Blogging is not for the weak

Blogging is not for the weak, forgetful, or busy person. Here lately I have been all three😬

I don’t even know where to start. I haven’t been doing much of anything outside if the business. I have had to keep my head down and get in the books because I am refocusing the business to a different caliber of business. This means I have had to brush up on some skills and network with a new kind of people. 😊

The children were sick for about two weeks because they were kind enough to pass it around one by one. Even the baby was ill and she took it the hardest. Everyone got better and I thought that per usual I would be next but it skipped right past me and out the door. Thank goodness for that. 🤗

My oldest….. well. I have to tell you about that later because I am not sure who reads my blogs and it’s supposed to be a secret from a few people. 🤫

I applied to Applebee’s so I can make some extra Christmas money. I don’t want it anymore. The fickle mind of an entrepreneur. We don’t want to get a job but will HOWEVER we hesitate because the same energy we pit in to someone else’s business we could be putting in ours. It’s such a tangled web we weave. 😑

I have had some up and down days. Most I should have blogged about but just couldn’t find enough time. Now I am working on a project that will both tell the stories and make me some moolah 🤑

The sad part is that I was doing so good at weekly blogs and if you know or have been following me then you know that’s kind of a big deal. So, here I am starting from square one. The plus side is, I have learned that Sundays are best for me to blog so there is little bit of consistency 🤣


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