Getting all worked up.

This week I was given alot of praise and accolades for my works. It could not have come a better time because I have been drowning in everything. It’s been a prosperous week but trying to keep up with myself has been exhausting. I recently integrated the discipline of abandoning my phone for a set amount of hours…. or days. It has been so stress relieving. Additionally I have embraced the power of “no” and let me tell you, I feel like a new woman. I am sad that it took me 42 years to get here. I previously added no to my vocabulary but it carried so much guilt that I could hardly stick to it and when I did I oftentimes beat myself up over it or over compensated which made less sense. No is my new cuss word and abandoning my phone is my new vacation.

I recently listened to a vlog I did a few weeks back. I normally don’t listen to my stuff because, like most of us, I hate to hear myself back because I critique every little thing. 🙃 But this vlog was about depression and how we need to find the space for ourselves to just feel and be okay with that. In that, I reminded myself that the world is not going to crumble if I stand still for a moment. So I am being more intentional in that.

Outside of being more selfish there isn’t much more to report. My summer weeks are full due to several extra activities picked up by the bunch. Fridays and Sundays are my only free days so those are most likely the days I will turn my phone off and lock into a good book.

The children are good. McRush is good. Business is good. Thanks for checking in.

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