, stop killing us, and we get a holiday foooooooorrrr? πŸ‘€ So its a federal holiday for everyone to celebrate and get a day off ← read “make less money, dive deeper into debt, and still we have voter suppression and no equity. Bruh. Seriously?

Eh. I didn’t get on here to vent but that’s the first thing that came to mind so I went with it. Y’all know me. 🀷🏾

Anyhow. I think its time to hire some staff. I am so nervous because I didn’t get it quite right the last time I hired. I don’t want to waste their time or mine. I’m going to try to hold off until November. I have to talk to my advisor and see what that looks like. I have an assistant that I still need to fully train and a sales rep but I need consultants so I can just do my coaching more.

Today was supposed to be cleaning day so we didn’t have to do it this weekend and just enjoy celebrating fathers day but I woke up today and was not feeling it at all. I need my sister to come over and supervise because my children are afraid of her Mommy tone but not mine. πŸ˜‘ Not cool. And its my baby sister at that. She stands about a good 5 feet tall. Lol. But she is a fierce firecracker. Maybe we can get up early and knock it out but who am I kidding. Bella has Ballet at noon and its an hour away. I can’t really see myself waking up earlier than that task. Especially since it’s already 3a.m…

Let me take my ass to bed.

Love you. Mean it. πŸ–€

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