Don’t think that

It dawned on me that I don’t dish out the juicy details of my family life. You know, the little things that make you scream.

To be honest I don’t have many but what pinches my nerve is McRush wants to go to bed and acts like he’s a Damn vampire. I can be in the middle of researching (everyone knows I do my best work at night when the house is down) and he’ll be like, “are you using that light”. 😑 Bruh!

I know you’re probably like, well the man is trying to go to sleep. Mmhmm. Except he doesn’t want me to go in another room to work. 🙄

I have been teasing him that the next house we buy we are getting seperate bedrooms. 😂

I’m a night owl and He is a daytime junkie. He will squeeze so many chores in one day and wonder why he is so beat come sundown. He hates light, unless its his flashlight. 🤔 I try to dim the light, use a lower light, but no. He needs pitch black to sleep.

The funky thing is, this is an every night debacle. Like every night. Tonight I was working on something and the children were watching a movie in our room. He comes in and goes to the closet to lay down. Seriously 😤. Why not just send the bunch to bed. Dramatic. I love him though and all of his pouty ways. 🤣

Last night he was using his massager and I was working on a contract. He was like “this feels almost as good as if someone -looks at me- was doing it with their hands. Uhm sir, you better enjoy that massager because of all the titles I carry masseuse ain’t it. He be lucky to get 5 minutes outta me before my hands cramp up. THATS why he has 4 massagers now. 😂😂😂

That’s about the brunt of our squabbles. I am so grateful for that. 12 years later and he still treats me like gold. I guess I might give him a massage…


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