Can you keep a secret?

Despite the fact that I share my life with you guys on here, I’m a pretty private person. I know, I share a lot but there’s a lot I don’t share. Nothing bad, you guys know all of that. Stripping, promiscuity days, jail time, dropped outta high school, trash relationships, jail again 😂. I may be something like a rebel. 👀

I even share my wins with you guys; pregnancies, new job, quit job, started my business, created a multi million dollar company, $10000 weeks, that time I hit the lottery… okay that one I’m still manifesting. 🤣

I have boundaries though. I never share my friends secrets with you or my clients struggles. I believe integrity is one of the things that makes me stand out. Even when my clients soar beyond financial goals they never even dreamed about, that’s their business and I would never use that to catapult me. I’m the shit because I know my stuff. They are successful because they did the work.

My life and my business are intertwined and for that reason my values spill over into the core values of my business which are Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, and Self Accountability. This works for my brand.. You know when it doesn’t work? When I apply it to my parenting skills. Whew Chile. These children are TRASH sometimes. (I said what I said).

Why do they treat me like this. I say something 4 times. But if I say it a fifth time they be like “mommy why are you repeating yourself. We heard you the first time” meanwhile no one moved or even acknowledge the fact that I said anything. Who chirren dese? Ugh!

Happy Friday!

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