Oops I did it again.

So I was trying to keep up this blog daily. Smh. I just dnt thin much happens in our lives to keep boring you guys with everyday nothings. 🤷🏾

I overslept. Didn’t do a bit of work at hustled around to get the girls ready to go to Sara’s gymnastics practice. Its two hours that I always say I’m going to take my tablet and notebook and get some work done but alas, there’s Ava and Maia. So really I just bring it to look at it look at me.

Good news is when I got home my Amazon packages were here. 🙄 I think I have a bad habit of online ordering but I don’t spend nearly as much as I could…. right? Lol.

I have absolutely no desire to stop… is that bad? Nah 👀 See I have been making sure to cater to myself so I make sure to put a stipend to the side to be sure I can get the things that I want because I deserve it. Psst. Sometimes I go over…. okay I USUALLY go over 🤐.

Eh. Like I said. I don’t have much to say…… YET. 😘

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