i try.

ugh. Don’t judge me. I really am trying. The worst part is I actually blogged yesterday but I did not have internet access so I wasn’t able to upload it where I was and of course I completely forgot to do it. So, here I am defending my lack of remembering to blog…again.

Nothing much to say today. I have a migraine and am honestly disinterested in breathing much less doing anything else. I was invited to take part in a migraine study and the compensation was not too shabby, $625 to be exact. Thomas disapproved though. He said he didn’t want me to be a test body. I was like, as long as I get to spend my money before I die, I’m good! No, just kidding. you should never exchange your body for money, unless…. nah, just don’t do it! There is no amount of money on this earth that should make you second guess your morals. Eh, who am I kidding, If my husband didn’t say anything I would have been the first in line to get my shot. Teeheehee.

So Thomas had to work today so it was a purposely lazy day. That is probably why I have a migraine, my mind is so used to racing and processing that laying around has an adverse affect on me so instead of feeling relaxed, I feel tensed. Weird huh.

I am afraid of not having anything to write in my accountability book today, I am actually contemplating whether i should rush and do a few projects before bed despite the migraine. I could take a Excedrin and hope for the best or feel bad all night for lack of productivity today. Decisions.

I’ll let you guys know tomorrow…hopefully.


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