I have GOT to do better.

I promise I really do try to blog everyday. I think about it I just cannot seem to get to it. My days are full but I am really going to do better.

The purpose of this blog is to show people that having a big family and running a business is possible. It gets hard, but it is possible, so in my defense I am simply showing you that everything will not go according to plan about 99.8 percent of the time. Although I do not recommend this method to ANYONE, I have decided to work on Rush Consulting Firm all of the month of may because I need to set the foundation with a clear direction and goal. I will work on Slips Socks and Bows the month of June because I have an August event coming up that I paid too much money to be a vendor NOT to do amazing. The reason I chose June to do this is because July is my annual Heels&Hustle event and since it is in July (July 30) I need to focus on it and tie any lose ends and aim for perfection. Yes, I said perfection. We will talk about that in a moment. Now, though this seems like a clear cut plan I know nothing in my life is clear cut. Something will not only continue to come up but I am sure I will lose out on some opportunities on another business while focusing on only one, that is why this plan is not set in stone but I am determined to stick to it as straightforwardly as possible.

I am having a problem getting clients for Rush Consulting Firm. I mean, I get clients but I want a steady flow. I know you are saying it takes time but I cannot help but feel a sense of urgency with this company. There are so many things we do to empower people to go after their dreams, If I could just get them to notice me!

One of the most difficult things in starting a business is getting stability. I don’t necessarily have a “return customer” type of company so word of mouth and advertising is key which brings me to my next issue… Where is all this money coming from?  My pockets?  Hahahaha. That was an amazing joke.

No matter how hard it gets and no matter what obstacles you may face, you have to keep going. You have to keep pushing. There will be no one who will be sympathetic towards you because you quit. Who wants to be known as a quitter anyhow. I sometimes hate that my drive is always on full force but then I remember its because I need enough juice to push me and push some of you. Everyone has a dream but not everyone has the drive.

I lost a daughter in 2009. She was just shy of three months old. I miss her tremendously. She is my drive. Her name is Madison. I had fallen on hard times financially and I just could not seem to get it together, I sent her away along with my boys to stay with a family member until I got on my feet. She died 10 days after I left her. In the back of my mind it is all my fault because I should have done better. I should never have allowed myself to be in a position to get to where I was unable to properly care for my children, the children I was blessed with. How horrible a person I must be to send away a part of me then not knowing or even imagining I wouldn’t ever see her face again. I never want to be in a position like that again and I never want anyone else to either.

My business offers an array of services from free resources to keep you from getting where I was to services that will get you where you need to be in life to keep not only your family but yourself together. I want to help heal people with my testimony because there is life after you have fallen.

It has taught me many lessons I know pass on to my children, But I also want to pass them on to you.


(This Is Madison)


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